of the serpent of separation and the other.I feel that these stories are,
yes, the treasures of all things, the quantum, the orbit of electrons,
wishing to orbit beautifully, and I now feel that they were born from such an unknown heart….If that is not resolved,
the branches and leaves alone will not give us a sense of future in that separate world of the trunk and its roots…In the future,
the world of suffering of the feeling of separation of humanity will head toward ruin, trying to destroy each other.
Like the sadness of a red-black game …
At that time, people will want to return to their true essence, true self,
and their love, and will surely desire a peaceful world …
Humanity may even regret that you have eaten the fruit of knowledge, separation, and division…We will realize that a life of being loved and loved by each other is the most important thing in life and that God has created a beautiful, united world…That is also the true course of nature…
I saw the completed 2 the other day…it was wonderful.
I was speechless… humanity returning to love.
I also thought that it was for this reason that these three stories were born…I wish everyone in the world to be happy…
I now really feel that the heavens have given it to us…MARTH

Q: When I observe you, I see that you are full of everything,
that you have enough material things,
and that you still have a lot of things to do with the body.
And yet you continue to work on the healing of the body,
silly-talk, animation, music, etc.
I wanted to ask you how you could be so energeticWhy is it so?
If I had to say, all are a passion for the enlightenment of humanity,
transformations, shifts, a return to love, return to the essence…?
I wonder if it is a passion for a return to the essence…?

MARTH: Yes, I agree. During various sincere spatial work,
I may say so, I committed to myself the purpose of life as a young man. (Commitment, perhaps.)
It was “creating a future of love” and “creating it now.
Maybe that’s it.
It may also be the influence of my ancestors and also my father…
I want to do so strongly by nature…
From my youth, I did not live for personal success.
I just wanted to make the world a better place and change it.
And even if it was at the cost of my life, for sure….

Q: You have continued to create new healing animation and healing music genres.
How do you feel now that you have completed your various works?

MARTH: Everything is not separated,
and all things are one spiritual world…
I was more than happy to convey to the world
that there is no need to win because there is no other,
that there is no need to be defeated and inferior,
and that it is okay to live happily…
In actuality, now, I would like to see a humanity that has realized it,
a people who have become happy,
a people, and such a world while I am still alive now…
Somehow, naturally, I became involved in producing this healing animation.
So I am very happy to say that I have completed it,
and I feel it has incredible transformative power.
To bring peace to the world, perhaps amid our ancestors’
sincere desire for enlightenment over the years.
I have finally created the end of the world’s defeat.
Hence, a way of life that harmonizes.
Therefore, changing the world towards the end of the ego. 
I feel that I have been able to create something that makes this possible
I feel a sense of relief overflowing in my heart.
It is the sorrow of humanity that has eaten the fruit of knowledge,
that believes in separation from the serpent’s poison, that there is another,
and that it is no longer possible to escape from winning and losing.
This is why this country values harmony above all else…
Because of Isaiah’s love…
All the sorrows of this world were born from it…

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