One thing we never forget is
the Sign as a child of God
A forgiving heart comes from oneness.
Every person and every child are
God’s children, and yet
we should never lose the precious sign of being a child of God.
It should never happen…
No matter what happens in the pain of this separated world. 
To never let go of the proof
So that your perspective may not see all things as one 
And never lose that sign
Never let yourself fail that sign.
So even if you get hurt, badly.
Never become part of the circle of people who hurt you or do cruel things to you. 
Don’t be a person who fights…
And you must not be a person who is a part of evil.
No matter how ugly and painful this separate world maybe 
Do not lose that precious shine of yours 
It is important to live and act to never lose the sign…
The sign that everyone actually had
the symbol of love, which is the true and beautiful essence 
No, it is the most precious, the most important thing
Eternal bliss, wonderful life power, everlasting prosperity,
And endless good fortune.
It’s a thing of incredible beauty and value. 
The thoughts and beliefs that arise from the pain of a separate world
The beliefs of separation, the hatred of the ego. 
The ego’s hatred, resentment, anger, and fear involve injustice and evil. 
We must never lose the love that is the most important thing…
And with everyone in the world, that is the absolute truth of this world.
based on the true truth of this world, that all things are one.
I sincerely hope that we can work to create a beautiful civilization.