The Scientific Reality of the World never decays & oxidizes, forever elementary particles of oneness

MARTH talked with Dr. Yoshitane Akiyama and his wife, Momoko Akiyama in the online interview. Dr. Akiyama, who is a non-fighting
lawyer (Intellectual Property Lawyer) and doctor, and author of “How Not to Fight in Life”

All movies are recorded at MARTH’s studio and posted.

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Dr. Yoshitane Akiyama
Attorney at Law, Doctor of Alternative Medicine, and Homeopath. Director of NGO Green Heart, an organization to help preserve Amazon rainforest. Coffee beans roaster of “LOTUS COFFEE”. A performer of Singing Ring and Lawyer. The author of “The Way to Live without Fighting Against Anyone” Co-author of “Non-Eaters – Being Breatharians for Health”

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I don’t belong to anything within.
I am nothing, I am nobody.
Neither do I belong to any country nor any group, any religion,
any political group,
any psychological, and any philosophical society.
I will belong nowhere forever.
Neither born, therefore, nor die
as a part of the universe.
If I dare to say who I am,
I am nothing but an eternal public servant of the universe…
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At MARTH Healing, we provide high quality healing music for healing, grief care, etc.
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Many people unknowingly find them crying when they listen to MARTH for the first time.
It may be because he started creating the music as he found difficult to find out appropriate music
during self-help seminars as a trainer. We are constantly posting videos to introduce MARTH’s latest music.
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