Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. Recently, I have many chances to read your messages. I deeply agree with you and often find myself convinced by them. Your messages make me thoroughly think about oneness as I think problems of my business, relationship with my family, and my health are definitely influenced by elementary particles and electrons. I want to study more deeply about it. Would you give me advice?

MARTH: As you just mentioned, within the world of molecules and of the universe, there is always a world of elementary particles, and of electrons extending behind every situation such as your business, your home, and your health. The world goes beyond our visible range and there must be another world going deeper and deeper beyond it… 

As far as we know, just to think of the level of atoms and of elementary particles, electrons, elementary particles and atoms neither corrode nor oxidize, although molecules do. As things become finer, we human beings will find an unimaginable world extending there. And our thoughts, ideas are made of the electrons and elementary particles. This is the reason why medicine and science started to realize that there is no death. 

Though electrons and elementary particles don’ t corrode or oxidize, their orbits become out of order. Now, scientists of quantum physics in the entire world have started to study the disorder of the orbits of electrons. I could say, it was already decided, understood, and revealed in ancient times, in fact. It seems ancient people thoroughly realized that molecules will deteriorate in various ways and receive messages when they have a wrong belief of separation within the world of oneness, for example, orbits of electrons, orbits of a circle (My scientist friend one called it π(pie)go out of order. 

It is called “Hado” or waves these days, but, in fact, it is an orbit of the electron which makes a circle. Ancient leaders of high spirituality understood that disorder of orbits always influenced lack of oneness, separation, the ego, and disparity. 

These scientific qualities of oneness certainly influence our business, our bodies, and, of course, everything because the ocean of elementary particles is a background of our lives. 

They are rings, or stadiums as in football and baseball, the background of our lives, and recently may be called platforms. The base of our lives is within the ocean of elementary particles, and this world exists there. And it is a definite fact that it is one being and that it is connected as one…

People have conveyed that electrons go out of order, and counterforce works strongly to have them return to correct order when humanity has an idea that they are not connected as one. Ancient people called a way of being to keep a beautiful orbit “Iyashiro”, and that they called it a place with strongly deteriorated orbits of electrons “Kekare”. It is also true that we can find various kinds of molecules which correct such orbits. 

Ancient people used them, sprinkled them, placed them, touched them, made them enclosed by them, and so on to create healing space. 

There are certain molecules (such as special minerals, etc.) that can restore originally circulating orbits to make an orbit in order even if humanity believes in value of separation. 

In either way, what is most important is to correct a disorder of the orbit, that is, to return to one being. Buddhas and Enlightened leaders called it selflessness. They must have tried to go beyond separation using such words as “End of the ego”, “No Mind,” and so on. 

Many people already know that it is impossible to return to Shinga unless they release five senses while pursuing yoga meditation. In other words, five senses (a certain sense of separation) are necessary for Shinga to become a human. However, the world of oneness never changes. We cannot walk straight on the road without five senses. The universe, heaven, God, or whatever you call it, the source of Creation gave us five senses and enabled us to walk straight and live in comfort and convenience. We can feel good taste, fragrance, wonder, and beauty, thanks to five senses. Still, everything in this world is connected as one. It is also a fact that our five senses emphasize the self and the other and are possible to produce a sense of disparity. 

I feel it is a great tragedy for humanity that originally something wonderful and onebeing or loving people enhance a sense of separation, and produce confrontation, and disparity such as the self and the other because of our five senses. 

The bible says, “In the beginning was the Word”. Words are for naming things such as “mountain”, “river”, “tree,” and so on. We decide what to call for a part of one being, give it a name, and collect them. This is the base of a language. It’s not an issue whether something is good or bad, but as soon as something is given a name, there is a quality and an element that it separates from others. With these two issues, humanity boosted the ego (a sense of separation). I could say they made a disparity.

I wonder if it is possible to live without a sense of separation, with an awareness of No-Mind that everything is connected as one? Is it possible to enjoy our five senses, without enhancing value of separation, without making everything separate, and in selflessness? 

And is it possible to enjoy the beauty, feeling the world of the love of oneness, and with the awareness that separation is not real? Can we enjoy a beautiful fragrance, taste, and touch in it? I think that we can thoroughly enjoy words, in other words, names within the awareness of oneness. 

Humanity will go toward such direction very quickly soon. We may be destroyed unless we do so, whether it is our business, our home, our society, and whatever. Certainly, we shall suffer from pain, conflict, comparison, and various other values of separation within sadness and disparity. We shall suffer unless we live a life without love, without encouraging others the joy of heaven, under the bases where electrons circulate in disorder. Everybody surely experiences something unacceptable, not be able to appreciate in his life. He will suffer and feel painful unless he lives his life as a part (child) of the universe.

There is a good heart deep inside, realizing that you cannot love yourself or something is wrong with yourself. On the other hand, all pains, problems, and problem presentations come from you, and they can be a safety belt for your good life. Everyone may receive such messages as “You are separated. Wake up! You are love, you are a child of God. The separation is not for your original self. It is different from the original self!”. Ancient people felt as such and conveyed it for centuries. 

My family is from Jindai, Awajishima Island. They have managed temples and shrines and engaged themselves in farming. They have conveyed such legends for generations after generations. 

I have a very close friend in Kutakajima Island. He is a grandson of a woman who is said to be the last Ookimi of the island. (She was deceased sixty years ago.) I heard him say they gave a similar education to children on Kutakajima Island. They taught their children neither to win nor to become great, nor compete, nor compare, in other words, to live in oneness, to try to end the ego, not to consider separation good, live earnestly in love and so on.  

If I am asked to tell about separation and life, I try to convey that the quality of oneness and love is important, this world is made of love, thoughts of God are made of love, and they are one being. I always try to convey that the beautiful world of existence has been endlessly pierced by the law of oneness.  The meaning deep inside is that everything returns to the love of the source with the world of oneness. And what is important within such awareness is that releasing our ambitions and desires from the ego of separation will bring us bliss. I will talk further about this next time. MARTH