Theme for Return to Eden For the preparation of the recording

Theme for Return to Eden For the preparation of the recording

In ancient times, the people of Eden, who felted the world of the oneness of all things, lived in paradise.
It was a world of oneness, with the awareness of the truth that all things are one…
People who believed in the separate ego, with its false value of the separation of self and others, were born, sparking conflicts and the value system of win-lose competition…
The world’s suffering began from those who left the Eden of oneness.
They wanted to be strong, better, and superior to the other because they were not one.
Then they stood above, believing there was another, and attempted to dominate the other.
The people of Eden, with their values of oneness, had no one to stand above them because they had no desire for self-expansion.
The world became one in which those with values who had left Eden became leaders…
Therefore, now is the time for everyone to break away from the values of this suffering and conflictual world.
The world needs to end its false sense of values, escape from it, and return to what was once a beautiful Eden, just as it was.
This is the genesis of Return to Eden…

This music is its theme song.
On January 17th, 2024, the CNSO will record this theme song in Prague, Czech Republic.
Can the world return to love?
Following A Will of Isaiah, it will be published in 2024!

This completed music will be delivered as a promotional video to 2 billion people around the world with a unified message…


🎥Return to EDEN Tears of Mu will start streaming in 2024