MARTH Secret Live Recording on 11.11.2018 “Minor Line – The Road to the East”

Let me ask you a question, MARTH.
Regarding the coming live recording “Minor Line”, you mentioned about the history of Europe, about Bohemia and the old Judea. What made you say so?

There are hundreds of thousands of people who never want to harm other people. Those people have something in common that they care for the people who look the other. When the people with evil values come to rob them, they would not kill them. They developed a portable housing, they lived deep in the mountains, or moved to the islands of the far east as they wished to treasure their own lives. Something in common between them is that they will not harm others even though hurt by others. What made them do so? Conflicts and competitions are taken for granted within the societies of separation (the ego world). However, they, who have awareness of oneness of the universe cannot do so.
That is, for them to ruin the people who look the other shall mean to ruin themselves. I think those people who disapporve of it made portable houses, lived quietly deep in the mountains, and moved to faraway islands. They never wished to control others and to be controled by them.
Their only hope is that they wanted to live happily within the whole universe. They just wanted to live in beautify and happiness in the great and mystical nature where everything good is already given. They never wished to lose their love and the essence, values of oneness and their beautiful heart. They never wanted to lose something precious by harming or destroying others. That is not because they are good people. It must be because they never want to harm or disgrace their own justice, that they are a part of the true universe.