Q: Dear MARTH, there are hundreds of thousands of people who act as if they were good people. The same can be said about corporations. They give out fake donations although they do evil businesses. They put on a smile while doing bad things. I feel very disgusted to see them. What do you think about them, MARTH?

First of all, I think you are talking about the people who put more energy in pretending to live a good life or to be a good man rather than in truly living a good life or being a good man.
They had fearful experiences and somehow had to pretend to be good in their childhood. I wonder if they had extremely strong desires not to be attacked by others.

That may be the reason why they look like good people. I wonder if they wanted to believe they have to protect themselves by pretending, lying and doing various things because they had a sense of guilt. I feel they may have been so afraid that they believed that they couldn’t help but lie nor behave hypocritically. The truth is, however, it is not important to pretend as such but to become a truly good person or a good corporation whatever circumstances we are in.

To do good work, and to live an honest life, will be a contribution to the entire human beings. Doing evil, practicing dishonest businesses, and at the same time, lying and pretending to be good, pretending to make a hypocritical contribution will only punish themselves repeatedly.

It is because the true quality of all people is God and good. All people are children of the whole universe and love. In other words, they will never forgive the corrupted self. Moreover, the higher self within ourselves will do so. There is no other to deceive so that we won’t be detected. There is no God whom we have to deceive other than the self. There is no “other” who judges and punishes us than the self. We are always judged by the higher self in ourselves. We are punished by God Consciousness within ourselves, and it is the true conscience (the beautiful heart) in ourselves.

We are always judged not by others but by ourselves. Therefore, there is no use deceiving others. It is necessary not to worry about them. If you mislead others with such fear that people are fearful, they will judge you and attack you; you will punish yourselves much more. We need to return to the true self, being loved and respected by ourselves. We need to feel safe and become truly good. There is no need to pretend. I think it is important for us to become truly good, without being involved in the corrupted because of fear whatever people say.

You will live a truly honest life even if you are condemned, laughed at, made a fool of and discriminated by the whole world. There is nothing to do with other people. Every other is the self. You don’t have to worry about others or people. Just live a good and righteous life however you will be looked at. When you follow it completely in spite of the opinions of others, you will return to the true self, the true essence and love. You have always been there…

There is no other who criticizes you. If you have someone to criticizes you who have done wrong, he is God, the conscience, the true self, and the higher self… If you find some part which you don’t like within yourselves, that is your divinity, love and the true essence. Therefore, you need to pretend. Feel at ease. You don’t have to pretend you are good. Overcome the fear of the ego. You are O.K. to return to the true self, become good, love and feel at peace…

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH? I hear you are working as a producer for a resort. I know you are a resort specialist, but what made you name this resort “Lastra Mu”?

“Lastra“ of “Lastra Mu” means a stone tablet in the Italian language. Maybe it has the same root as the stone tablet of Moses‘ Ten Commandments. I also think it comes from “Las Torah”. I added “Mu” after that. Then, it becomes “the stone tablet of Mu”, which means “the spiritual book of Mu” and the stone tablet of Nacaal.

They say that what is written on the tablets is everything is unknown, mystical, not this world, that everything is a manifestation of love as it is One Being with the quality of oneness as written in the Heart Sutra. It is the same as “Return to One Source” which Japanese samurais often mentioned. Therefore, it is connected with the path of the samurai. “Return to One Source” means that everything returns to the space of oneness, in other words, conflicts and separations are nothing but a dream, and the real truth is the love of oneness… I profoundly feel that it is most important to return to the true reality, to the unknown and mystical, to the love of oneness.

The New Age people often call it “reality”, but the true reality strongly expresses that it is unknown, mystical, not this world, and everything is within the love of oneness. The one being means that we return to the one being, to the oneness, which is the absolute reality, when we meditate and return to Shinga and enter into death.

When we are in a deep meditative state, we will enter into a beautiful light, moreover, warm, bright and incredibly shiny space filled with joy and embraced by great bliss. If I put it into words, we will experience an incredible ecstasy which we feel tens of thousands of times more than a sexual orgasm. Then, we will keep the sense of the self, but we will lose all ideas such as who we are, where we are, whether we are a human and so on. Such ecstasy is tremendously stronger than a sexual orgasm. Naturally, we will not use the left brain. We will never think who we are or when we are now. However, the self who experiences the space exists. We will be in great joy and bliss, but our left brain doesn’t function at all to tell us who we are or when we are. There will be no sense of separation such as there is someone close to us, other fellows or God. And this being itself is called Shinga (Atman)…

If you experience being in Shinga itself, you will profoundly feel you are the one being, in other words, you will have a sense that you are Shinga itself… That may be the reason why some people say something strange and egoistical such as “I am God”.

It may not be true, but if we return there, I wonder if all people will be the same one being when they return to the reality, to the space of oneness, to the unknown, mystical and Shinga. Everybody and everything… And it is called God or whatever you like to call it. If Shinga is God, the whole universe will be embraced by Shinga, all animals, flowers, trees, the earth, the stars and everything in Shinga, and it is yourself. You will have such an experience…

This may be the reason why some New Age people misunderstand their experience as they feel “I am the whole universe. I am God himself ” in deep meditation. I think, when all lives, all people return to the true and deep essence and regain the higher self (the true self), they will return to Itself. You will find that you are Shinga, and Shinga itself is you at that time. However, everybody will return there. That means that the self who you think the self will be the self for all people. I feel the whole universe is made in such way.

I talked about this topic with Nezu-san (Mr. Zenko Onagi), who is a specialist of Kojiki and other Japan’s historical records. I have never read Kojiki before. He told me the same thing was written in it. Nezu-san told me everything in this world is embraced within Amenominakanushi according to Kojiki. I was happy to hear that because Kojiki reminded me of Isaiahnagid, Isaiah.

And everybody is this very thing, which is connected as one, unknown and mystical in reality. All people who are purified and returned to the true self are beautiful gods, and they will be embraced by Shinga forever. I cannot but feel it is incredibly beautiful and magnificent. I think it will be inevitable for humanity to realize it. It may be the origin of the ancient Veda and all religions of the world. I feel it is loving wisdom of humanity which existed in ancient times.

The ancient science may come from Shinga… That means it is different from the present science based on a value of separation of the left brain. It was the science based on a belief that everything is not a reality. It is entirely different from science based on an idea that everything is a reality. It may often be quite the opposite.

The ancient science, the science of a civilization presently called Mu, and the ancient incredibly excellent science is born out of the right brain based on the truth of un-reality. It is based on that everything is unknown and mystical, that this world is not a reality. For this reason, it is natural that it deals with plasma and like a Siddha, which seems psychic when it is seen from a belief that this world is a reality.

It cannot be helped that there is a difference between the New Age or spiritual scientists who have learned the science, which is rooted that the world is not a reality, psychic, ethereal, Siddhi-like, and those who have learned the science, which is the left-brain-like, based on an idea that this world is a reality.

It is quite natural that the science based on a belief of reality and the one created by Socrates, Platon and other scientists who realized that the unreality is the reality, is not compatible. I sometimes see the people with such different ideas fighting each other on the television. It is certain that they end up in fighting without such awareness.

However, we will enter into the time based on the true reality. It will be the time when all people realize the truth that this world is unknown and mystical, and it is not this world. Scientists being aware of it, science will be the quality of plasma, which goes way beyond the existing science. It will be a wonderful, dream-like quantum science based on phenomenons in the mystical, unknown and unrealistic world. Otherwise, humanity may be ruined because of a sense of separation.

Q: I have a question for you, MARTH. I saw a poster about so-called power spot of love at the station the other day. It said that we will be overwhelmed by natural power; we will receive love vibrations and so on. I felt something egoistically wrong with is, but I was not sure what the problem is. What do you think of it, MARTH?
I feel the sadness of the world where people mistakenly believe that every problem is caused by other people or some external factors whether it is something good or bad in this world. If this world is made of a transmitter and a receiver, the receiver (the self) is more important than anything in fact. To change ourselves is most wonderful. Everybody dares to be born to a family (life) where he can improve himself. It is the purpose of life for him. Such a way of being is valuable, and it is a way to better the self. In the present world, however, we never think as such, nor have we become as such…

Everything is a problem of the self. If we change ourselves, we attract different things. In other words, we can change everything positively through a change of the self. We are able to enhance our energies easily. Indeed, the goodness of the external vibrations will help us grow. Unless we change, however, a receptor will not become wonderful nor improve, even if the transmitted sound is good. Humanity needs to realize it now…

There is nothing beautiful and positive than a transformation of the self in life. Returning and melting into the whole universe, to Shinga, to God through deep awareness will be a true purpose of our lives. And it will bring us true happiness, true wealth and eternal bliss, sustainable success and prosperity…

Q : Let me ask you a question, MARTH. You seem to avoid making an organization or a group. What is the reason for it?

MARTH: I have been an entrepreneur and a businessman. I am also an artist. I own my recording company and affiliate companies. I was involved in various resort projects in the past, and I still manage a resort development company. In fact, I have had corporate organizations.
However, when “I”, “my group” or “my fellows” makes a separation, or when it comes from fear of protecting the self, it may make a separation as “the other” or eliminate others. I have told you that to be separate from others and fight with them will cause us troubles.

I feel it is wonderful that there are differences in characters, cultures, civilization, corporations, countries and so on. It is quite wonderful that everyone takes very different role just like our thumbs and the index fingers do. However, a disparity caused by a sense of separation will not bring us any good conclusion. Such differences may not allow us to prosper within the world of oneness. Creation of the beautiful new world may be difficult, and even bring discriminations or obstacles.
It would be wonderful if each of us with beautiful civilizations and cultures could have a value to love neighboring countries and neighbors, love other groups and feel for them…

It has not started recently. What has caused us problems for a long time is a disparity and a conflict caused by a sense of separation between the self and the other. Unfortunately, we have fought and killed each other because of a sense of separation between “my group” and “other group”, and the self and the other. We may have been unable to live to love each other although we have a beautiful quality of God.

What most important is such cultures, civilizations, and characteristics created by each responsible group which has a value of oneness of reality, and such awareness that we are connected as one although we take each different role just like the thumb and the index finger do. I have conveyed that it will bring us a wonderful world and feel it is still true.
Therefore, we can protect our country only when we love neighbors and neighboring countries within the beautiful world of oneness. People who love themselves will love others and protect them as if the thumb protected the little finger and the little finger loved the thumb. Then, we will find the world peaceful for the first time.

Then, true prosperity and success will come for the first time to the people who love others. And those who still believe in value of separation and never love others will receive a certain message from the universe… Such messages are called “Bachi (punishment)” on this planet and in this country. It is nothing but a message to remind you to realize something. I feel it is only a message to tell you, “Hey! Wake up! You are part of the universe, of God, part of love. Wake up!” I wholeheartedly wish that humanity will overcome a separation between the self and the other and that we will be able to succeed in making our cultures, civilization, countries, companies, families and ourselves incredibly flourish forever and protect ourselves…

Only such people who can feel for others and respect them will be able to truly flourish and protect themselves accordingly, whether those who seem “other”, or other groups, organizations and other countries are big or small, powerful or not, talented or not. The world will never be the one of love unless corporation leaders, country leaders, politicians, kings and so on love and respect others.

Separation causes humanity a great pain. It is inevitable for us to love various cultures and differences. We are connected as one, but we need to treasure each individual cultures, civilizations, countries and ethnic groups as if the thumb loved the little finger, the little finger loved the pointing finger. At the same time, however, there should be a common rule that every group of people should feel for others, love them and their families. I think it is a great parental responsibility to be strict to their own family, to raise children soundly so that they will not receive any message or any punishment from heaven.

Being a parent myself, I cannot exaggerate, but I am seriously concerned about it. We should convey it to our children. I strongly feel that I would be ashamed to show my face to my parents, grandparents, and ancestors who conveyed the heart to feel for others for generations. It is my great wish to be a model of the world that we will love others, respect people who seem others in neighboring countries, families and communities, and treasure people of other countries, corporations, families who are connected as one in reality…