Q: I feel you are a leader of the New Age and the healing industry, MARTH. So, I dare to ask you this question. I often hear some New Age people say that they are a reincarnation of such and such or they are chosen by God. Why do they say so? I feel religious problems come from the same source. What do you say about it?

MARTH: You’re right. Unfortunately, every problem comes from our value of separation. Everybody wants to win, become better, excel others, become somebody, and he doesn’t want to lose… Not only leaders but the ordinary people have such fear coming from desires, wants and a value of separation, which makes us have such tendency. They meant no harm, but because of a belief in the self and the other, we want to improve the self and to win, never want to be looked down within the separated society of the ego. That is one of the big problems.

And another important thing is, everybody returns to Shinga (the true self) when we enter into a deep meditative state. As I mentioned before, you will experience such values like “return to the Source” “Return to the one being” “this world is nothing but a dream”. Then, there will be neither separation between God and the self, nor separation between the self and some other, nor a sense of reality. You will be gone and return to the ocean of oneness. You will have no value of separation at that time.

We often hear someone says “I am a reincarnation of Cleopatra or Princess Yang Kwei-Fei “. If you look closely at her, she looks very much alike her counterpart. She may feel that she is a reincarnation of a certain person with similar consciousness. However, all human beings, including those who believe in a devil, are connected as one. We are one being. If we lose the ego through a deep meditation and return to love, we will return to the one being. In such an experience, we will feel, “Alas! All things in this world are being manifested as One Being.“ Everything is the self, or there is no self, we could say. We will feel we are included in One Being.

Therefore, rather than you are a reincarnation of someone in the ancient times, this ancient person reached such consciousness. This is nothing but my personal feeling. I feel this way through my past experiences of repeatedly coming back to Shinga or the space of oneness. It is neither that someone is superior or inferior to others, nor he is better or worse. All human beings, insects, birds, flowers and everything will return there.

Everything is connected as one. In spite of a difference of the time, we are connected as one with the people in the Jomon era and have the same consciousness. The true meaning of a consciousness level in the New Age is shown within a range of the higher level of selflessness and the lower level of the ego. If there is someone who has reached the same conscious level as you, he can be a reincarnation of you. As everything is connected as one, there is only a difference of a consciousness level.

What is most important for us to create the millennium more than anything is to return to Shinga, to the higher self, to God consciousness and to love which a child of God has… Just like the divine people in the ancient time were called a certain name of God, and like I.naghid was called God… I wonder if it is our task to return to a beautiful person. I wonder if we need to return to a beautiful person like Ra Mu, Buddha, Socrates, OSHO Rajnessh, J. Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharish.

I think all of us have to return to Shinga, which is the true quality of humanity, to love, to oneness, to the one source. Isn’t it a mission for all human beings? I feel that way.

If I answer your question with a personal viewpoint, I think something uncertain that you are concerned about will be gone when we return to Shinga or the oneness, and we are able to regain loving consciousness. And no people will try to win over others, excel them, not to lose, become somebody because of fear. I personally feel that human beings will experience the world of oneness, of love for the first time.


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. We talk about “the right brain” and “the left brain” in our society. I often feel a person who thinks himself as right-brain-like is quite left-brain-like. Would you tell me what it really means?

The New Age (the spiritual world) is said to deal with the right brain and the altered consciousness. If I interpret “the right brain” and “the left brain” from the viewpoint of the New Age, there are the altered states of consciousness or the consciousness in the ego and those in the selfless consciousness in reality.

Therefore, there is consciousness with the quality of oneness, and even there is sub-consciousness which is egoistic and without the quality of oneness. It is natural that we will be involved in conflicts and fights because of a quality of separation when the ego becomes stronger. Some spirits are born to our planet, which is a virtual movie, to learn to end the ego. It will be one of the great themes of our quest…

What is the greatest problem of the spiritual world may be that people enter into the altered state of consciousness (meditation) with the ego. Then, a sense of separation will remain. People may have an out-of-body experience or dream a dream with a sense of separation when they enter into a reality of death…

Therefore, we will see that it is very essential for us to live with a value of selflessness and oneness in consciousness. That is what return to Shinga (the true self) is. In a meditative state, I wish to enter into the whole universe, lose the ego, and return to love, which is the true self. All people must have a desire to return to the true essence, to Shinga, to the true self, to the true self in reality beyond unknown gate called death. It is written in the spiritual book of Mu passed down as important thing since ancient times.

In the beautiful legendary story, we are connected as one, living in the land of love, of one being, unknown, mystical and not this world. I think it is important for us to experience it. It must be a truly beautiful and spiritual world. I feel we may make a mistake and become quite ugly if we are involved in the spiritual world, keeping a strong self consciousness (consciousness made of comparison and competition). We should be very cautious about it.

The more humanity realizes the divinity and love of their true self and return to Shinga, more people who can recognize the quality of Shinga will be born. Their mission will be more important than anything. Or you could be able to enjoy a life on the planet earth and to overcome anything you wish to as part of the whole universe.

This world may not be an actual reality just like a virtual movie. Some people will try to execute trainings, others will overcome their problems, and some others are excellent enough to transform them in the world.

If we are embraced by Shinga forever, we will simply continue being Shinga. We will not be able to grow, improve, enjoy and do other things as a part of it. The joy of learning has been considered quite valuable.
I feel I always want to stay in the unknown and the mystical. Thus, I have tried to live in the mystical space at every moment and will stay there forever, knowing that it is not this world, there is no self, it is neither a tree, nor mountains, nor the river, they are only names given by us, we are in the unknown, embraced by love and everything is its manifestation.
It has become quite natural for me to stay in such space of consciousness without reminding me so. It is also natural that many people feel that I say something strange or I am an strange person. I feel it can’t be helped, and it is not their fault.


Gentle to the soul, Resonant with the spirit
MARTH music is so gentle and light that it not only never hinders a work but promotes it because of its calm and stabilizing sound. At the same time, it has a depth and silent strength to resonate at the bottom of my soul. It sounds somewhat familiar and stirs my soul in comfort. What MARTH conveys in his messages by words also had comforting and familiar gentleness and the strength to resonate with the center of my being. I feel just by playing it, his music balances the surrounding space purely and gives nourishing love to all beings.
What nurtures our body and mind is not only substances but some waves like the sound and the light. Now that we are in the era of the light, I think that the sound of the light resonant with love and light within our true self has become important. I believe that the spirit we can find in MARTH’s lyrics and music are beautiful works of art and truth which resonates with our soul’s true quality. I pray that you will find your inner love and light and let it shine more brightly by experiencing MARTH’s beautiful creation of sound and light.
By Dr. Yoshitane Akiyama, lawyer & M.D.

I play MARTH’s music at my clinic and a healing space recently. I feel the music helps create an incredibly soothing and healing space here. Sounds and words evoke various unconscious things within us. Limitless power of the sound and words resonate within the unconsciousness, loosens the lid of the subconsciousness, and invites us to the time and space beyond our mind. I think we will be connected to a path toward the true self and to bliss to realize love and life. It has been proven that everything is made of vibrations, and sympathetic vibrations and resonances create a phenomenon (the world) these days. We will realize the brightness of life that nothing is separated. I feel these music and books have the sound of the soul to return to our original self just like hundreds of thousands of stars brightly shining in the night sky. I truly wish to recommend them to you.
Dr. Nobuyoshi Miyake, Aiko-kai, Miyake Dental Clinic Chief Director

I listened to MARTH’s music on the headphone for the first time. I felt my “heart” was invited into another dimension to hear its deep sound like the one of a binaural recording. This sound surely resonates with my heart but not the ears. I play MARTH music almost every day in my room after the practice for resetting of my mind to take “the sickness” from the clients for the next day into me. And I also think that MARTH’s background music is necessary for the patients waiting for their turn for treatment at my clinic. I look forward to his future works.
Dr. Masahiko Wakumoto, Chief Director of Wakumoto Dental Clinic

Bach Natural Medicine Clinic is a natural medicine clinic specialized in psychosomatic medicine and psychiatry. There is a wide range of clients from the children suffering from developmental disorder to elders with depression come and stay from thirty minutes to an hour at a waiting room. Last year I had a chance to get two MARTH’s CDs, “TOWANI” and “UTSUKUSHIKI” and play them at the waiting room. After playing these two CDs, I have received many reviews from my patients commenting that the children turned cheerful and bright at the waiting room although they were in a bad mood previously and that they couldn’t stop crying for an unknown reason. I can work in a more relaxed mood by hearing these music coming from the waiting room. I am truly grateful.
Dr. Makio Ishikawa, Chief Director of Bach Natural Medicine Clinic

I have a privilege to use MARTH’s music during my house call treatment, which has become my main practice these days. At the patient’s home, I give dental care to a dear senior who live a lonely life with no conversations and no music. In the beginning, I played children’s music according to my patients’ requests. They changed for unknown reasons after I started playing HANA CDs for them. The patient with dementia stopped progression of condition because he was healed by the music and conversations. Another patient who could only eat rice porridge was able to eat normal white rice. The one for whom I attended at the end of her life didn’t suffer from sickness. Maybe she may have gone to the other world with a good memory of HANA music. I am grateful for the wonderful healing capacities of music.
Dr. Atsushi Kawakami, Chief Director of Kawase Dental Clinic, Ryokuyu-kai

“A testimonial of a yoga instructor”
I notice whether the music is playing or not makes a completely different space. This music leads the heart without any intention. Physically, I instruct and lead people, but mentally it is not something I can lead and form easily. I think the music assists me and support my yoga lessons. I have used various kinds of music during my practices. I like MARTH’s music, which can invoke noble beauty, rather than up-tempo music and I bought and listened to many CDs according to my taste. I was surprised to find that so many people have never listened to such beautiful music.
MARTH’s music is easy to practice with, although this is because his music falls on to my taste as a yoga instructor. It was incredibly smooth to do a lesson with. It is as if the breath and the sound became connected as one. If I were asked whether practicing yoga and listening to the music made any difference in my life, I would say they may have brought out flexibility.

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. Talking about the luxurious and healing suite, Lastra Mu, which you produce, does “tra” of “Lastra” mean “Torah”?

Yes, it may be so… You have noticed it well. I felt Italian “Lastra”, meaning a stone tablet originates from it. If a stone tablet means torah, where does it come from? Maybe we can trace back to Aron’s cane, Moses’ tablet, or Abraham, Sumer, moreover, the ancient Mu and all are connected, so I wondered and the story expanded…

The stone tablet of Mu is actually the spiritual book of Mu, and the text said to be on the tablet is that this world is unknown and mystical, neither this world nor a reality, and everything is connected as one. It is a story like what Socrates said or Kukai’s “form is emptiness; the matter is void; all is vanity” I believe Ra Mu understood as such, therefore, he felt everything is connected as one, and the world is love in reality. He thought that loving neighbors and neighboring countries is a law for happiness as he knew everything that seem other is the self in fact. I feel he realized that they could maintain peace and safety of themselves, their families and country, succeed and prosper according to the cosmic law if all of them deepen awareness of oneness…

It is most important to realize that we can protect our families, our countries and ourselves only when we help each other and love neighbors and neighboring countries with a beautiful, loving heart of oneness. It’s a pity that people who didn’t believe in it though their leader, Ra Mu thought so as a leader, may have offended gods and been destroyed… In other words, I feel the law of love coming from such oneness has prevailed in this universe, although it may not be done by gods.

And such things happened in Mu, to all people, in Sumer, India, Egypt, the Middle East, Europe and Asia… Such cosmic law may have existed because evil rulers ruined themselves immediately and subordinators were obliged to live in pain. What if everything in the world is connected as one, unknown, mystical, love and not this world? What if everything exists as one being in the ocean of elementary particles, and people in the altered consciousness go into deep meditation at that time? I imagine they had such blissful experiences that they lost awareness of the self and others, and that everything had gone (returned) back into oneness in the ancient times.

I imagine, in the ancient days, people easily could go into the consciousness of unity because the mystical quality of reality was more intense than now. Under such situations, many people may have been able to realize the truth. However, some people were unable to awaken and continued believing in separation, conflicts and struggles. They may have ruined themselves in spite of the cosmic law of oneness (love). They may have had to suffer as they didn’t fit the cosmic law. Their doubt caused by existence may have tortured them.

I have come to understand that people who live a life according to their beliefs of conflicts and separations, that is, against what is written on the stone tablet of Mu (Lastra Mu), they will suffer and be destroyed by the whole universe. They will have a hard time and become painful and heart-broken even though they become materially wealthy. I wonder why… When we see it closely, we will understand it as the cosmic law. Some people see it as the will of gods, others feel it the law of the universe, of love. As our old children story, “Hanasaka Jiisan” indicated it.

And those who suffered from hardships caused by unfitting way of life (to the cosmic law), may have made a group to protect themselves, spread values of separation such as conflicts, robbing and deceiving each other, to the world and boosted it more than before. They may have strived to rule the world and human beings with a strong desire to protect themselves. Lastra (the stone tablet) or Ten Commandments was there to warn them…

I could say that such fearful people who had such protected status, fame, power, arms and others didn’t fit the law of gods and were not loved by the whole universe (God). Unfortunately, they may have ruined as they didn’t meet the law of the universe. Sorry to say, but they have to suffer deeply. Their heart may be broken and in a great agony. On the other hand, however, such people as Jesus Christ, OSHO Rajneesh, J. Krishnamurti who were loved by God, awakened people and those of a beautiful heart must have been segregated and bashed by the people who believed in separation. That means, few people have been able to become happy and prosper in its true sense successively for thousands of years on our planet.

People who believe in separation will be ruined by the cosmic law (or God) …Wonderful people who followed the cosmic law had lived a life with love in their heart, never harmed others even though hurt by them. However, they had to be bullied, attacked, envied and destroyed by those who believed in a value of separation until now… I could say that this world has been dark because of it.

However, the world will change from now on. I think it is because what rules the world, in reality, is the law of the universe, of love and oneness. We could call it God. The world is where everything is connected as one, mystical, not this world, and that it is the world of love where everything is one being (one person). And everything is itself… I think anything that doesn’t fit the law will start breaking down drastically from now on. I feel that the heaven is determined to create the world of the true peace, joy of love and goodness which will last infinitely. I could say that it will happen quickly as the nature, the universe and gods are strongly determined to do so, being fed up with the corrupted world. I feel it will happen drastically to the world as if tsunami waves were rushing on.
Accordingly, the world is decisive to change drastically and move on. I cannot but feel that people who live beautifully according to God’s will prosper and that we will make a better world. What do you say about it?


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I think it good to pursue happiness for myself since I am given a life. What do you say about it?

Does happiness for yourself mean happiness for the ego? If happiness continues for the ego, in fact, it will never continue, you may lose a chance to return to the no-self, to the true self. If it is true, I don’t think it good. To desperately seek for something beneficial for the ego is to boost the ego for its protection, for safety of the ego.

That is, you may not forgive everything dangerous for the ego. Even more, unless you forgive, love and embrace your surroundings in your childhood, which you deliberately have chosen as you cannot forgive it, you will not be able to return to the true self. You will lose your eternal being and suffer from pains unless you return to the true self.

I could say it is the worst treatment for yourself. We have deliberately chosen to be born to certain surrounding which we fear most, which we hate most. The most important thing for us is to love it with a generous heart, forgive it as part of God, of love, embrace it, and understand it deeply. Then, you will return to the true essence, which is the no-self, oneness. It is the shortest way to return to love. And you will regain your Buddha nature. You will regain love. Is there anything more wonderful than that? There is a great gap between something wonderful for the ego and something wonderful for the true self.

It will be a great gift for your eternal self, for your true self. You will not lose your eternal being. If you live in favor of the ego, however, you will lose your eternity and even your eternal life. I feel living a life in favor of the ego is the worst thing to do, and it will give us a great damage. Don’t you agree?

Now that you know secrets of the ego and the selflessness and the true essence in this world, you should understand it well. People engage themselves in boosting the ego and protecting it everyday without such knowledge. And that is the worst thing for the true essence. The true self, the higher-self, the existence of a person will bring him every possible trouble to awaken him desperately. I feel that is the worst thing we can think of on the earth.

What is the reason why people deliberately choose to be born to the most unforgivable and wonderful (unpleasant) surroundings? Isn’t it because they will be enlightened as a Buddha, if only they embrace and forgive the worst in their lives?

If it is so, nothing is more foolish than to reject such chance. I could even say we should look forward to such problem. We may be able to awaken ourselves when we see everything as connected as one through eyes of the no-self and of love. We may be able to transform ourselves when we see people who seem others but ourselves, as suffering fellows, whether they are our parents or friends. Is it beneficial for us to lose such chance?

We will be egoistical and boost the ego if we continue escaping, lying, attacking to protect the ego, fight, kill. I feel that will ruin ourselves.
You don’t have to listen to my opinion. Nor you have to live by following what I say. What it matters is how you feel, and whether you need to awaken. And if you want to awaken, all you need to do is just work at it. Otherwise, you will just do whatever you want to do.

Download Music On Sale Minor Line The Road to the East

Recorded live at Dvorak Hall, Rudolfinum in Prague.When MARTH sings accompanied by 75 musicians of the City of Prague Philarharmoic Orchestra and 48 choir members,the beautiful and grand melodies will stir your soul…

There were people, who traveled a long distance
to the east however far it was,
to keep the law of the world, where all is connected as one,
not to lose their own true love and justice…
I have fallen in love with their leader.
For my love for him, I have written books and created music.
I’d never known him until I lost my father eight years ago.
Certainly, nor was I interested in my own roots.
Now, I cannot stop loving the beautiful people
who traveled the Silk Road, never to harm others.

Dedicated to Inagit…

Q.Let me ask you a question, MARTH. Why do you give a name,
“Minor Line – The Road to the East” to your album?
There are hundreds of thousands of people who never want to kill others in the world. They have something in common that they treasure people who seem others but themselves instead of killing them. They tend to live in a movable house, live in deep in the mountains, and move to the islands of the Far East when people with evil values come to plunder them. The point in common is that a wish that they never want to harm others even if they are hurt.

Why do they think so? Within the separated societies (the egoistic world), conflict, competition and comparison are common. The people who have such awareness that everything is connected as one cannot act as such. It is because to ruin people, who seem others will be to ruin themselves. They, who never accept it, may have lived in a movable house or hid themselves in deep in the mountains, or moved to far islands. They never wish to control others or controlled by them.

They just want to live happily in the world of oneness. They just wish to live in goodness, beauty and happiness in the unknown, mystical and great nature, where everything good is already given. They just don’t want to lose their own love, the true essence, values of oneness and the beautiful heart. They never want to lose something valuable by harming others and ruining them. It is not that they are good people. It must be that they never want to disgrace justice, which proves that they are truly part of the whole universe.

They never want to boost a value of separation, that is the ego… They never want to win over people who seem others but themselves. They never want to cause trouble to people who seem others nor harm them. They just want to treasure their own spirits, which are part and children of the whole universe and themselves. They know quite well that they will be given true prosperity and sustainable success at that time.