Press Release | A Letter from Isaiah – Will of Isaiah

Ancient Japanese legends are now being unraveled
Most controversial work in human history

Highly acclaimed new feature animation film that connects
the Middle East and Japan through “Harmonious Unity.”
Story of love and emotion that 200 million people
from the whole world shed tears after the trailer was released

On November 11, 2022, healing animation production company Comfort Co., Ltd. released its third animated feature film, “A Letter from Isaiah Will of Isaiah. MARTH, a master of healing music in Japan, is this masterpiece’s author, director, scriptwriter, and composer.
“A Letters from Isaiah-Will of Isaiah.” is a magnificent, spectacular historical romance based on the traditions of Awaji Island in Japan. It describes the grand journey of love and eternity of a people and their leaders who avoided conflict and respected the oneness of harmony from the Middle East and ancient Arabia to Japan.

Three months before the film’s release, the trailer video “It all began with an Eden that Harmonizes… Eden, Land of Love that Harmonizes” was released on the official Facebook page. It caught the attention of Facebook users in various countries, especially in the Middle East, reaching 28 million views. Since then, each trailer has received numerous comments and shares, touching the heartfelt heartstrings of 200 million users.

The film is released digitally through the company’s website, MARTH FILM, and Vimeo on Demand. They are distributed as a platform with high-quality images and bonus videos, which can be viewed anytime, at home, and as often as you like.

Amid the chaotic world situation, this animation connecting Saudi Arabia and Japan in the Middle East was born as an unparalleled film. This film expresses the “oneness of harmony” that is most needed today.

[Outline of the work]
<Film Information>
◆Film Title: “A Letter from Isaiah-Will of Isaiah.”
◆Cast: Junichi Ishida / Masumi Miyazaki
 Swami Prem Raj / Sumire
◆Special appearance: Kaoru Nakamaru
◆Original Story: MARTH “A Letter from Isaiah-Will of Isaiah.”
◆Director/Screenplay: MARTH
◆Music: MARTH
◆Theme song: “Still, we are One.”
◆ Public notation: 11.11 NOW STREAMING
◆Official Website:
©MARTH / Comfort Corporation ©2022 “A Letters from Isaiah-Will of Isaiah.” Production Committee