A doctor’s in-depth and scientific questions to MARTH

Dr. Akira Ikegawa, Director of Ikegawa Clinic and a leading specialist of “Prenatal Memory”
has been a good friend of MARTH for more than twenty years.
This online interview suddenly came true when we received an earnest request from Dr. Ikegawa,
to ask MARTH numbers of question in his mind in this difficult time of the world.
We believe what he honestly asked MARTH is filled with cosmic wisdom you really want to listen now…

All movies are recorded at MARTH’s studio and posted.

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Dr. Akira Ikegawa was born in Tokyo in 1954. He graduated from Teikyo University School of Medicine
and graduated from the School of Medicine with an MD and PhD. After serving as the head of the Department of Obstetrics
and Gynecology at the Ageo Central General Hospital, he established the Ikegawa Clinic in Yokohama in 1989.
In 1999, he began his research on the subject the “Prenatal Memory”. In September 2001,
he introduced “Prenatal Memory” at the Joint Medical Seminar of the Japanese Medical and Dental Practitioners
for Improvement of Medical Care (Hodanren), which drew media attention.

He is a leading researcher for the “Prenatal Memory”, and currently aims to enrich lives through informed pregnancy
and birth. He is providing lectures in various locations including North America, EU, Taiwan as well as Japan.

-MARTH Profile-
I don’t belong to anything within.
I am nothing, I am nobody.
Neither do I belong to any country nor any group, any religion,
any political group,
any psychological, and any philosophical society.
I will belong nowhere forever.
Neither born, therefore, nor die
as a part of the universe.
If I dare to say who I am,
I am nothing but an eternal public servant of the universe…
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