I will begin an open session now. Here is a question.

It’s already March today.

Spring is coming soon according to a human-made calendar.

Question: The world is facing great difficulty now.

I feel all kinds of conflict has begun. I have no idea what we should do. Would you give me any suggestions, MARTH?

MARTH:I have been trying to convey that sadness and problems of humanity are caused by the fact that our civilizations and societies were structured without knowing that we are connected as one. Not so, not only me, but many people feel the same.

I think everybody may have become vaguely aware that living a life without love and goodness brings him a terrible problem and receives a message.

And I told you that I learned a lot from a scientist, something related to quantum mechanics in my youth. I developed a π water resort on Yoron Island with the help of the doctor. It was named “Pricia”. He told me not to use the words “quantum mechanics”, but to use “bio” instead. He told me I should dare not to mention the truth at that time. In my early twenties, I thoroughly learned about the ocean of elementary particles, and they are influenced by human thoughts. However, it was only about already-known. Humanity believes in separation.

We don’t know we are connected as one. We have five senses. We see things separate at the level of molecules. We cannot do anything about it. No, it was inevitable. The world doesn’t look connected as one, though it is one.

We couldn’t feel it because of our five senses. We think things are separate because of languages and naming. They were inevitable.

We named, divided, separated, and fought between ethnic groups, between countries, between superiors and subordinates, between right and left, between animals and men, between every possible separate entity. Without realizing everything is connected as one, we developed civilizations and societies.

Such life brings us terrible problems and receives “Bachi-Punishment,” which ancient people called. However, it was considered unscientific, and we became more separate. The conflicts, competitions, comparisons, which cause inferior feelings and malice, hatred, killing, scrambles, and so on.

And the trusted “Ten Commandments” all over the world doesn’t refer to the truth; everything is connected as one, according to Isaiahnagid.

He may have wanted to convey it. This world is connected as one. Everything is one being. Everything is a manifestation of love, of God, and it is a beautiful dream of the subject of Creation, says ancient documents and stone tablets.

They also notice that we will neither forgive us nor love us unless we live as such.

Question: What do you think about it?

MARTH: Do you love you and respect you? You live without the quality of oneness. What if you separate, fight, kill, and harm others, thinking they are others, they are enemies, not ourselves? However, you found we are connected as one. The truth is everything is connected as one, made of elementary particles.

And we have lost our happiness, bliss, respect ourselves, love, confidence, peace, and joy. Next, our family breaks down, and then our friends and societies become unhealthy. Not only that, but we also begin to kill each other at the end.

Humanity has repeated it for a long time. I want you to awaken now. No, we are too late, but I want leaders to be aware So that you can love yourself. So that you can respect yourself. So that your family can love you and respect you.

You are the children of God. You can never become a devil.

All human beings are a part of the subject of Creation. We are a manifestation of love, made of one connected elementary particle. Unless you live as such, you won’t be happy if you defeat others, destroy those whom you think others but yourself, those who look enemies, and those who seek others. You will find no peace, no love, no bliss there. We human beings, a part of the universe, respect those who look others, in reality, one being, love people, love others, become one with everything, with animals, trees, the mountains, the rivers, feel connected with them as one. That is love, happiness, and joy. Then, our unconscious mind will be at peace, and we will truly feel satisfied. Then, we will not realize a negative situation arising from our conscious mind in this world. We will not receive a  message from elementary particles, which ancient people call “Bachi-Punishment”. You will really be happy; you will really be filled with joy. You will become an excellent leader, and the world will love you. Your children will love you and respect you.

The world of separation, conflict, superiority, arrogance, control, and all things will hurt you. This is common with every position of people, right or left, superior or inferior, and all people because all people are children of God. Because we are gifts of the universe, of elementary particles, and of love. Therefore, there is no other way for you to be happy and live a beautiful life than to be connected with everything as one. However small it is, to have a feeling of oneness, to feel connected as one, with your beloved dog, with animals, birds, flowers, butterflies, with everything, will bring you love and peace of mind. Your unconscious mind will be connected to love.

Then, to create a beautiful life from the perspective of Sidi and within a virtual reality movie, you will materialize such beautiful things out of your unconscious mind. Please watch other lecture movies if you are interested in it.

You will find bliss in oneness. You will find joy, real success, and true prosperity in peace and happiness. There is none in the separation. There is none in separation, conflict, self, and the other, competition, comparison, and division.

You will find them in connecting everything as one, even with a tiny one. You will find love, comfort, a happy life, lasting bliss, and prosperity with one being.

I want you to return to a beautiful person to live a beautiful life, to love and respect yourself truly. I hope it’s not too late. I want you to live such a wonderful life and to create such a beautiful world together with everyone.

I wish to cooperate with each other to create a beautiful world where everyone feels the quality of oneness, all children of the world can explore and learn they are connected as one with everything, and they are love.

I wish all people realize it now, cooperate to create a beautiful world now. I trust all of you in the ocean of elementary particles, of one being will surely awaken to it and create a world of love. I believe such a world will be realized soon. I genuinely hope all of you will start to create an incredibly beautiful world soon.

I’ll see you again.

Pain and sadness to have lost our loved one… is what we have continued to accumulate for hundreds and thousands of years. For this reason, I could say we fought and made a world of conflict. We have had to choose a path of separation and conflict because of our great wish to protect them within wars, starvation, and every possible sadness. I feel now is the time when humanity has to realize that such chained reactions could only produce pain and unhappiness profoundly now.

Indeed, within every pain and every vexation, and every suffering, people have separated and divided. We must have fought with each other though we are connected as one.

However hard we fight, however much we regret and hate, however much we control and are controlled, we only continue fighting with each other. Nobody can’t live in love.

If it is true, we could say, our experiences through such events and various sufferings haven’t encouraged us to create a wonderful world.

I thoroughly feel that the biggest mission for all human beings, our true role is that we all become happy out of our true quality of oneness and of love, entire humanity becomes love and bliss, and that we regain true peace, promised love and paradise which we have acquired after overcoming difficulties. Let us create a world of love together now…


Q: I have a question, MARTH. Do you think of the light and the darkness?

MARTH:I wish to live as neither of them but as the entire universe and as love. I wish to lead everything, including the darkness and light to goodness and love. I wish to be as such. I heartily wish everything, every place, every part, everyone, and every life function as the love of oneness and as bliss. We will suffer when we belong to a part of the whole.

What I’d like you to understand is the true essence has the quality to become truly happy, to live in bliss, to feel secure, and feel at ease, and everything is the real self, the true self, and the entire universe called Shinga. The true essence is love. It is the quality of oneness, being connected to the universe as one.

Let me show you an example. If we believe a cell in our body becomes independent and consider it as the self, we will think this part is the heart, and it is so and so, and in the same way, we are a cell of an arm and independent from other, and have nothing to do with others. We are connected as one, in reality, but we cannot consider that everything is connected as one. It may be because of naming by words and five senses for our conveniences. However, separation is not a reality.

When we return to love, and cells of our arm end the ego and return to one being, we will find happiness and bliss which the universe originally has. Then, the our entire body will become us.

We have bad characteristics, good characteristics, and so on. I wish all of us will become beautiful, healthy, and happy. We will do our best to realize it.

The reason why we have the darkness is that we lose the quality of the universe that everything, including the darkness, is ourselves, believe in the other, fight, resent, and hate it out of such misunderstanding. Our pain is to cleanse it out ourselves. It is born when we lose that we ourselves are a manifestation of love, which is the true essence of the universe.

The true quality of oneness is nothing, but the true self is the entire universe. It is nothing but an awareness that the entire universe is us and where our love is.

We will be able to release ourselves from every separation, conflict, comparison, a boost of the ego, fear of the self, and of the ego, and everything, and live in bliss as a whole being.

For this reason, we will realize that we ourselves are always the entire universe, the self as a part doesn’t exist, everything is connected as one, and the part is nothing but an idea.

I always wish to realize that the part (ego) is nothing but an illusion arising from our thoughts, five senses, and naming. It is because I wish to stay blissful at any time. MARTH wishes the darkness, the light, and all people can return to love.


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. Now the biggest interest of everyone and of the New Age in the world seems to be a question whether the light or the darkness will win. I watched several YouTube movies where you told me about it. What do you think about it?


The darkness is a status in which a child of the universe has an extremely intense value of separation or stronger ideas. The light is a status that wishes for a child of the universe to live in love, to go for the true essence is strengthened, or a movement for such people to pursue justice. Unfortunately, however, when there is a separation, we ourselves will suffer whether we have justice or love.

Today, I will talk a little bit about it.

Even if you are at the side of the light, you will wish it to be right, to win, to become good, and to become wonderful.

Certainly, you will suffer from the fear that you neither want to be attacked, nor killed, nor declined, and nor controlled, at the same time, you will have the fear caused by the ego (sense of separation). And it can be released very easily.

First of all, the ego is afraid. Let’s realize it. Next, observe the desires, ambitions, and expectations of the fearful ego (the self separated from the universe). You want it to become good. You want it to be a world of light. You have hopes and desires that it becomes good, it becomes a wonderful world of the light. Even if it is good, you will lose natural bliss as it is a desire of the ego. Let’s realize it first.

Then, there is conflict and anxiety. You realize it and observe who feels afraid, and who is anxious.

Then, you will always find the ego, which is “I”. “I” am afraid. The ego is afraid. You will realize the ego is anxious. Ask yourself who is the anxious self.

Then, you will realize that “I” am nothing but a value of separation, and it doesn’t exist from the beginning. What exists is the universe itself and one being. Everything is Shinga, the true self, love, God, or whatever you can call it. It is a dream of the entire world of the unknown, which we scientifically call elementary particles. 

The true self, Shinga, which encloses the entire thing is the entire universe and includes everything. In other words, just like cells are ourselves, if the cells have an ego, they will become not a whole but a self (part).

In this sense, you will realize that you don’t exist, you are a whole, in reality, you are one being, Shinga, and the universe.

Switch your awareness. Then, you will see the world from the viewpoint of the entire universe. 

Then, you will regain bliss, which you originally have as the universe. It is a selfless state, and that is the end of the ego. In fact, the bliss is true healing light, which is more precious than anything. The bliss is a joy that we originally have yet lost. If you follow it to live and act, you will find true light, true peace. A punishment which has destroyed you will be over then.

And when you are at peace, everything, including the light and darkness, will be over. You will embrace everything and become love as you have the amazing joy of bliss. It is the original bliss of the universe called true happiness.

Then, everyone will be embraced by unknown peacefulness which you had in your childhood, and by comfort which comes from love, and the original Shinga, the true essence, and the true self have.

Therefore, if either of them wins or not, or loses or not, there will be no bliss within winning and losing. There is happiness only in love as everyone is a manifestation of the universe, love, and God in reality.  


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I knew you had been globally active as a trainer since you were young. You often said, “You don’t have to win. You don’t have to become somebody. You don’t need to boost the ego. You don’ have to become great. I gave up status, fame, and everything, and found nothing but happiness.” You have been sending out such messages, and create such poetry since then. I deeply feel you are always concerned that we should not boost a sense of separation within the world of oneness. Please talk more about it.


Certainly, I was totally involved in the world of New Age, or of self-help seminars when I was young. I always wished to pursue the essence within it.

In a sense, my father had the same tendency as mine, and I spent my days seriously cope with such a problem as to improve society and the world. I thoroughly feel now that I was completely filled with such wishes in my youth.

I became a trainer for “Witnessing the self” self-help seminar and took leadership in transformation workshops within the world where meditation and yoga were introduced. What I always felt the most at that time was a “difference”.

More than a hundred thousand people attended seminars then. I also had many friends who attended such self-help seminars with me. I wished that my friends, who couldn’t compromise and suffer within a value of confrontation in the separated society, would live happily. I realized that I had a big difference in value between them. That is, in fact, about the discipline we received from our parents.

In my home, I was told neither to win over others, nor to get better, nor to excel others. Never to attack others, nor to become great, nor to become somebody. My father had such unusual value compared with that of modern times. However, I seem to have felt great peacefulness because of such value. I felt the difference every time I heard my friends shared their stories in the seminars.

I thought the value of my father was due to his job at that time. He was engaged in criminal psychology and studying the human mind at the Research and Training Institute of the Ministry of Justice when I was a child. He helped criminals to return to society. It seems as he thoroughly thought such a sense of separation, self-boost, confrontation, and competing for self-uplift in modern society have a great danger, although it is desirable for everyone to live in love and peace within the world everything is the love of oneness. He firmly told me about it every day. 

My mother shared the same value as his. I thought such discipline in my family comes from my father’s job, but my grandfathers and grandmothers had the same value. Now I feel my family had such value for generations. It was such a value that can direct me to a better direction in the spiritual world.

I also think it is because both sides of my family had been managing temples and shrines. In either way, my parents always told me it was more important than any others.

I keenly felt my friends and fellows at school and after I grew up, and also people involved in the New Age and the spiritual world extremely suffering because of the ego within the world of separation and confrontation.

I was wondering how everybody can be happy and how I can help all people live a life of peace and happiness. I spent my days seeking for an answer as a trainer in my youth.

Simply speaking, I felt that the reason why they were reprimanded was the opposite of mine. They seemed to be extremely eager to boost the self, suffer, and obsessed with the idea of denying their true self. I felt as such at the bottom of my heart then.

In such seminars and workshops, we are allowed to have space to reveal our true thoughts and wishes, and pain, and sadness.

In such circumstances, they had to live with a belief in values of confrontation, being told to win, to become great or somebody, neither to lose, nor to be made a fool of, nor to put to shame and so on by their parents and the world.

I realized my friends suffered because of their discipline of separation, which is contrary to my family. My father got angry and left for home when I won the first prize at the school athletic event.

I feel I seek for the difference as a trainer in the world of mind training, or I could say in the world of New Age in my twenties. I had a strong impression that block stopped sense of separation, interrupt people to return to their original love.  

I was convinced that it was the reason why my fellows suffered in the spiritual world, and participants of seminars had difficulty in returning to love and to their true self of oneness. I sensed it more strongly after I became a trainer. I realized their impatience to boost a sense of separation such as to win, to become great, to become somebody will cause frustration and anxiety when they fail to boost the ego, and that the more the ego wishes, the more they lose bliss, suffer more, and have the opposite result to their wishes.

I felt it will give great damage to wonderful people who wish for a life of love. I felt it will give a bad influence on my dear friends who travel to return to the universe, to Shinga, in search of spiritual love and of the true essence of humanity.

I felt they will be able to find happiness, love, and bliss more easily when they are one being in the spiritual world. I thought a sense of separation extremely prevents them from leading a good life and from returning to the original life, which should be happy and loving.

And it will prevent them from heading for a wonderful life as they wish. Unfortunately, they can neither return to bliss, nor have love, nor have happiness, and end up in pain when they try to boost the ego. I felt it was the main reason to make the world dark.     

Therefore, the more we realize we neither have to win, nor to become somebody, and we are all right to feel at ease, all of us will be able to return easily to love, to one being which is our true quality, and to truly become better, succeed, become wealthy, and everything goes well.

I realized such an awareness that we don’t have to be somebody, and an amazing release from obstacles of confrontation and disparity easily bring even people brought up in an extremely separated world the quality of oneness and love. Such understanding took root in my mind. I feel it is also thoroughly reflected in the present being of MARTH

As you kindly mentioned, I feel what is most important for humanity is, I could say, education during childhood, to nurture children in the sense of safety and peacefulness, to tell them about the unknown and mystical world of oneness.

The parents, who have such basic awareness that we have the quality of oneness, the other is the self, and everything is connected as one, convey to their children that they neither have to win, nor to become somebody, nor to become great and love their friends, people of neighboring countries and of his world.

Otherwise, it will cause you only harm. Everything will be opposite to the ego’s desires. Love will send you a message and even punish you for making your return to Shinga, the true self. You should stop fighting now, feel at ease, and become happy. You don’t have to win within the world of oneness. You are O.K. to respect others and love them. You are O.K. to encourage and support your friends. You can love them.

If parents encourage their children to realize the true reality, they will become truly prosperous, embraced by bliss, and become happy. Then, the world surely becomes beautiful and peaceful. This is how I thoroughly feel now.

I think it is a true method to regain love in the New Age world, in the spiritual world, in the seminar industry and the confused societies. I cannot but feel such a trial to end value of separation is a principle to let everyone return to peace and bliss immediately.

May all people live, embraced by love and bliss…        MARTH

They say this world is like darkness these days. It has become dark because of thousands of evil people. No, it is not so. The reason why the world has become darkness is that humanity believes in separation. We believe that we are separated. People who were hurt because of wars, conflict, and disparity made the darkness as they endeavored to protect themselves due to fear.

In a sense, the entire world is darkness now. We have lost bliss, love, and brightness because of darkness in the heart. We are filled with fears. This is how this world is.

You were made a fool of, discriminated, laughed at, attacked, bullied, you had a hard time, you saw something terrible as a child. You, who had such painful experiences, became adults, and fight to protect yourselves because of such suspicion. The world is filled with such people.

And everybody believes the reason why they suffer is that they were discriminated, made a fool of, and attacked. It is wrong, however.

Why they suffer is because they are separated and egoistical.

In other words, if they let go of ego, if they let go of a sense of separation, they will return to bliss. They will regain happiness.

You were made a fool of, laughed at, attacked, looked down on, discriminated, and threatened as a child are the reasons you became unhappy, and you want status and fame.

You believe you become happy if you become rich, become somebody if you are appreciated, accepted, respected, if you win, and become great, but it is not true.

Even if you become the world No.1, become great, you will continue to suffer. It is because you have a value of separation within you. You have disparity within you; that is, you have an ego. If you have the ego, you won’t be happy.

However well you win, however great you become, and however strong you become, you will feel empty. Some people try to become strong with physical exercises, some try to get weapons, some try to have status, and fame, and some others try to earn a lot of money and acquire everything. However, they feel empty.

They won’t become happy at all. This is proof.

If you have status or fame, if you are respected, if you become a star or become great, you will be happy. However, you will kill yourself as you won’t be happy. You will suffer and feel pain as you find no happiness. Even if you fulfill your dream, you will continue to suffer. Not so, if you become great or somebody, you will continue to feel empty.

The reason is because of the ego, separation, and the world of conflict. You suffered only because of the separated world, of the world of no love. And I won’t deny status, fame, and wealth. I say only they don’t bring you happiness.

That all human beings are wealthy, all of us are respected, loved, and appreciated is certainly better. I’d like to tell you that you won’t become happy if there is no love if there is separation, the disparity between the self and the other, division and confrontation.

I was a sperm cell while my father worked for the rehabilitation of criminals.

For a man to live in happiness, we need to live in love. To live in happiness without becoming a criminal, without doing anything evil, we need love. To live in joy and brightness, we need love. It is not the love of receiving something from others, but of returning to One Being. We need such bliss to return to the love of oneness.

If you live in such a way, you will feel truly wealthy, truly prosperous, and truly happy. Whatever you get, however great you become, even if you become a king, you will be filled with sadness, with pain.

I became the owner of a listed company and its executive, and I was appreciated by people all over Japan as a great young entrepreneur in my twenties. I felt more and more lonely, however. My heart was filled with emptiness and sadness as we felt there was nothing in such a life.

I found nothing there even though I acquired everything I had dreamed of, and I succeeded. After that, I had a chance to attend the “Witnessing the self” seminar and found love in it for the first time. I thought I needed nothing. I was embraced by my father for the first time. I was almost unable to stand and fell into pieces. I cried much and felt so happy that I could bless my life then.

I’m not saying wealth, love, and appreciation by others are bad. However, unless we regain the quality of oneness, unless we regain love, it will be meaningless.

Only when we love others, respect other countries, and neighbors, love the entire universe, make all people in the world happy, and live for the joy of all people, when you revere your community love the entire universe, and live humbly, you will be able to love and become happy.

My mother said to a girl who suffered from bullying, “You aren’t the one who discriminated against someone, are you?” She said, “I’m the discriminated one.” My mother said to her, “Good. You didn’t become one who discriminated. Your happiness will never be hurt.”

MARTH heartily wish you, all people in the world will regain true happiness.


Here’s a question I couldn’t answer before.


I want status, fame, and money, girlfriends, and so on. I think it is natural to think that I can be happy if I get such things. What is your opinion, MARTH?

MARTH: You’re right. No problem having such things, and certainly, you will be glad only for a moment. Unfortunately, however, happiness and bliss exist only in one being. It won’t last very long.

Happiness and bliss can be found only in the quality of oneness, selflessness, and love. Wise men have conveyed the problem of the ego to us since ancient times. Why did they desperately talk about selflessness, ending the ego, love, and the true essence? There is a profound secret there. They didn’t mean to keep it secret, but it is  little difficult.

Naturally, the ego produces ambitions to improve it and protect it.

The separated ego, which you could call “false self”, wants to fulfill dreams, ambitions, and desires. You say, “I wish to become this or that.” “I wanted something to be as such. Damn! It isn’t as I wished.” You blame others when things don’t go well. You throw the blame on other people and situations when you don’t have the desired result, and you suffer.

If you see yourself that I, the ego, have a desire, an ambition, that is a problem of the ego, it had an expectation. However, energy will become extremely small. Your anger, hate, and repellence toward others will disappear.

If you realize that you don’t exist, in reality, you are the universe, Atman, and the entire universe, such a sense of separation will be gone.

Peacefulness, bliss, and a sense of safety which you find at that time are a sense of safety of the selflessness, peace, and bliss arising from the end of the ego. Such happiness you feel when the ego is weakened, when the disparity is gone is true bliss.

Wise men have conveyed that to live as such and to live trying to fulfill ego’s desires are quite different since ancient times.

All human beings, psychologists, trainers, and therapists can understand what it means if they examine it thoroughly. Ambitions and desires of the ego are harmful. They take your happiness away.

And even if you acquire status and fame, if you win, become great or somebody incidentally, you will have no bliss due to a sense of separation.

Such bliss is the most precious treasure for humanity. It is a great gift from heaven, which allows you to be truly successful, truly wealthy, and truly prosperous. It proves that you are a child of God and a manifestation of love. Unless you have it, even if you get status, fame, controlling power, you will find nothing good.

Bliss and happiness are always within love, within selflessness, and when ego’s desires and ambitions are over. When you act out of it, when you live with it, you will be able to create a wonderful future within supreme bliss.

I am certain humanity will create a truly wonderful world if all of us realize it. We will become happy, wealthy and create a wonderful, healthy, and good world. And I believe we will stop living in happiness in any difficult situation.

I believe their extreme pain will stop due to their desires to get status, honor, respect, and everything and become a star, and that they will be able to live in true happiness in any difficult situation.

This is all for now.

Q: I have a question, MARTH. I study elementary particles in university. I have been familiar with your lectures and other things from a long time ago. What I’m always concerned is that you say elementary particles hate separation, and photons love to melt into the state of oneness. I was extremely concerned about what you said. I have a feeling what you said is true because of an experiment I did before. Please let me know what viewpoint made you say so.

MARTH:Doctor, we have a secret of “Wa-suru” since ancient times in Japan. In the Jomon era, no single trace of war was found.

Ancient Jewish people came back to the land of the east as if they headed for the home of the heart. What I can see from hundreds of folklores is that ancient people treasured the quality of oneness (Wa) more than anything. In other words, they hated separation more than anything…

We could find an important message in what we called “super-ancient civilization” when we went far back in time. That is a message carved on a stone tablet, which was called “Las Torah” in the ancient middle east in ancient times. We could translate it as a book of inspiration.

It says that everything in the world is connected as one, it is eternally unknown, mystical, and these things are made of thoughts. We can assume that science in super-ancient time is something like quantum physics.

It is considered far older than the ones in ancient Judea.

And what is carved on the tablets is the secret of ancient Japan and super-ancient time itself that elementary particles hate separation, and that photons love to melt into oneness more than anything. I learned it in my youth and started to convey it persistently.

If it is true, wars and conflicts of humanity have an extremely negative impact on us who live in this world, and a big problem for each one, for humanity and for groups. 

I thought it is a great issue for quantum mechanics scientists of the world to thoroughly study.

If an elementary particle hates not to be one in spite of being one, and if it causes a punishment to us, I felt there should be many things we can understand and reveal. Not only our physical bodies, but our thoughts are electrons and elementary particles. We could reveal the quality of “punishment”, which we have known since ancient times, scientifically. This is the most important.

If “punishment” is scientifically real, it is an elementary particle and means sadness that we ourselves, and our thoughts, made of love in reality, and everyone unknowingly suffers from a sense of separation, that we can neither live in oneness, nor in love, we don’t live as one being, we fight with others, we believe they are others and attack them, separate from them, and conflicting.

Then, we may have such a great problem that we lose success, happiness, bliss, love, true essence, and everything beautiful.

However hard we work, however hard we make an effort, however recklessly we fight, even if we try all means, we will fail.

All ancient kings were ruined. All of them aimed at success, but they failed and didn’t succeed in the end. Wars after wars. Schemes after schemes. They intended to ruin others. They intended to attack others. Confronting after confronting. It is a history that all of them were ruined, still having great power of control.

If we can study all these things with such great awareness that it can turn over our current way of being, and if the research can really reject the value of separation, and confrontation, it is nothing but that humanity can find the true law of success, the true law of prosperity, true joy, and true happiness scientifically.

I am certain that is exactly what can truly save humanity. I feel if everything is connected as one and love each other at the level of elementary particles, just like a safety belt for the universe, and humanity continues to be love, and one being, secret of “punishment”, and those of true prosperity, and bliss, success, true joy, and love, and true happiness are generated from there.

Therefore, I hope you will confirm that it is scientifically true as such through experiments. It is the most important gift and loving secret which Japan can send the entire world, to our precious friends since ancient times.


All people who rule and become kings of the world in the future, and all those who try to control the world in the future. On behalf of Yamato (Yamatoh) people, I am here to convey their wishes to you.

We, people of Yamato, may have the same roots as your ancestors. Our country was founded by Isaiahnagid, Isaiah.

He initially moved to the land of the east and created a capital at a place called Jindai on Awajishima Island, an island in Japan.

I happen to have my father’s side ancestors being an old tribe from the area.

Please allow me to say that I heartily wish you love with a heart of oneness, respect others, love people, and countries, therefore, you respect and love yourselves, and become kings as children of the universe, of God. We don’t have any ambitions. We only wish to live in purity and happiness with simple, little, and pure love, with wishes to harmonize and to be one with everything. 

If you, our fellows, live in love, with a loving heart, and sincerity, love people, countries, humanity, and the entire universe, treasure them honestly, we, people of Yamato, will surely respect you, help you, and support you.

If you don’t value love and purity of the heart within separation, disparity, conflict, control, and subordination, however, we will not agree with you for the reason that your wishes are far from those of Isaiahnagid, Isaiah, who is a founding father of our country.

Then, in spite of our wish to live with you, we will not do so. We, the people of Yamato, will live a pure life just simply, and purely, under the teaching of the oneness of Isaiah, keeping it with a wish of oneness, in the harmony with everything in the universe, without controlling people, and without being controlled.

We heartily wish you to live in love, live a pure and truly happy life, live together, love each other, respect each other, and create a beautiful new world together.

And according to folklore of Isaiahnagid, Isaiah, he continued to care for his fellow people whom he left behind in the area of the Red Sea, in the Middle East until the last day of his life.

I wonder how our ancestors lived in the land of the east, leaving behind their fellows who suffered and felt painful. Isaiah must have regretted he could not help you, who suffered within an environment of discrimination, suppression, and hardship.

We apologize that we could not help you as the people of Yamato.

And what Isaiah conveyed us through folklores… In the Middle East, they were controlled, and controlled others, fought, suffered, killed, and raped. Within every possible pain, they headed for the east with Arc with God. To create a peaceful and loving world. The world where they love neighboring countries and people. They went over to the east to create a world where they love others.

We have been conveyed that we must neither control people nor controlled by them on this land and that we must neither win over others, nor harm them, and live in love even if we are hurt. I cannot but feel this is because Isaiah lived here.

I wish you, too, will become leaders of the world with a loving heart of the kingdom, within loving wishes, from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of the people of Yamato.

If you earnestly wish to live a beautiful life without any conflict and control, the people of Yamato will always love you and support you. Please allow me to say that we heartily and sincerely wish for you, our loving fellows, within the love and teachings of Isaiahnagid in our hearts, from the land of the east.