MARTH オンラインインタビューシリーズ 第5弾
政治評論家 中丸薫氏とMARTH

“MARTH Online Dialogue” No. 5
Online Dialogue with Profound Love : Ms. Kaoru Nakamaru (a political
commentator) & MARTH

<7月19日(日曜日)午後4時 オンエアー>
It will be on air at 4:00 pm on 07.19. (Sun).

中丸 薫

MARTH 新曲「それでもつながっている」

“The world may be over if we continue as such.
That is the reason why I need to talk with MARTH about it now, for Love…”
Kaoru Nakamaru

will be released at the website below.


MARTH (Facebook)

中丸 薫先生 オフィシャルサイト
Kaoru Nakamaru Official site (Japanese)


We started distributing MARTH’s latest album,

“Eternal line – the Road to Eternity Piano Instrumental”. Please listen & buy it!

The piano is played by Celena, who is also an arranger for MARTH’s music. Having been nurtured by MARTH for many years, her performance honestly expresses the world of MARTH and moves everybody’s heart.

Every MARTH’s song has lyrics of its own. Please read it while listening to music. You’ll find something new and beautiful within you…

「Let Your Friends Win – to create a land of love」

Supporting your friends, carrying mother on your back
You headed for the east, encouraging father
Life is a joy when you let your friends win
so that all people can return to the east, to love

After a long journey,
Hope you may reach the land of promise
Heading for the far east,
We will create land together
where we never fight
for our bright future

(from fathers & mothers)
Children and dear fellows,
Be sure to reach the land
Be determined to forget us now
Just go to the land in the east quickly now

Fathers and mothers are resting on the earth
with trust to reach the land of the far east someday
the days will surely come when there is no war.
and now many people start to realize it,
trying to realize love
with friends of the entire world

(from grandfathers and grandmothers)
We have come all the way here
not to trouble you
even if we end our lives here,
please don’t stop walking.
Please make a land of love in the east.
You are our hope for the future.

We are pleased to announce MARTH’s 4 new albums are released. These “The Road to the East” series are performed by the Cello & Harp, and the Piano.

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“The Road to the East – to make a land of love, to be a model world”

Lyrics & Music by MARTH

The following lyrics are based on a legend of I.naghid. It is born after MARTH deeply accessed to the beautiful and sincere heart of I.naghid. This is to be sent to our dear descendants after 2,680 years from now…dedicated to dearest I.naghid…


For the children of a distant future, we will trust this song for a world of love

I headed for the east to make it a planet of love to create a land of beautiful heart

We will be a model of the world
when we love people when our loving friends live in a smile


Love your neighboring countries, love your neighbors

Love your father, love your mother

Support your friends, make the world loving

Together with all people create a beautiful world


Then, you will surely feel true freedom

Then, you will surely feel true love


Create a beautiful land, Make your friends happy

Love your neighboring countries to realize true peace now or never

Forgive everything to create eternal peace now or never


To love your neighbors is a great pride

We wished our country will be a model of the world

We loved our enemies and wished for peace

We wished for smiles of people of the world


Respect your neighboring countries, Embrace other countries,
Embrace your father, Carry your mother on your back,

Let your friends win, Support your brothers and sisters,

Love your sister, and embrace your brother.


Then, you will surely realize your true dream

Then, you will live forever beyond life


Create a beautiful country, Make your people happy.

That is what your great father wished for, Now I embrace his wish within

Now I know that is love within all people’s heart


For the children of a distant future, we will trust this song for the millennium of love.

Dedicated to beloved I.naghid…  MARTH


*This song is a main theme of both “Minor Line – The Road to the East” and “Major Line – The Road to the East” albums; a great wish hidden within everybody’s heart in the world…


We posted MARTH’s message, “Truly Loving Business to Contribute to Humanity”.

We hope the world leaders, CEOs & executives and staff of all corporations and businesses of the entire world will have a chance to read this message from MARTH, who says he has always wanted to be a spiritual entrepreneur.