A Promised Place -I Wish to see you there- 2 Love Flows With Sorrow


“Humanity did not know that this world is a world of oneness….”
This story will create the world of Love…

In 2022, humanity still believes that this world is real,
material, and a world of separation…
The story begins with the last scene of the previous film,
“A promised place I wish to see you there.”
Tina has come from a world 10,000 years ago
to the present time using the power of Sidi to help the people living
in the current era where the separation is severe. However,
the divided consciousness of the present world was unexpectedly intense,
and Tina’s half-spirit, the half-material body, could not last much longer.
To save the world, Tina and Takeru decide to create
the plasma device once again and use Tina’s Sidi and the power of plasma
to change people’s consciousness.

Because of a world of separation,
the children of God who have lost their true self, the manifestation of love,
and to the children of God who have lost their true selves magnificent lyric poem,
a spectacle romance,I want everyone to have true happiness. Believed in the division,
believed that “I had to be something.”
The children of God became dark. With the help of Siddhi and Plasma,
Tina tells them to return to love…
This is a great spectacle romance that will take you into space.

Languages English subtitles. 
Runtime 150 minutes | Bonus video 90 minutes