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Entering into the year 2020, we see various confusions in the world that seems to express the limits of a separated world. Humanity seems to be reaching a significant turning point for a transformation to regain our original quality of oneness (love) now. We are pleased to announce that we will open an internet school for those who wish to learn how to live according to the truly stable law of the universe and to try to return to the true essence in this insecure world. And we asked MARTH to become an instructor for the school, who used to be a renowned trainer for self-help seminars.



True peace, prosperity, joy, and bliss beyond the value of separation of the ego and beyond its desires and ambitions are incomparably wonderful. We human beings may have entered into the time when we can finally have them. This will be the first online school where you can learn the true essence of the universe with themes such as “Ending Desires of the Ego”, “True Joy Not Influenced by Expectations of the Ego” and so on, which only MARTH can offer. Welcome to Lastra Quantum Academy.

Welcome to Online School
with MARTH as an instructor!

“True bliss, prosperity, joy and bliss,
beyond separation of the ego, desires and ambitions, are wonderful elements more than anything.
I think humanity has entered into the era to have them. ”

For a long time, we have accumulated our heartaches, misunderstanding arising from a sense of separation, beliefs, ideas, from what we learned in our time, in our circumstances. By changing the sense of separation of the subject, however, we can be free from our own desires of the ego, promote amazingly blissful transformations, regain peace of mind, brightness, true prosperity, wonderful life, true good luck and so on and return to the true essence.

I feel the difference between school and general lecture is to transform the subject.
I think it will be a true learning for us to focus on changing the subject, not handling the outer world (the object).
To change people, to change the world, to change circumstances, to try to avoid something inconvenient for the ego (not to realize the non-existence of the ego), not to change the outer world observed from the subject, “I”, but to learn to change the self which feels as such and believes in a value of separation, will enable us to grow magnificently and it is a more beautiful act than anything.

For example, we believe this world is this world,
it is a reality. Is it real?
You think there is a separated self,
not something connected as one,
but you think the ego exists and alive in reality.
Is it a fact?

We think something we call tree or mountain is its name itself but is it real? We will have deeper awareness while asking ourselves what we are such as we act and protect safety and security of the ego (to desperately protect the ego which doesn’t exist), we believe in a name, we think a name is a reality, we believe in separation, we learned that it is good to win in the world of oneness and so on.

How much do we believe in the human world where a value of separation is prevalent? To get enlightened is to release everything separated that men have created. A sense of separation that we created is not a reality but a fake.

To see the world as something that we cannot understand forever, that it is not something we can divide (by words), and to realize how deeply we are trapped by our desires, expectations, ambitions arising from our ideas, and beliefs will bring us a great transformation, which enables us to regain wonderful blissfulness which all of us already have from the beginning. And we will be entering into a stage where we give up such wrong expectations.

To awaken from such illusions will be the true training and schooling for the heart. Let’s go on a journey together to liberate us from the desires of the ego, to manage the ego, which ancient people called enlightenment or awakening.
It will be a great pleasure to learn together.