The World’s cause of all darkness is belief. Self-expansion is good. Comes from division. Vol.262

Silly Talk: Question 3
A modest president
As you say, MARTH, the divided ego wants to be superior out of inferiority grief…
I reacted strongly to this.
I was convinced that I was right. I have always felt that my family was losing out to other people.
Ever since I was a child, I have been fighting to be the most successful person in the world. It made me the modest president of the company.
But life has been challenging, and now it has become darkness. So I want to quit that…
Can you give me some advice?

It is a Silly Inner Talk. I am with Lili.
I am in Lili’s room. I am delivering it from Lili’s room.
So, I didn’t do Silly Talk 4 earlier, so I’ll add it.
“What do you think is the cause of all the darkness in this world, MARTH?”
It is question 4 from Silly Talk.

Response from MARTH
“Isn’t it the belief that winning is a good thing that comes from separation, of self-enlargement?”

What do you think is the cause of all the darkness in this world?

The triumph of self-enhancement comes from division.
The point is to believe that winning is a good thing, isn’t it?
It is the cause of the darkness in the world.

The meaning of “coming from the separation” comes from “self and other.”
The expansion of that self.
Of the false self that thinks it is self.
Letting it win. Letting it get better is a good thing. Believing that it is good.
Isn’t that the cause of all the universe, this world’s darkness?
That is what I mean.

A false sense of self.
In a world where we learn that there is the self and the other,
we improve the ego that we think is on our side. Let it win.
Why is it the problem?
If that were the case, the ego would tempt you, wouldn’t you?
It would be an ambition so that the darkness would lure you,
wouldn’t you?
It’s not because of the darkness; You are going there because you want to win.
Because you want to be ahead.

I want to be great. I want to be awesome.
I don’t want to be made fun of.
Doesn’t that mean those who were made fun of when they were little are more likely to go
(into the darkness)?

It’s a loss, isn’t it?
You go to the darkness.
You don’t go to the darkness because it’s bad. You go there because you are afraid or because you are ambitious.

I don’t want to lose. I don’t want to be embarrassed. I know people who say,
“I don’t want to be stoned like that again. “
I have seen 100s of thousands of participants, so I have seen all kinds of suffering and pain.
Oh, they did that to me. I’ve heard so many stories and listened to so many things.

That is because they go into the darkness.
But, after all, I don’t want to be like that because I’m scared.
I don’t want that kind of thing anymore. I don’t want it anymore.
I want to win. I want to be great.
I don’t want to be made a fool of. Wow~!

100s of thousands of such people. Or rather, there are only a few who are.
It is hard to find such people in this ego world who say
they are happy at home.
Mine is a value system that says, rather than happiness, don’t win, don’t be gullible.
It is the opposite of the values of the ego society.
We were a family of temples and shrines for thousands of years, so our values were the opposite.

I have never met such a person out of 100s of thousands of people.
They all try their best in fights, competition, and being great.
We don’t want to be beaten and lose. We want to cheat.
We try to look like good people.
I’m overwhelmed.
So they think, “I’m going to get away with it. I don’t want to get beaten up,”
and they think, “My ego is going to be beaten up.
I don’t want to be beaten up or made to look like a fool.
It’s a pain to keep doing that.

Because the dark people are not recognized, they disappear. Right?
Because they won’t compliment you, they won’t listen to what you say, and they won’t acknowledge you.
They say, “I’m great!” But they say,
“I’m famous! I’m awesome! They will say,
“What? What about it?” And I would say, ” What’s wrong with that?

“I’m winning. I’m good. I have authority, position, honor, and I have power!” But they would say,
“What? And then, “Huh?
If they are not looking for it, they will say, “What? What about it? Huh? That’s fine.”

My power! Listen to me! I’m great! I’m amazing!
“Huh? I’m not interested.”
So it must be the dark people’s fault.
Is it the dark people’s fault?
Is it the person in authority or the leader?
Is it the people who want it and follow it, or is it the people who follow it for safety, which is something I’ve been a trainer in the field for many years and have never understood.

It’s the fault of both.
If you threaten them, they will do what you say. Many people say,
“If I threaten you, you will do what I say.
My father would arrest such a person.

People who are threatened and do what you say are free.
Don’t you think so?

So that person acts as if it is a good thing.But those who want status and honor and do what they say they will do are free.
I want to win and be great. I want to be great. They are free.
And so, such people are arrested, get away with it, gain status and honor, and are controlled by authority. This is the prosecutorial view.

This is society.
It is not a healthy society.

Indeed, from the eyes of the prosecution,
this world is far from darkness. It is a world of extreme corruption.
No recognition of its authority.
I think it’s rotten and corrupted.

Considerably, what I saw as a child was decent, as was my father.
There was no corruption as such.
So, I have a very social, decent social eye.
From there, I do not incorporate into the dark and corrupt things.

But what if status and honor were what I wanted?
Corrupt money, currency, and authority.
Then I would be a bad person.
But can you say that the bad person, who has authority, status, and honor, is bad?
Because if I want it, I will be the second or third person like that, right?

I don’t want to be like that.
On the contrary, what if the rest of the world stopped being interested in such things?
I don’t want that. That would be fine for me. I don’t recognize you. I don’t recognize you as a society.
We do not recognize you as a healthy society.
The world that you are in is an ugly darkness.
It is ugly and corrupt.

What if there were no such people?
Who, then, is responsible?

We always blame others, however.
It’s not the fault of the people with power.
Because if you don’t respect the person in power, recognize them, or see them as corrupt, then you have the most significant influence.

That’s how I feel. It is a “Silly Talk.”
This program is a “Silly Talk.” program.
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So, I told a lot of silly talks today.
I look forward to seeing you again.
Today, I delivered this message from Lili’s room.
Beautiful flowers, Lili. You are a happy doggie.
I wish all the dogs in the world would be happier than Lili.

Thank you very much. Goodbye.
Your guest speakers were MARTH and Lili, who keep telling you silly things.