Here’s another question.

Q: I hear you always say, “Unless humanity realizes the scientific quality of oneness, this world will definitely be ruined”. I’m extremely interested in it. Would you please talk about it, MARTH?

What would you say? We human beings have continued to fight, confront, kill, betray, deceive, and try to destroy others due to resentment and hatred for a generation. Such is our world.

Will the world continue to exist unless we know the scientific quality of oneness, learn it, and realize it?

Everything is connected as one scientifically and at the level of elementary particles. If we live a life that strays from that, we will definitely be ruined. We will receive a big message to awaken us. It may be a harsh one, and we may be in great trouble. I have conveyed it for many years.

I wonder if humanity should live a life under reality, scientific fact.

Everything is connected as one. Heaven, the universe, or you could call God doesn’t think separation is good.

God, which is one being, love which is one being, elementary particles, which are one being, the universe, or whatever you can call, which is one being, warns a part that is not one being.

Something of one being sends a message to others, which believes it is not one being, in other words, ego, or a part which doesn’t end the ego. Humanity really examines, studies, learns and realizes it. 

If some people try to destroy others or attack them, or those who are attacked resent them and hate them for thousands of years and continue to revenge between them, human beings, who have such enormous power, will perish.

We need to realize that there is neither happiness nor bliss in such conflicts and separation. Children need to learn love, the quality of oneness, and that it is scientifically true.

I thoroughly feel that we need to know there will be no beautiful, loving, and wonderful world in the future, as far as we win over others, try to become great or somebody, or hate, revenge, and ruin others.

Now, people all over the world are confused and wonder how they can create a wonderful world.

I declare that all human beings scientifically should learn value of oneness, love and that everything is as such. Otherwise, we will receive a message, have a terrible experience, definitely ruined, and that we will have neither bliss nor happiness. We need to realize the boost of the self, of ego, and of separation will bring us destruction, and that it will destroy ourselves and the entire world.

I think we need to thoroughly realize it, cooperate with each other, and learn that we can create a world of love and wonderful world, where we can love each other together.

I don’t mean to be rude or impertinent to you. I have aged. Please pardon me for what I have said to you.

To people of all the world

Additional note

I often hear words, “ascension” on various occasions. I feel what it really means is, now is the era when humanity needs to awaken to the scientific truth of oneness.

What it really means is humanity needs to be enlightened and awaken. To what? We need to awaken that everything is scientifically connected as one in this world, and we, whether it is an individual, a group, or the entire world, will definitely receive a message and even perish when we stray from the law of oneness.

When humanity realizes it, learns it, and awakens to it, when we are awakened to the world elementary particles scientifically, we will be able to create a truly successful, prosperous, and wonderful world together in the coming era of love and peace.

I cannot but feel everything comes down to it.

I’ll see you again soon.