Q: The world is in a mess. Will the population be decreased by rulers and killed by the pandemics and wars? I feel so uneasy. What shall we do, MARTH?

MARTH:In any case, this world is one of the gods. All people are a manifestation of God. Animals, trees, flowers, birds, the earth, and the entire universe is the ocean of elementary particles. If you believe in separation within it, in other words, if you live in a civilization of separation without realizing the true essence, love, divinity, and beauty of yourself, or by convincing yourself not to see them, you will have an extremely painful and sad life. If you ask your universe or God what to do, and if He is a true God, He will definitely tell you to trust Him.

This world is a beautiful one of a dream of gods, of love, and of the oneness. It’s just some people who don’t believe in it and suffer. Even with such circumstance, we will see God create a bright future.

And here is a problem of fear. Unless we realize that we can freely choose our emotions and thoughts, we will suffer extremely. Otherwise, bliss and happiness will depend on our environment or situation.

However bad a situation is for the ego, however painful it is, you don’t have to choose painful emotions, sufferings, and fears. Humanity hasn’t known it yet. You are always free to choose wonderful emotions.

You are free to choose wonderful bliss. However negative your circumstance is, you don’t have to choose to feel as such in reality.

You are free to choose wonderful bliss. However negative your circumstance is, you don’t have to choose to feel as such in reality. What will you do if you know it?

You neither have to feel negative, nor become fearful, nor suffer when you enter into a negative situation for the ego. You will understand it if you see yourself, your inner self.

Normally, we become afraid when something happens, and our emotion becomes negative accordingly. What if we know we don’t have to react as such? However negative situation the ego is in, even if the stars fall down, even if the entire planet earth perishes, whatever happens, you will pursue love, live in love, live as children of gods, and choose bliss just as children of gods and an embodiment of love. You shall choose love…

You can choose love, happiness, and bliss, within any adversity and any negative situation. Certainly, the world is in turmoil at the moment. Everybody is back to back with death. However, we can choose love. We can choose positive emotions.

I think it inevitable. We have no other way to build a wonderful world. All human beings choose love, choose bliss under any circumstances, not influenced by any circumstances and environments, in any negative circumstances for the ego, we shall choose love and bliss.

I practice this every day. To my surprise, I naturally go back to my childhood and remember such memories as there was some kind of tea nuts on hedges of my grandfather’s home, they were green, little, and knobby, and that I collected them when I was a child. I remembered there were fields of watermelon, sweet pepper, eggplants, and so on, and people even had some cows. My grandfather used to live in Akasaka, but he moved to Shakujii Park.

I used to visit my grandfather and grandmother’s house often, where I felt warm at heart like the pool of sunshine pouring on me. When I was much smaller, I was raised in a town called Motoazabu. Even if it is called as such, it is still unknown and mystical. I can return to my childhood days when I was at a peaceful park filled with the sunshine.

If you realize that you are O.K. to choose a life of love, of comfort, of bliss in any circumstance, you will be able to choose it. I can live in a warm pool of sunshine in happiness at any time.

Does this answer your question? You are O.K. to choose happiness in any circumstance. You are O.K. to choose bliss. You can decide on your own. You have a key to happiness. It neither depends on the environment nor on the situation. It is important for you to know it.

And we are the universe and love itself. We are in the ocean of elementary particles of oneness. You may live in beauty as such. You may live with true justice, love others and yourself, and live in bliss.

That is true happiness for humanity. I cannot but feel we will realize a wonderful world if all human beings live as such.