MUSIC MOVIE: “Eternal Line – The Road to Eternity” 2020.5.30 New Release

Will the awareness without separation heal humanity? Will it change the world?
From the land in the east to the world MARTH

This is a music movie for the latest DVD, “Eternal Line – The Road to Eternity”.
MARTH visited Prague in November 1, 2019 to record a series of songs, among which is
one of representing songs of the album; “Let Your Friends Win – to create a land of love”.
He dedicates this song to the ancient Jews who knew the reality of oneness in the world
and took an endless journey to the east, to let their friends win to protect their love.
Plundered and killed on their way to the east for as long as 10,000 kilos,
they let their fellows and children to continue the journey to create a land of love
even when they collapsed to the ground. This album expresses Isaiahnagid’s impatient love for his people
and profound wish to create a land of love together.