Here comes an open lecture session time today. 

Today, I play the harp music by MARTH of Hawaii Healing as a BGM while reading a message.

Q: I have managed a business. In fact, I’m not Japanese, but I was born here in this country. I’ve made an utmost effort, with such thought, “Don’t make fun of me! Don’t discriminate against me! Damn!”

My business became successful, but, now, I think I had something wrong within an incredible breakdown now. Dear MARTH. Recently I feel I lost something very important by reading your message. Please give me some suggestions.

I received a letter, an email of great integrity, and sincerity.

That’s right. Every country has such wars, conflict, separation, quarrels, resentment, hatred continuing to exist since ancient times. Fight and conflict to show someone a thing or two, to make him realize. Just you wait. Yes, this is what’s happening in the world, as you mentioned.

I was often told that to be successful in the business world, you should have strong feelings of inferiority or resentment. Business people in the past often told me so.

But I didn’t agree with their opinions. Because, as you may know, my family has managed temples and shrines, and I am from the spiritual world. I have a value of oneness, to begin with.

I think all of you have such struggles within you as he told now. There is a society of separation and conflict. It is a society where we have such separation as resentment and hatred, and you are conditioned to be separate.

That is also a world of fighting. Comparison, uplift of the ego, or inferiority complex. These are the pain of the ego, bitterness, inferiority complex, doubts, and fear, which become a driving force. And then, boost of the self and its uplift.

Therefore, it is wonderful to stop everything and stand on a platform of selflessness that “I” don’t exist, and of ending the ego, return to Shinga, to love, to the true essence.

Well, as I am from such a standpoint, I’m unfit for business. My past businesspeople said as such. That may be the reason why I’m an artist now.

What is important is, you can start at any time. You can start at any age. Realize the value of oneness and return to the universe. You can start at any age. Realize love and one being. Realize that you are neither a cancer cell, nor a cell of separation, nor a cell of the ego, but a normal cell. Realize you are only a child of God, who are connected with the universe as one. You are nothing but a cell of one being.

Return to a standpoint that everything is your fellow; everything is connected as one, all lives, all minerals, not so, all elementary particles, electrons, and photons are yourself. Release all your resentment, hatred, pain, and bitterness and go back to love. I think this is the only solution.

If you have such anger, hatred, resentment, and as such, you will be taken advantage of by people, and organize a group which is not so good.

You may suffer from sadness and pain. You may punish yourself, without forgiving yourself, and without loving yourself. You may not love each other and respect each other in your family, too.

In spite of having status, fame, and much money, if you are not beautiful as a human, if you have neither love, nor splendor, nor brightness, if you are separate and involved yourself in fighting and conflict, you will feel sad. You will have pain. Release all of them.

You are a child of God, a child of love, and an important part of the existence. You should not be egoistic. You should not be separate. You have a responsibility to return to love itself. Because you are love as you are.

Everybody is responsible for living in brightness and sincerity, as a part of love, as a part of the existence whoever you are in this world of oneness and of love. If you return there, everything will really become good. You will truly prosper and have lasting success.

If you are separate, if you fight, resent, hate, destroy others, or you are not considerate of people, however, whether you are a politician, a public servant, an office worker, an entrepreneur, or a shop owner, you will definitely destroy yourself. You will punish yourself. You will try to awaken you.

You are honest and loving as such. Your true quality is love itself. I found people return to love in three days when I supported them as a trainer for self-help seminar for a long time. I found hundreds of thousands of people returned to the original self, to love, to the true essence in three days.

All people are love. All people are one being. We are beautiful beings. We will not forgive us until we return to the original state of being. the cancer cell will never forgive itself until it returns to the normal self.

Unless you reject to return to love, certainly you will become sick.

You may destroy yourself. Wake up! You are love! You are connected as one with everyone! Let’s create a beautiful world of love where people consider others, other countries, respect people, cooperate with each other as one being. Let’s create a beautiful world that lasts a thousand years.

How much our own love and the true self suffer if we destroy people, kill them, attack them, and make them suffer? And you will feel sad even if you receive status, fame, and everything. You will be filled with lies.

I think prosperity is wonderful, and you are O.K. to have wealth, status, fame, and various other things. It is extremely necessary that you become a wonderful chief and a wise leader.

That is to return to the true essence. That is to return to love, to regain a beautiful life. That is to return to the original self, to a child of God. I think it is more important for humanity than anything at this time.

This is all for now. Please excuse me for my silly talk. This is the guest speaker, MARTH.