Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I am a teacher of children. I am often asked questions such as “Why am I born?” “What is the purpose of my life?” “Why did my parents give a birth to me?” by them. As a teacher, I have never been able to answer their simple questions so far. What do you say about it, MARTH?

I feel we should find out who we are, what we are first of all…
We name ourselves human beings and call ourselves such.
However, we are part of God. It is no doubt that we are
part of the whole universe, Atman, love, or whatever we call it.
There will be no such being that is not part of God in the universe…
Everything in this world may be said as part of the whole universe,
God, nature, and love…
And why do we talk about love? What is love?
Certainly, it is not something of human emotions.
On the contrary, true love is that we are connected as one,
and everything is connected.

I feel the reason why various religions continued fighting and making mistakes is just their lack of knowledge about the true love. They may not have learned that they were never allowed to fight with anybody that is connected as one, although everything is connected as one, and that they were not allowed to destroy anybody whom they believed as other… And they tried to hide it because they wanted to control others and take them from them. The truth may have been hidden from the people maybe because they wanted to take it from others, even if God, whom they believed, tried to convey it. If not, then it will be at peace.

The real truth is that everything, including animals, trees, elementary particles called materials, and electrons, is a manifestation of God, the whole universe, love, and itself.
Therefore, a value based on destroying others and a value based on attacking others don’t fit it.
That they don’t fit means, they don’t fit the true self…

That they don’t fit means, they don’t fit the true self… Maybe humanity repeated being punished by their own true self and receiving messages from it for awakening. This is why we are doomed to ruin even if we get a status, fame, and money…

We often find people who say, “I am the only person to have a mission.” We will naturally find missions of all the people from a standpoint that the whole universe is love, God, and the true self.

We will see that creation of the world of oneness filled with love and living together are important roles for all children, all adults, and all lives…
We will never be lost if we see it.

We will not be scolded by the true self, in other words, by the existence, and we will never suffer if we create the world together… You will be supported and loved. Our heart and body, and our money will be taken care of, and we will be happy and wealthy in various ways.

Humanity has avoided it to take from others… Or we have never realized it… I feel this is the biggest problem. If children know it, they will find their important roles. It is no doubt that each of us has a different talent. It is also natural that characteristics are different in each area. We will cooperate with each other to create a wonderful world and live in true wealth and love. I cannot but feel that is the true mission of whole humanity.

I think a completely beautiful new world of oneness will be born in about ten years if you live as such and try to convey the truth of the world is oneness. Then, the people won’t believe there used to be people who believed in separation once.