Marth – The World God Wanted to Create
This beautifully presented boxed set of ten books is such a treasure. It is written simply so that all who read them are touched by the spirit of Oneness and Love. Love for all nature’s wonders. Animals, plants, mountains, trees, flowers , the rivers and the oceans. Everything is connected by spiritual oneness, each particle of everything on the earth is connected to the other. And in being so, we need to learn to live in peace and harmony, to stop destroying what God has given us, so that we can live in the abundance of his gifts. In the back of each book is another treasure to behold, a CD of beautiful music. Having listened to each and every one, a sense of peace and calmness envelopes you. True peace and relaxation abounds when lost in the hauntingly exquisite music of each CD. The essence of Love in this series cannot be denied, nor surpassed. Truly a work of art!

Maureen Shearer
South Grafton, Australia

This little book is a spiritual gem and, personally, the ‘missing link’.
In my mid-teens I read with captivated inspiration the story of ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’, in my twenties it was ‘Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind’ that opened doors of awareness and showed me how different life could be.
This, ‘The World God Wanted to Create’, is the book I wish I’d had in my childhood, a perspective on God and the human condition to creatively and charmingly counterpose the oppressive one I grew up with. The message is told to a child in childlike simplicity and is subtle enough to be appreciated by a seasoned Zen practitioner.
Each page contains only a few sentences, or only one, between Grandpa and Grandchild, in both English and Japanese script, that gracefully overlay an impressionist nursery motif, reminiscent of the seagull photos in Bach’s book and many a nursery-rhyme book, and making each page a work of art, a source of contemplation, a treasure to hold.
Gift this book to a child you love, or to an adult who is still open to wonder, to their inner child, their inner Jonathan, their Beginner’s Mind. Gift this book to yourself.

Ingen K. Breen