The World God Wanted to Create – Music Video

Everybody is born to be loved
This beautiful world is meant for it
The wonderful planet, where everything is one and connected,
is the last paradise for you, I’m sure.

If the world threw away every strife entirely
Nobody would be hurt as we are connected as one.

We will surely find a true happiness
though we don’t realize it within the stream of time
in the world which God wanted to create

I’m worried if your gentle smile
will be clouded by a chain of sadness
in the world where the people who were hurt by others will be the one to hurt others…

I wish all the children of the world will feel someday
everything in this world is the one same life

We are carried away each day
In the world filled with sadness
There is a world, filled with true love,
God wished to create
You can create the world God wanted to create

Because all the people in the world are
the children of God in reality