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Ending separation – What is a true, unknown, and immeasurable scientific system of this world?

Q: I watched your movie on YouTube. I couldn’t hold my tears running. The world is in turmoil now. I feel the world is in great confusion, with conflicts, wars, hate, jealousy, and all other things now. Please tell me more deeply about it, MARTH.


There must have been many people in the world who understood how we can create a beautiful world and live a wonderful life since ancient times. However, people didn’t understand what they tried to convey, or only a handful of people could understand it. I feel it is the reason why the world has been swallowed into separation, confusion, and turmoil, conflicts, and wars, and pains, and sufferings.


Ancient science may not have been able to reach a situation to convince it. Since the truth was not told from a scientific viewpoint at that time, it is still laughed at in modern times. And that is what we call “Bachi ga ataru (to be punished by heaven)”


In my generation, all parents told their children not to do this or that so that they will not “be punished by heaven” when they bullied others, attacked them and tried to defeat them. In other words, seniors, including grandfathers and grandmothers, warned their people not to boost the ego, not to control others, or to be controlled by them. If they act as such, they will “be punished by heaven,” though everything is connected as one.

I could say that children understood it as not scientific and few people took it seriously. Unfortunately, however, a true system of the universe (science) is as such…

This world is connected as one. Unless we live according to such truth, a message will act as a safety belt for us. It is not a bachi (punishment) from God. It comes from our own elementary particles. It comes as everyone is a part of the universe in reality, in other words, children of God. The elementary particles born out of our own ideas produce such problem and try to make us awaken, return to oneness, to make us live a life in goodness, and in purity.

Humanity thoroughly needs to study it scientifically. If we mistakenly believe in separation, wrongly believe others as the other, if we destruct others, control, excel, attack, deceive them, in other words, if we fight, attack, control, and subordinate others by considering One Being as the other, we will surely be ruined.

All problems are caused when a value of separation is different from the scientific fact of this world, the truth of oneness in the universe.

Therefore, when children of God, a manifestation of love, a part of the existence, or whatever you can call it live with a sense of separation, all of them will suffer, live in fear, and pain and destruct themselves. Or, they will land a fierce punch on themselves as they are a manifestation of God, of love, and of oneness.

The true wealth, true happiness, and true prosperity can be found in awareness of oneness. As you realize the quality of oneness, the ego will diminish, gradually become smaller, and perish. As the ego diminishes, desires, and expectations of the ego diminish. Then, your innate and long-hidden bliss will appear rapidly. A sense of happiness, peace of mind, joy, and love, can be found only in the space of oneness…

When the separation is over, love and bliss will be born. When a sense of separation disappears, you will feel love, such as joy, bliss, and gratitude for life. Then, you will find happiness in your part (the ego) for the first time. Without it, you will fight, hate, and grudge within pains of separation.

And it is, in fact, a science. It happens as the ocean of elementary particles is made of elements of oneness and that it is like a dream of Shinga. It is a reality of this world and true science.

I think now is the time for humanity to thoroughly realize that something unknown called material (made of elementary particles) is influenced by our thoughts. We need to stop further destruction now. Otherwise, humanity will definitely be ruined.

Children of the love of oneness, no, those of God suffer and live a difficult life within conflict, separation, and fight, which don’t match the true essence (love). The world will be confused, destruct, and ruin itself.

Furthermore, everybody will have a painful and harsh life.

This world is trying to convey to us that we need to thoroughly realize that we will lose everything if we continue to fight in separation (the ego) in spite of every bliss, every joy, and every happiness.

Humanity, who has the quality of oneness for every being, children of the universe, and live according to its peace and bliss, will be truly happy, truly successful, and achieve sustainable prosperity forever.