Q: There are extremely terrible looking people in this world. I am very afraid of then. You say that everyone is a child of the universe, a child of God, of Love and connected as one. However, I don’t feel like it. What do you think about it, MARTH?

MARTH: There is no change that this world is connected as one, every possible thing including every life, every material (mineral), and so on is One being, love, and the true essence. 

However, humanity has lived in a world of separation, where they cannot believe in it for a long time. Certainly, fear is enhanced within the separation. It is natural that the ego which comes from a separated sense of the self and the other, is boosted. Gradually enhancing a sense of separation between the self and the other will naturally produce a relationship between enemy and ally. The stronger it becomes, the more love we will lose. That is quite natural. 

Naturally, some people lose much love, the quality of oneness, sense of safety, the true essence within the societies of separation, depending on their environment or status. 

It is natural that people lose them when they have extremely bad experiences, feel pain and suffer within separation, or that their families and friends extremely believe in a value of separation. 

It never means that they are neither love, nor God, nor true self, however. Because all of them are made of elementary particles. They are made of atoms and electrons. Everything is the ocean of oneness made of the photon. That is, they are all one being and love. 

The issue is that they have difficulties in revealing themselves as such because they had such painful, harsh, and fearful experiences in the past that they cannot express the love, the true quality of themselves. 

If you tell someone clearly, “I consider everything is connected as one, and love in this way. I see you as a person of love in the same way as well” he may reveal it to you. 

What if you are apart from people who look others within fear and the sense of separation and too careful, however? Unless you open the true self, it will be more difficult for him to open himself. 

Then, both of you will never meet the child who is of love as well, of the true essence and of God. 

If you meet someone who lives in such way, you may love him. On the other hand, if you live within such a sense of the true essence, he may love you. 

If both of you have feelings of mistrust with each other, it will never happen. If one of you has such an essential quality, it will never happen unless he or you expresses it. Because people in fear certainly see each other with mistrust.  

Unless you have courage to express yourself, he may not be able to catch it. If you express how you think, how you live, and how much you are determined to pursue love after he catches it, he may say it is too early for him to live as such and he hates to do so. That’s all right. 

He will recognize what you express and how you live because he is a child of love (God), in reality. If he feels that he is not ready yet, he doesn’t like it, or he doesn’t feel so now, he may convey it to you. That’s all right. You neither have to make you look strong, nor to make you look aggressive, great, somebody, and so on. All you need to do is to live in love. All you need is to always express how you live. I always convey it to everybody. 

If people say, “Ah! MARTH has such an idea. He is a wimp person. He doesn’t get along well. MARTH is in favor of love. He considers the world as such”, that’s fine. They don’t have to agree with me. They don’t have to live their lives as such. They don’t have to be friendly with me. If they think, “I don’t think so. I don’t catch it as such”, that’s fine. 

That’s fine if they feel it too early for them or not ready for it. You don’t have to express a value of separation, either. You don’t have to conform yourself to their value. You don’t have to pretend to be tough. If you realize it as such, you need to live as such. 

I have lived my life expressing myself as such. It’s OK that your friends, who believe in separation, say you are a horrible man. They should not misunderstand me. 

He is such fellow, but I don’t want to live like him. I will not live a life like his. I don’t trust him. That’s fine. And if you can trust the universe, oneness, love, and true essence of humanity, you should express them. That’s what I am conveying to you. Your world will change as you express it.

Q: You often talk about “a punishment”, no, I could say, feedback, or a message. I’m quite interested in your scientific point of view. Would you please tell me about it, MARTH?

Imagine a swimming pool, quiet, filled with the water of oneness like the ocean of elementary particles (quantum), where everything is scientifically connected as one in the world of oneness. Then, a small stone is thrown into it…

You will see a tiny ripple on the water. You will see the sensitive pool of oneness feels it. Because it is connected as one.  “Oh! Something here is wrong with me!” It finds some defect or separation within it. “Part of something in me is misunderstood. It misunderstands it as not connected as one with everything. Now, I will send a message then. I want it back to the love of oneness quickly. It is a part of love, my child. “Consider every atom, elementary particle, and quantum as the water. Then, it will become the water in the pool made of the one being. 

It is not strange that the universe will send it a message to awaken it. This will be a piece of science in the future. Everything is connected as one at the elementary particle level. Such value that it is not connected as one or such ideas of hostility and opposition will bring us a message from the universe. 

It is only that humanity has called it “a punishment” until today. It is only for us to realize that. I learned it when I was eighteen. 

I felt a greater joy to know that the universe is true justice and that the world is love more than anything. I felt magnificently happy. 

I realized that there is true justice in the world, love wins, and everything will be really wonderful when I learned true science. And the joy and happiness I felt then have been continuing still now. 


Q: You said that our fear will materialize before. Would you please tell me profoundly about it, MARTH?

MARTH: All right. It isn’t just our fear. In fact, I can say, thinking about good things will materialize. As I repeatedly told you before, when we have incredibly deep consciousness, or we’re in such deep consciousness as the altered state of consciousness, our thoughts will materialize. Our conscious mind, which we call the ordinary conscious mind, doesn’t have so much power like Sidhi’s. Our extremely deep anxiety and such thought that this will be O.K. at an extremely deep level are very likely to materialize. 

And you’re asking me why. This world is made of thoughts in a sense. It has a dream-like quality. If I dare to explain it, this world is created by a dream of the entity of Creation. I could say that everything is made of thoughts and ideas. 

People have conveyed it since ancient times. We human beings may be allowed to create things within a certain range as children of the subject of Creation and be influential. I experienced it deeply through a Sidhi technique meditation in my twenties. I thoroughly knew that there is a world where thoughts materialize. 

It rarely happens in our daily lives. I feel it is another scientific fact that our deep anxiety and thoughts for the possibility of a certain event deep inside will create strong fear and materialize. 

Sad to say, I agree with you that the harder we try to do something with such fear as “I might become this or that. I might fail. I might become bad. I have to become better to win. I have to become great.” Because of fear of the ego, the more such anxiety and fear will materialize. 

On the other hand, our thoughts such as “We may become good”. Things will be all right. Everything will be wonderful “which comes from a sense of security that will materialize due to Sidhi techniques. 

I feel now that I was told neither to think of the ego (the self) wins, it becomes great, it becomes somebody, nor to think of anxieties, and fear, nor to become good, nor to boost the ego at home since I was a child. 

Therefore, I have conveyed that we should not allow the ego to improve to my close friends and my children. It isn’t that I wanted to make them bad. I heartily wish them to become so wealthy, so happy, and so prosperous that they can live a safe life without any fear and anxiety deep within. 

I’m trying to convey my modest idea to you as I heartily wish that you will be truly free from anxieties and fears of the ego, become happy, create a beautiful and peaceful life and that we will create a wonderful life and the wonderful world together. 


Q: I’m very afraid of our societies and world filled with thousands of separate people. Fights, wars, betrayals, lies, hatred, jealousy, and every possible pain are spreading. I feel it is very difficult to live with love in such a situation. Is it possible for me to live with love among such evil people, MARTH? 

MARTH: As you said, the world is within the pain of separation now. And everyone may suffer as he cannot live with the essence, with love, and as a child of the universe or of God, whatever you call it, within the societies of separation. Many people say they are painful and sad as they cannot live with the essence or became the lower self if we express in the New Age terms. It looks inevitable within the world of conflict. Even within the world filled with separated education and sense of separation, however, we neither have to live as such nor have to fight in pains. 

Certainly, there is a fact of separation. It is also a fact that everyone is connected as one, in reality, everything is connected at a level of elementary particles, and however bad he is, he is love, in reality, because of the quality of oneness. Don’t you think that he was painful enough to become bad?

Now which way do you choose? Which way do you follow? Is it love or conflict of separation? Or competition with others, comparison, and fear?

It is a fact that you are a child of heaven, a child of the universe, of love, and you are connected as one with the universe in reality. It is also a fact that this world looks separated, everyone believes in separation, fighting, and confronting with misunderstanding. 

Now, which do you think you should follow? It is up to you. If you choose a way that you only have to protect or fight, while you say, “Nothing can be done about the frightening world. It’s hopeless. They are wrong. I just need to protect me. All we can do is to fight,” and so on, certainly, you will become the same as such people. This world is filled with people who have chosen conflicts and separation within such pains. Everybody is made of the ocean of elementary particles as a source of molecules in reality. 

Everybody has been born and nurtured by the universe as he is made of something of oneness, which you can call love, heaven, and God in reality. Unless children have a chance to learn the truth, however, they will say, “It can’t be helped. We have to fight as everybody does”, they will enter into conflicts, no, into separation. If they follow others, sadly, all of them will have to enter into trouble. 

If that is what you wish, that’s all right. I feel you are the one to choose a way of life. 

If I am asked what I will choose, however, I wish to live a life according to heaven’s wish, not choosing the unavoidably separated world of agony. If I call it God or the subject of creation, I thoroughly wish to choose love in my life as a part of It. I heartily wish to create my music, poetry, and businesses out of it in my life. MARTH

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. The world seems to be magnificently suffering because of separation. I feel uneasy about how it will be in the future. Everyone believes in a separated world, fight, compete, and conflict. How will humanity be in such situation? I am a high school teacher. Do children have a future?

MARTH: They do have a future. Our long-lasting pains in the separate society may have brought our hearts to the depth of exhaustion. People must have learned many things within the sadness of separation, however. And they are fully using their maximum power of brains, thinking urgently and searching for a new way of life.  

We human beings have developed organizations to protect our fellows within the societies of separation. We have made systems, groups, and thousands of methods of separation to protect ourselves. It must have been inevitable for us. Otherwise, we could not protect ourselves, families, and friends. Within such pains and beliefs, we must have fought with each other desperately. Needless to say, it couldn’t be helped that people who saw terrible massacres, controls, and subordinations, the top and bottom, terrible violence, and incredibly cruel things according to rules of the separated world, though they had to protect them desperately. 

Sadly, humanity may have been forced to live such life that they made groups, organizations, villages, and countries to protect themselves (the ego) within pains, sufferings, discrimination, oppression, every possible injustice, and insincerity in the separated societies. 

It must have been considered as justice within the painful societies of separation for a long time. Within such a situation, however, the law of oneness in the universe never changes. There must have been people who truly understood it and found it difficult to realize the desires and expectations of such egoistic conflicts. It must have been inevitable for the subject of creation to respect and love the quality of oneness within the world of all one being. Needless to say, if it is the world like a dream of the Creator and made of its thoughts… Quantum physics has begun to reveal it now, but the law was not scientifically unraveled until recently. Only some wise men and enlightened ones must have understood it deeply.

If scientific entities, in reality, try to destroy something of oneness, attack it to protect themselves, to deceive it, and so on, they will have a kind of return to awaken them to oneness. Such scientific law is natural within the society of oneness and in the world of molecules where we see things like the self and the other. It is a historical fact that such leaders as Alexander the Great and Nobunaga had destroyed themselves in spite of a large military force to ruin others. 

It may have been true that people could not thoroughly understand why it was as such. 

However, it must have been quite difficult for humanity with a belief of a sense of separation to realize that the world is created as such. It was difficult for them to realize that the truth of animals, flowers, trees, and every possible being is a manifestation of God itself and a manifestation of love, which is connected with themselves as one. 

If we ruin others as they look such as the level of molecules, we will surely receive feedback from them at the level of atoms of oneness. 

It may be that we human beings could not realize deeply that. 

I wonder if humanity has begun to awakening suddenly now at the incoming of a new era. I think the heart of humanity has a great possibility to change anew. I think every hostile group and organization will turn into the ones to protect everything of oneness, everything in the universe, other groups, and the entire universe. 

I think we will surely love and respect the entire universe, which is eternally connected with ourselves as one, everything in the universe, and every human being. That’s because it is an awakening of beautiful scientific wisdom due to new human awareness. Because of it, they will be loved by heaven and the entity of the universe and truly flourish. 

Everything is one entire universe of molecules. Otherwise, we will surely ruin ourselves, who won’t live as such. If we continue to live with a disagreeable value with love, with the true essence which is the law of the entire world, and if we deceive others, kill them, attack them, distress them, and so on, we will definitely continue to send a strong and damaging message to our own ego, even if it is for protecting us. I could say now is the time when we have to stop living a life of separation in all seriousness. 

“To repent” is a word, which is to realize that it is so true, and we have been really foolish, and return to oneness, to the value of oneness. And it may be the most important thing for humanity from now on. Then, we will respect everything, love the entire universe, and everything in the world, treasure everything that looks other, help hostile people with each other, respect each other, and neither deceive people, nor attack them, nor destroy them, even it is for protecting ourselves. 

I feel there is a beautiful future, surely waiting for us ahead. The world of the people who know oneness will be realized. I cannot but feel that groups of people who protected themselves in the past will transform them for them, to protect the entire universe, and to love all lives. Otherwise, there should be sadness and darkness, magnificent damages, and a great force to make ourselves, who are children of God, awaken. That is how I sincerely feel now.

Q: You often say that status, fame, and money don’t matter in the world. I feel you try to include some deep meaning about a way of being of humanity. Would you tell me your real intention, MARTH?

MARTH: That’s right. As you say, my real intention is that we need many beautiful leaders with loving quality of oneness and beautiful people who are in harmony with the beautiful world. I think such entrepreneurs, politicians, corporations, and business leaders, and chiefs are more important than any other. We need thousands of loving people who have the quality of oneness. Then, true success and lasting prosperity will blossom everywhere in the world. Because it is the genuine success in tune with the world of oneness. Otherwise, everyone will send himself a message of awareness, give damage to himself, and won’t have true success, true wealth, and true prosperity within a value of separation. 

I wish all entrepreneurs, politicians, and leaders to have the quality of oneness, to make a big success not out of fear but of bliss. I wish all stars with the quality of oneness to be adored. I feel that they will suffer and ruin themselves in a daily conflict unless they have the quality of oneness. 

Now is the time when we need thousands of truly good leaders with the quality of oneness (love), truly good chiefs, truly good stars, and wonderful people whom everybody adores; truly loving people, stars, politicians, and leaders with the quality of oneness, splendid people and wealthy people. I think the world will have more people as such. The past societies were the one that believed in separation. If one believes in value of separation, one’s true self (the higher self) will send one a message that one is connected as everything. For example, Nobunaga, Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great, and so on received a message of their lives being short. 

We need hundreds of thousands of leaders and wealthy people who have the quality of oneness, of love, who are familiar with the truth of the universe, the truth of oneness at a level of elementary particles, mystery of the ocean of elementary particles, not separated, of electrons and photons, who really live in oneness. Otherwise, humanity will have no future… 

I cannot but think that people had no love and no sense of oneness ruled the world, objected to wealthy people, got shabby and suffered, not realizing true love and the true quality of themselves

This is my great hope to have respectable chiefs who lead the people to be incredibly wealthy, be good, loving, of oneness, shining, and powerful to be born in the future.

Our world will need thousands of wonderful corporations and countries with the quality of oneness, love, beautiful, and unique countries, loving people, affluent people, charming, adoring, and powerful people. 

It is most important to have such leaders who succeed in the world to create a good and sincere world. It is most important that such adored people have love and the quality of oneness. Whether he or she is a star or a famous figure, all of them should have love and the quality of oneness. Otherwise, they and all human beings will surely be destroyed. 

If you adore the people who believe in separation, conflict, competition, comparison, and wars in this world of the unknown oneness, the world will be a darkness of conflicts. 

We will need such wonderful corporations, wonderful countries, wonderful leaders, loving people of oneness, wonderful politicians, and wonderful, loving people with the quality of oneness. I have conveyed it for many years, but I regret if I am misunderstood. 

We need neither corrupted status and fame nor corrupted stars. Corrupted leaders without the quality of oneness will ruin themselves. I just continued to convey it for years, and it will be fine if we realize it and change ourselves into wonderful leaders. I never mean that we won’t need such beautiful leaders, wealthy and good leaders. We need hundreds of thousands of good, wonderful leaders of love and oneness. 


Q: I have been an entrepreneur for more than twenty years. I always read your messages. You talk about true success, how a man should be, and as such. Please tell me what we should do to get true happiness and wealth, MARTH. 

It is said a common law of success of David, Solomon, Isaiah, and various other people are to be modest, not to boost the ego. On the other hand, no doubt, we could read that arrogance, conceit, overconfidence, and so on will surely ruin in ancient Jewish teaching. 

My ancestors from both my father’s side and mother’s side managed temples or shrines for generations. I noticed that our family has more than a one-thousand-year old family tree in my childhood. I’ m not sure if it is ancient Jewish teaching, but I was told neither to become great, nor to become somebody, nor to win, in other words, nor to boost the ego, but to treasure others, to be strict to my own child, and to love and treasure other children. I was a child who was thoroughly told to abandon competition, comparison, and so on and to live with a clear and pure heart. 

Recently I came to know that the teaching of “Kutaka Jima island “ in Okinawa, which Isaiahnagid was similar. 

I had a private teacher who was a professor at Tokyo University when I was eighteen years old. He was fired from Tokyo University and moved to Nagoya as he was thoroughly involved in studying quantum physics in spite of him belonging to an agriculture department. 

I developed “Pricia Resort” with him, using his new technology of πwater, which adopted theories of quantum physics. He told me to present the technology as something like bio, not revealing it is of quantum physics. He initiated me into quantum physics thoroughly.   

I remember clearly still now that I felt extremely strange to know that my home discipline, which my parents repeatedly told me not to boost the ego, agrees with quantum physics. That is, everything is connected as one in the ocean of elementary particles, it is one being, everything is influenced by thoughts, or this land is a dream of one. And molecules corrode and oxidize, but electrons, elementary particles, and photons do not. Electrons hate separation, and they go out of the orbit when there is a thought of separation.  

I learned all such things that entropy boosts in the world of molecules, molecules are made of atoms, and so on at the age of eighteen. I also learned that a sense of separation of humanity is the biggest problem because forests become afraid, the earth becomes afraid, animals becomes afraid, and molecules become out of order, and bacteria can make cold nuclear fusion, even at normal temperature; therefore, ruminants can become flesh, and so on and on. I can continue to talk about such things endlessly. 

What I learned then is that electrons won’t circulate in order, when more we boost the ego and the more we believe in separation. In other words, electrons won’t circulate in a beautiful way of π(Pi). 

I learned that there is a kind of molecule or mineral that circulates in order of the orbit. 

I am involved in the healing business now. I feel it is more important than any other in relation to our mind and to our body. It is connected to the selflessness or No-Mind, which spiritual people of the world respect, also connected to the law of success of ancient Jewish. 

Not to boost the ego, not to separate, love others, treasure others, not to deceive others, not to harm others, abandon everything, and move out instead…

I learned that their way of being and living as such is the true law of success. 

Everything is connected as one. Therefore, when we have thought of separation or are egoistic, we will face various problems and messages. Our true self (the higher self) intends to awaken us, teach us even if it may finally ruin us. This is what I learned. 

True law of success is that we will be happy for sure when we live with the heart of oneness, live our lives as the creator of oneness wishes us and live as its children, and live our life with all our might with love of oneness. 

Not to live as an egoistic part, but to live as a part of the entire universe, which some people call heaven or God, will bring us true bliss. The subject of creation that bears us and the one heart creates the universe with thoughts of love. To live with the will of the subject of the world, to live with an awareness that we, its public servants, to become its limb and live a life given by heaven. I cannot but feel that will be the true bliss for us. 

I feel it should be a true path of life that we help each other and cooperate to create a wonderful world and finish it as the other is the self; all of us are fellows of oneness given each different talent. 

I thoroughly feel that we will have true happiness, prosperity, lasting joy when we live as such. I manage my businesses to convey it to you.


Q: I love the lyrics of “Love Grows When Losing”. How did you create it, MARTH? 

MARTH: All of us are born to the beautiful world of the love of oneness. We may create what we call the ego with five senses and languages in our childhood. We, who come from the unknown, mystical, and all connected world, may gradually have a sense of separation in this world. The self and the other. In a sense, it may be a little sad event for us to slowly separate us from the world of oneness. And the sense of separation may be nothing but a kind of illusion. In reality, everything may be within the ocean of oneness, and eternally selfless as enlightened people often say. 

The separation between the self and the other may be a sad illusion in reality, and everything may be one being eternally connected as one. Also, everything in this world may be a dream of the one being. I could say that this world is a dream of a subject of incredibly beautiful creation, in reality. We could also say that humanity is given an ability to create each individual life with each thought. 

In any way, we will learn various things and items to protect the ego and the self in our lives. We may worry, to try our best, and learn various things day by day so that we are neither attacked nor beaten, not killed within the societies of sadness filled with a value of separation. 

Will it become heavier and like an armor day by day? I wrote a piece of poetry that said life is like climbing up a hill with a heavy burden in the past. We will create boosting of ego daily, as we are stray of the truth of oneness. Various things which we collect to protect the ego may be useless in reality. 

And they are quite heavy. Sadness coming from status, fame, qualification, power, reputations, and the burdens made by various things may be considered more inevitable than anything in our lives. When we lose them, however, we may also have a sense of relief and feel incredible beauty and comfort. 

To have a sense of the self will generate psychological time. if the psychological time is there, we will lose beautiful and tremendous bliss, which is like an original privilege of the universe, of Shinga, of one being. 

On the contrary, to have the ego will be to lose the joy of oneness. To lose the ego, or to love something that protects the ego may be to get a sense of oneness and love. That may be more important than anything in our lives. 

It has been said that we will return to love, to the true essence, to peacefulness, to the true self, and to Shinga when we are to let go of a load and release something unnecessary. That is called selflessness and also return to Shinga, to return to the one source.  

I merely have tried to convey it to you through my music and poetry. 


Q: You often talk about the law of the scientific universe and that of true prosperity, MARTH. I’m quite interested in it. I feel it is very important. Would you please talk more deeply about it?

MARTH: True wise men have conveyed to us that we should neither have excessive confidence, nor show off ourselves, nor try to excel others, nor boost the ego, since ancient times. In other words, they have conveyed to us that boost of the self or of the ego will continue to bring us a message, which ancient people called a punishment from the universe. 

Even Solomon said modesty is necessary for success, being conceited, or having excessive confidence about oneself is fatal, and that boosting the ego is fatal for humanity. And with such an aspect, MARTH has presented us that super-ancient science may have been similar to quantum physics. It is because quantum physics is about a scientific mechanism of the universe. Its main theme is of oneness that everything is influenced by human thoughts and created by them. The most advanced science has found that we, a part of the Creation, have an ability to create, or have an ability to create a reality movie, though it works within a small range. 

We believe that we live in molecules. Molecules are made of elementary particles and atoms. Electrons never stop circulating around the nucleus. Ancient people considered the disorder of orbits as “impurity” and the circulation with the correct order of electrons as “healing”. They sounded highly religious and often misunderstood as superstitious. I feel what they said, and ancient leaders told us over and over, was that having a sense of separation (a boost of the ego) is tremendously dangerous and causes us trouble as we live in a world of oneness, of love, where we are influenced by thoughts. 

Therefore, it may be quite disadvantageous for humanity to live in the societies of the ego and of separation. If the societies are structured as such, which civilizations believe in separation, ignore the scientific oneness, and are not truly good ones, people who try to adjust themselves to such civilization will have to receive a message from the universe. That is quite dangerous for humanity. 

The societies where children, who rebel against wishes of the Creator, whom you can call the universe, heaven, God or Lord, are not healthy. 

And they will not be able to love themselves if they have such value that a part of heaven (the universe) wants to win or excel others, to become somebody or great, neither want to be made a fool of, nor to be killed, nor to be attacked, and so on. They may not even forgive themselves as such. 

MARTH has continued to tell us this is what is happening in the present world. Why won’t we do well in the world? Why? Why not, even though we do well in the society? The societies may have become unhealthy as they don’t fit the scientific being of the entire universe, or they may have been based on a value of separation. In such a situation, we may punish ourselves for awakening. We may never accept ourselves as overconfident and arrogant. And we will lose our own bliss. 

It is because you are a child of the Creation which humanity has called God. Animals, flowers, trees, insects, and everything are children of the Creation. And all of us should be living in oneness, filled with love and bliss, in reality. 

What if the society teaches us to boost a sense of separation and the ego, comparing and competing with each other? Then, we will be lost and suffer. In this world, we have to become separate if we want to be appreciated. It will cause us great stress. It will take healing quality away from us. 

Even if there are many molecules such as stones and ceramics with healing “iyashiro” quality, they will be destroyed. Not only that, force, which is a child of the Creation, with the ability to produce everything with its thoughts, will destroy beautiful things. I’m concerned if you will even destroy your beauty, gentleness, and joy to love yourself. 

Scientists all over the world shall seriously need to discover it now. I feel it is more important than any other if we wish for true peace, happiness, success, and prosperity for humanity. We human beings, who can create, may destroy even such value not to be able to feel beauty. 

We will need corporations with such a quality of oneness. We will need such stockholders who live in love and essence. We will need staff, board members, and business leaders who truly understand such things. 

I cannot but feel we will need to create every possible society of oneness that is truly safe, beautiful, and wonderful, where corporations and houses create truly safe, beautiful, and wonderful things. 

I wonder if humanity will be able to be truly happy when we stop being arrogant, conceited, and overconfidence, as ancient Jewish said that they ruin everything to punish and make us realize. Humanity may be able to forgive ourselves, love us, and become happy when we create a beautiful world as a limb of the universe, a subject of creation, and of love, and as a limb of love. 

In a sense, I think it is not related to religion or else. I feel it is science. Otherwise, neither atoms will be pleased, nor elementary particles will be pleased. I think this problem is related to the law that something unknown called atoms and elementary particles are made of one being. 

Then, humanity shall wonder why things did not work out well and why they suffer so much. It is because they don’t live as a being who is born with a mission as children of God, of the entire being. 

Or, when you don’t realize it, or you don’t live as such although you are born with a precious mission, you may not forgive yourself; you may not love yourself. I ‘m concerned if you will be haunted with sadness unless you think, “Ah! I’ve done it! Yes! I did my best!” when you leave this world. I truly wish to end my life, considerable feeling, “Yes! I made it!”

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. What do you think the true value of men? You always say that status, fame, and money are not important to us. Then, what is important to us?

MARTH: Social status, fame, money, and so on must have been wonderful for us, in fact. On condition that we live in a good society without separation, however. 

The true dignity of men, the true success of men, true value, true joy, and true happiness may be whether we can live the fullest life for the true essence of all people and ourselves as children of the universe. It may be whether children of the universe, who have brought precious wishes of the universe, could live the fullest life as the children of the universe. It may be how much the universe for the universe, no, children of God for God or for heaven, the children of God’s creation for God, for heaven, for the universe, could contribute to the entire universe. I feel it is the true value of men whether they dedicate themselves to something, not of human creation. 

The universe has born you as king of the universe and has nurtured you. It has moved your heart and maintained your life. Animals, flowers, insects, and everything in the world have been loved and borne by the universe. And the universe of oneness, the entire universe has born you. 

It must have born you as you are needed to save and help the entire universe within this incredibly unknown world…  

And you will finish your mission to your heart’s content. I think it is the true value of a man and a true success when he will feel truly satisfied. 

Wealth, status, fame, and so on may be blossoming beautifully in such society of oneness and healthiness. If it is corrupted because of illusions and separation, however, the society will be disgusting. If we adjust our lives to it, we will never be able to live a good life. 

It has become quite difficult to live a truly good life as a child of the universe and finish it to his or her heart’s content at present. Even in such situation, however, that children of the universe, children of love, and children of God endeavor to live a life of heaven’s wish and to create such a world should be more valuable than anything in this world. And their true feelings of satisfaction may be true and beautiful dignity and value of a man. I deeply feel as such. 


This is a small Christmas gift from MARTH to all people in the world and to comrades of the beautiful heart. 

from MARTH’s staff

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. We often hear news of conflict between neighboring countries. We find many incidents that may trigger the war all over the world. There are even rumors about influential forces to destroy our people. I am very concerned about them. I cannot but feel now is the peak of separation for humanity, though you tell us to end the world of separation. What do you think about this problem? 


We need to go deeper into an issue of founding stories of our country, which is the roots of our spirituality. It was founded by a group of people who tried to create a land of love, a land of God. We have to trace back to the ultra-ancient times to know it. It was a story more than ten thousand years ago. They say there was a leader of the beautiful heart, and he left his messages on the stone tablets. This world is unknown and mystical. It is a dream of God. Everything is connected as one. Everything is a manifestation of love, connected as one. And every consciousness is united as it is the ocean called ether. It is a story about the very source of our country, Japan, before it was called Yamato, before it, its civilization was called Jomon, more than ten thousand years ago. 

Therefore, the source of this country is Love. It was founded by a leader who loved others, caring for each other. It is said that their branch offices were scattered all over the world. Some offices were located in the Middle East, too. From a place in the Middle East, four million people headed for the east to escape from the pains they had in wars. It is because they must have wished to return to the beautiful land of love in the ultra-ancient times. I feel that they had brought the stone tablets of the ancient times, not so, of the ultra-ancient times. They are also said to have brought a rod with a crest conveyed from the ancient times. 

Why did they head for this country? Certainly, they wanted to create a land of love or a land of God. What they called “God” is the Creator who created everything in the unknown universe with a dream-like material, and the very person who dreamed the dream. The leader, who was an important messenger of the Creator (whom they called God), headed for the land in the east. He brought four million children of God, the people of God. 

Certainly, they wouldn’t fight. They lived in a portable tent, or they left their own homes behind to avoid fighting when they were attacked.

Time went by, and they were not able to do the same and had to fight with neighboring countries. They suffered and had much pain. I think they wished to live in love and to create a world which the Creator wished for. I feel that their leader decided to head for the east to create a land of love with a strong wish to live in oneness, in love. He wished to follow the will of the Creator, who was a creator of this dream-like world. 

It was not because of fighting, but because he was fed up with it. The leader of the beautiful heart is said to be a prophet. He was the leader who came here and found our country two thousand six hundred eighty years ago. What he brought here was very important that they had to hide it and protected it. I think they were obliged to hide where he came from, when he came and who he was. Our country has a secret, but it is not a bad one. It is a beautiful and valuable secret. 

They protected love. They followed the law of love that everything is connected as one, and all consciousnesses are one. There is no separation, and everything is an embodiment of love, as the present quantum mechanics has found. 

Their leader, who is said to be a prophet now, founded this country. He loved and respected the law of love that everything lives in the unknown and mystical, within a dream of God, to create a beautiful dream of God.  He headed for the east to create a land of love, which God wished for, where their people loved neighboring countries and neighbors, and they loved each other. 

This is a country founded with such earnest wish of your fathers and mothers, your grandfathers and grandmothers, and even the people of earlier generations. We, Japanese people, have taken a wrong path, with having wars after wars with other countries for the past two thousand six hundred eighty years. I cannot but feel we are the people who should have conveyed such love (of oneness) to the entire world, in reality. We need to return now. To the very source of our country’s founding mission. This country is originally a land of love. It is not the one to destroy others and fight with them. It is founded to love others, loving the people of the world, and becoming a model land of the world. 

Isaiah, the founder, founded this country for such purpose. His name was hidden because of inevitable reasons. We don’t need to hide it now, however. “Try not to tell, try not to listen, and try not to see” comes from here. The name of the leader is Isaiahnagid. He is the founder of this country. He was a leader of love, of justice, who loved everyone and everything in the entire universe more than anything as he knew everything is connected as one. He loved, helped, and let all people win.

Unless we remember that we are descendants of the leader, we will enter into every possible war, every possible trouble, and lose everything important. I don’t know if I’m qualified to say such a thing. I don’t want to tell you so if possible. As you told me, however, people of our country need to awaken within such a situation we are facing now. I am obliged to tell you this. We are here to create a land of love, to create a land of justice, to tell you about a world of peace of oneness, and to create a land which gods wished us for. I cannot but feel now is the time when all of us have to remember it…


Q: MARTH often says, “The world is unseen, and the dream is unfulfilled. The world of oneness is as such”. I wish to listen to it many times. I desperately want to listen to it. I feel as I haven’t clearly realized that everything in this world is connected as one. 

MARTH: As you say, it is the most important thing for humanity. It is because we and the entire world have lived in the societies of separation, in the civilization of separation for hundreds of thousands of years. We certainly live in a sense of separation. 

However, the reality of the world is that it is the ocean of elementary particles. The scientific truth is that everything is united, everything is connected as one, made of the same things, and that everything is love (of oneness) itself. There is always a love of oneness…

Unfortunately, however, humanity has never been able to live in love with such true scientific value. 

It is quite similar to what great sages have called “muga – selflessness” since ancient times. In a sense, it is a great sadness for humanity that it has become an ascetic practice in which you have to desperately train yourself to enter into the oneness within the societies of separation, competition, comparison, and so on. 

Such societies and civilization where we can live with the quality of oneness, which is a scientific truth, and love, which has no separation, and true scientific reality from the beginning, has been an unfulfilled dream and the world not yet seen. 

And the beautiful world is where everything is connected as one, and that of elementary particles made of the ocean of thoughts. We have been lived in it, yet never felt it. This world of elementary particles neither corrode nor oxidize. It is eternally one being, eternally connected as one.

Every molecule is made of a combination of something unknown called atom. The truth and scientific reality that everything is made of a combination of atoms are more valuable than anything for humanity. 

We are connected. We are made of the same things. We are one being. We are O.K. to love and to be loved. We are connected as one with animals, flowers, and everything. We are made of the same things. If such true and beautiful education of the truth and such awareness are given to children of the entire world, I wonder if wars, competitions, comparisons, and the darkness will be here in this world. If such awareness spreads, I think it will stop separation with a great force. 

Unfortunately, however, we haven’t seen such a beautiful world. We have neither experienced such a beautiful world, nor have we been loved and nurtured. 

It is certain that humanity becomes inevitably egoistical and suffers from conflicts and wars, control, and subordination, and troubles, which accordingly come as a message to them. We will need to be fully awakened and aware so that we create a new world. 

We will need to create such civilization and culture immediately, based on the quality of oneness and true scientific reality, which reached a level of elementary particles and that of a quantum mechanical level. Then, humanity will surely see an incredibly loving world, which is more beautiful and more wonderful than anything, for the first time. I cannot but feel that it is the most urgent need for humanity to create such a world. MARTH

I’m Not Interested in the World without Oneness…

My interest is in witnessing how wonderful humanity with the quality of oneness can live, how much they can flourish, and how beautiful, and loving they can live. That’s it. I am born to the world to support it.

Q: I have a question, MARTH. As you mentioned, our country is within a turmoil of great conflict and fight with neighboring countries and people. What do you feel we should do about it?

MARTH: I’m not very interested in politics and various news and activities in the society of separation. The same things have happened since ancient times. I don’t think such value of separation will make humanity happy.

If all people realize failures of the world and of the planet earth, and the value of separation, all problem will be gone. Every problem is only a part of it. If the problem of separation is over, everything will be solved. For that, quantum mechanics should be more and more prevalent, which reveals the reality of oneness. It should encourage people to realize the quality of oneness profoundly. Then, the world shall change.

The reason why I sing about a thought for neighboring countries and people, I have such love and consideration for a man who founded our country in ancient times. My ancestors had lived in a place for a long time, which was very important for them and for the people who founded our land. Therefore, I feel more love for him, who endeavored to create a land of love for love, and to create a land of oneness, and harmony beyond separation.

He may have headed for the land of the east with four million people two thousand six hundred and eighty years ago. He wanted to create a land of love, as he was tired of conflicts and separation. And he knew the law of God. His tribe was called “People of God”. I feel it is certain that his homeland was this land in the ultra-ancient times beyond Jomon Era. When he crossed the ocean to come to our land, many people took a path of the land. I think he suffered that he came by boat and his people couldn’t get on board.

There must have been many elderly people and handicapped ones who loved him and had to walk for ten thousand kilometers. I cannot but feel that he was much concerned about them. He must have made a plea and requested the neighboring countries and other countries to build information centers along the path.

And the people of foreign countries, and neighboring countries, especially those of China, of Korea, of Asia, of Taiwan, and of the Silk Road accepted it and helped our ancestors to come to the land of the east. They, who were fed up with conflict, walked all the way, desperately searching for the land of wa (harmony), the land of love, and the land without separation. I feel that the true people of Yamatoh, the land of wa, felt nothing but gratitude for the neighboring countries and people.


I feel I create my poetry only because I respect and love my ancestors. It is only that a mere artist continues to sing for it as he heartily wishes the day will come when this planet earth realizes the quality of oneness, the unknown, the mystical, and the unreal someday, all people realize the world, created out of human thoughts, is like a dream of God, of the Creator, of love, all children can learn the truth of the universe, love each other and feel grateful for each other…

I cannot but feel profoundly true wealth, true peace, and true sustainable prosperity can only be found in oneness and in love.                                                        MARTH


Q: In the New Age, people often appreciate enlightenment or awakening. I notice you sometimes deny such phenomenon. What do you think about it, MARTH?
Nothingness, awakening, and enlightenment are not that the ego becomes something special. That means you will return to the true essence, to the ocean of elementary particles. It is not something the ego becomes special. If the ego disappears, in other words, if you lose the ego, you will find there is no self. You will return to the original true essence when you end the ego.

The true essence in everyone is love. It is because the ocean of elementary particle is the one made of the same substances of oneness. It also means that everything in the entire universe is made of some material like a dream of God, of love, and that we are only a part of it. Therefore, however hard you boost the ego or protect it, everybody will be a part of the universe and just a public servant of love. Everybody and everything will be only a public servant of love in the entire universe. The ego neither becomes something, nor enlighten, nor awaken. It is nothing but that you will return to your true home of love, to the true essence only when you lose the ego, not so, when you realize there is no ego.

True sages have tried to convey this with such words as the end of the ego, No Mind, there is no self, and so on from the old times. MARTH

Q: You tell us that elementary particles are connected as one, and they hate separation. Would you please talk more about it, MARTH?

MARTH: That’s right. Certainly, elementary particles are connected as one. Everything, including human beings, is made of elementary particles. Everything is consisted of the same elementary particles. Every molecule is a bundle of elementary particles. Therefore, the true quality of the universe is oneness. Oneness means love. This is the reason why I say this world is made of love. Every elementary particle is made of the same connected things. Every molecule is made of the elementary particles.

Molecules made of the unknown substances, which we call elementary particles with the quality of oneness, are all connected as one. Within such a circumstance, we say, “He is an enemy. He is the other. I hate him. I will attack him. I will steal from him.” This comes from the ego, born out of a sense of separation. Belief in separation was prevalent in the old science of separation. However, the quality of oneness is most important in quantum mechanics. You cannot talk about quantum mechanics, without ignoring it, without trying to convey it. What is most important in quantum mechanics is the quality of oneness. It is that everything is the one whole universe, made of the same things.

This is what we could call love. In other words, we could say that everything in the whole universe is like a dream of God.
However, humanity has had a separate view of the world, believed in separation, and learned it for a long time. There used to be many leaders of love in the past. They had been killed by the people who believed in conflicts out of a sense of separation and considered them to be inconvenient.

Leaders of love had been trying to convey that everything is connected as one and that everything is united, and have the quality of oneness at a level of elementary particles. If you believe in separation and live a life of the ego in the world of oneness, you will try to tell you that you should return to the true essence, to love, to the quality of oneness. Humanity has called it “Bachi (punishment)” since ancient times.

You try to awaken the true essence of the self, to return to children of heaven, to children of God, and you want to awaken as a part of the Creation. And you will live in brightness as children of the Creation, as children of the universe. You will live in beauty and sincerity as a public servant of the universe. You will live as the source of the Creation and as a part of it. You will protect the whole universe and everything in the world as a part of the universe itself and as its children. It is nothing but that you will live with everything connected as one; every people, every animal, every plant, every land as people to protect all the planets.

What kind of world will be realized if every child is born to the world with a purpose to create a beautiful dream of love together on this planet? However, things are not working as they are expected to be now. And in reality, everybody may feel he wants to return there, to the true essence deep inside him. I often hear people say they are devils, but they are wrong. There is no devil in the universe. Everything is made of elementary particles, connected as one. There are only children of God, not so, of love who don’t know it yet. Because of their sincerity, they will receive a message by themselves unless they live as such. This is proof that the true essence of a man is love.

It is most important for us to live with the love of oneness with all the people in the world. Otherwise, we will not achieve true success, true sustainable wealth, and prosperity in the world of oneness. It is because everyone is sincere, everyone is a child of heaven who has a beautiful heart within, and because of this, everyone will punish him for awakening him. He will try to awaken to the love, which is the true essence of himself. He will suffer deep inside with a hope to return to the true essence because it is natural. He may encourage him to return to the true essence.

It is wrong that you destroy others, rob them, and take them if they look others at a level of molecules. If you do so, all lives will give you an incredible punishment for awakening because you are love. You will create a great breakdown to awaken.
“Who? God?” No, you yourself will. Your true self will do so because of love. In the New Age, people called it the higher self, the true self in a higher dimension. MARTH

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“The Road to the East – to make a land of love, to be a model world”

Lyrics & Music by MARTH

The following lyrics are based on a legend of I.naghid. It is born after MARTH deeply accessed to the beautiful and sincere heart of I.naghid. This is to be sent to our dear descendants after 2,680 years from now…dedicated to dearest I.naghid…


For the children of a distant future, we will trust this song for a world of love

I headed for the east to make it a planet of love to create a land of beautiful heart

We will be a model of the world
when we love people when our loving friends live in a smile


Love your neighboring countries, love your neighbors

Love your father, love your mother

Support your friends, make the world loving

Together with all people create a beautiful world


Then, you will surely feel true freedom

Then, you will surely feel true love


Create a beautiful land, Make your friends happy

Love your neighboring countries to realize true peace now or never

Forgive everything to create eternal peace now or never


To love your neighbors is a great pride

We wished our country will be a model of the world

We loved our enemies and wished for peace

We wished for smiles of people of the world


Respect your neighboring countries, Embrace other countries,
Embrace your father, Carry your mother on your back,

Let your friends win, Support your brothers and sisters,

Love your sister, and embrace your brother.


Then, you will surely realize your true dream

Then, you will live forever beyond life


Create a beautiful country, Make your people happy.

That is what your great father wished for, Now I embrace his wish within

Now I know that is love within all people’s heart


For the children of a distant future, we will trust this song for the millennium of love.

Dedicated to beloved I.naghid…  MARTH


*This song is a main theme of both “Minor Line – The Road to the East” and “Major Line – The Road to the East” albums; a great wish hidden within everybody’s heart in the world…


This world is the ocean of electrons. I could say what we call God is a collective body of everything electric. That’s why we can see this world as a dream of God, and that many New Age people consider it as a dream of love. When electrons and elementary particles are materialized, quantum and atoms combine with each other and become molecules. Therefore, the world of molecules, which is visible to our eyes, are made of electrons in its structure. They are also within the ocean of electrons, a manifestation of God and of love.

They are electric as they are made of electrons. They are light as they are electrons as well. They are also information as our thoughts and mind are made of electricity, electromagnetic waves, electrons, and elementary particles. These electrons make substances, so I could say visible substances are molecules. After all, everything, including molecules, is made of electrons. Molecules decay, and entropy increases. That is a story about molecules. As soon as electrons, elementary particles, atoms become molecules, entropy starts to increase. Increase of entropy is related to aging, decay, and corrosion.

Electrons circulate in a beautiful circle. Electrons and elementary particles act very vigorously, coming and going. What kind of energy do they have at that time? Electrons have such characteristic that everything is connected as one and of the same things. They circulate voluntarily around the nucleus. They are self-generating energies. They are connected as one with everything, made of the same things and having the same information. That is how the universe really is. I could understand that an orbit of electrons will be out of order when we believe in a value of separation and work on electrons based on it.

It is because everything is a dream of the whole universe, a dream of God, or a part of creation, which is a dream of love, and connected as one of love. Then, people will realize that even “everything is one connected being”. Because of a quality of “one being”, such realization comes in an instant, however separate each one is.

As we can go endlessly in a dream, we can move as a quantum instantly in this world. Quantum and elementary particles gather and become molecules called substances. Electrons and elementary particles come and go, and disappear and appear at an incredible speed. When they disappear, nothing exists. They come back again, however. Now, do you think it a reality? What is it when they are gone? I called it a virtual reality movie for this reason. Therefore, the molecules are a source of a virtual reality movie. The source of a movie is light. Images transcended on the light become a movie at a movie theater. If you interrupt the light, a movie will not show.

This universe is made of light, light, which is electrons, electrons, and so on in the same way. In other words, if everything is electricity and electrons, it is made of the same substances. If they have some information, that means they have wills. They have thoughts, ideas, minds. Even rocks do. We can understand as such.

The universe is something immeasurable. There will be no end to the universe, extending forever. The oceans of elementary particles will last forever. If a man thinks something, he thinks within the ocean of elementary particles, which is connected as one, and coming and going. Therefore, these elementary particles of his thoughts will extend in the universe, connected as one with everything. They are one being. Our ideas and minds will instantly spread out the entire universe. We can understand as such as electrons are the one being and connected with everything.

And electrons will never be destroyed even if molecules are destroyed or deteriorated.
On the other hand, when molecules are destroyed, or deteriorated, oxidized, elementary particles and electrons will return to the original state. Our thoughts and minds, and our real bodies are eternal because they are electric. I could say that death happens only to molecules.
Well, see you next week!