To live as a truly good person

Q: Dear MARTH, there are hundreds of thousands of people who act as if they were good people. The same can be said about corporations. They give out fake donations although they do evil businesses. They put on a smile while doing bad things. I feel very disgusted to see them. What do you think about them, MARTH?

First of all, I think you are talking about the people who put more energy in pretending to live a good life or to be a good man rather than in truly living a good life or being a good man.
They had fearful experiences and somehow had to pretend to be good in their childhood. I wonder if they had extremely strong desires not to be attacked by others.

That may be the reason why they look like good people. I wonder if they wanted to believe they have to protect themselves by pretending, lying and doing various things because they had a sense of guilt. I feel they may have been so afraid that they believed that they couldn’t help but lie nor behave hypocritically. The truth is, however, it is not important to pretend as such but to become a truly good person or a good corporation whatever circumstances we are in.

To do good work, and to live an honest life, will be a contribution to the entire human beings. Doing evil, practicing dishonest businesses, and at the same time, lying and pretending to be good, pretending to make a hypocritical contribution will only punish themselves repeatedly.

It is because the true quality of all people is God and good. All people are children of the whole universe and love. In other words, they will never forgive the corrupted self. Moreover, the higher self within ourselves will do so. There is no other to deceive so that we won’t be detected. There is no God whom we have to deceive other than the self. There is no “other” who judges and punishes us than the self. We are always judged by the higher self in ourselves. We are punished by God Consciousness within ourselves, and it is the true conscience (the beautiful heart) in ourselves.

We are always judged not by others but by ourselves. Therefore, there is no use deceiving others. It is necessary not to worry about them. If you mislead others with such fear that people are fearful, they will judge you and attack you; you will punish yourselves much more. We need to return to the true self, being loved and respected by ourselves. We need to feel safe and become truly good. There is no need to pretend. I think it is important for us to become truly good, without being involved in the corrupted because of fear whatever people say.

You will live a truly honest life even if you are condemned, laughed at, made a fool of and discriminated by the whole world. There is nothing to do with other people. Every other is the self. You don’t have to worry about others or people. Just live a good and righteous life however you will be looked at. When you follow it completely in spite of the opinions of others, you will return to the true self, the true essence and love. You have always been there…

There is no other who criticizes you. If you have someone to criticizes you who have done wrong, he is God, the conscience, the true self, and the higher self… If you find some part which you don’t like within yourselves, that is your divinity, love and the true essence. Therefore, you need to pretend. Feel at ease. You don’t have to pretend you are good. Overcome the fear of the ego. You are O.K. to return to the true self, become good, love and feel at peace…