Q. Marth, you often say to see the essence of a person’s life and not believe in ego.
We must always look at ourselves and our nature and live by it.
We must not promote the self-destruction of the ego people, and
we must also protect ourselves.
Both require essence regression
It is essential to living to help each other
What would you like to tell us about this?

MARTH: In a society that believes in the ego (division) that it is not one, the self and people see and live with something that is not the essence of human nature (love).
And he also lives in the safety zone of his ego so that he does not show it.
And he lives in the safety of his own ego, not showing it.
It is a false delusion, but the ego fear of the separated world is so great that it is now destroying itself without the beauty of its people, its wonderful fortune, and its powerful protection from all things.
It wants to destroy itself without the beauty of its people, its wonderful luck, and its powerful protection from all things.
It is sad to say, but it does not stop those who have stubbornly deluded themselves into believing in a separate ego world from trying to punish themselves…
Awareness of the essence is of utmost importance to avoid that.
The collective consciousness of fear peculiar to the ego world is now on the verge of destroying humanity.
Therefore, it is essential to living with the essence of the love of oneness.
Now is the time for everyone to get out from their own fear and live in your essence of beauty (with love and courage as one), eternally secure.
I recommend you to live with beauty.
The electrons will then be beautifully circulating, and the crystals of nature will be beautiful and therefore protect you beautifully.
If you stay in ego separation, the beautiful life will disappear, and the awakening message, the life that doesn’t work and
maybe you’ll be buried in trouble ……

MARTH 2022.05.23
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