Message video – “Era of awareness that we are a love” – Love song I sing for eternity – Marth

「Let Your Friends Win – to create a land of love」
Lyrics & Music : MARTH

Supporting your friends, carrying mother on your back
You headed for the east (for love), encouraging father
Life is a joy when you let your friends win
so that all people can return to the east, to love

Walking on an interminable road ,
Hope you may reach the land of promise
Heading for the far east,
We will create land together
where we never fight
for our bright future

(from fathers & mothers)
Children and dear fellows,
Be sure to reach the land
Be determined to forget us now
Just leave for the land in the east (of love) quickly now

Fathers and mothers are resting on the earth
with trust to reach the land of the far east (love) someday
the days will surely come when war is over.
and now many people start to realize it,
trying to realize love
with friends of the entire world

(from grandfathers and grandmothers)
We have come all the way here
not to trouble you
even if we end our lives here,
please don’t stop walking.
Please make a land of love and harmony in the east.
You are our hope for the future.

I intensely thought of a great hope of our ancestors to create a land of love two thousand six hundred years ago and wrote it as poetry here.