Feedback from Professor Takashi Nigorikawa after watching the animation, “A Promised Place-I wish to see you there 2: Love Flows with Sorrow.”

Takashi Nigorikawa, Professor Emeritus Rikkyo University

Like the previous work, I was quietly touched after watching the film. How pleasant the music in the background was. The film seems to be a “mantra” and “affirmation” that heals the viewer and leads into a sort of meditation. Moreover, I believe that the content expresses the reality of this world, or the truth of the universe, as transpersonal psychology advocates.

Transpersonal psychology states that ” all things in this world, all things in the universe, are an indivisible oneness. Of course, we live in a three-dimensional world, and we are aware of the distinction between self and others, as well as individual differences, but this “sense of separation” is a kind of illusion brought about by the brain, which philosophically explains that the essence of the universe is the unity of self and others. This explanation is difficult to understand, and some parts of it do not make sense to us, but in this film, this profound view of the universe is explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

And this sense of separation creates a sense of competition to distinguish oneself from others, which is a great disaster for human society. In other words, the inability to perceive the oneness of all things and the sense of separateness that makes each individual seem independent is the root of all the evils. That lie in modern society, leading to negative phenomena such as conflict, separation, discrimination, and exclusion. However, all of this is a virtual image created by the “negative thoughts” created by the “separation consciousness. And the activity to eliminate this sense of separation is love. When we visualize the thought of love in our hearts, our consciousness is reflected in the elementary particles, and this world is transformed into a joyful, abundant, and peaceful world.

In the past, the people of the Mu and Jomon eras were filled with thoughts of love and could normally talk with flowers, trees, and birds, as Tina does in this film.

After the Corona pandemic, modern society is changing at an accelerated pace. And the truths of the universe and spiritual events that transpersonal psychology appeals to and cannot be explained by modern science are becoming accepted by the world. Through the efforts of Takeru and Tina, who live today, many realize this is the truth.

The power of the “plasma device” or “power of Sidi” called love is possessed by us, modern people. Therefore, now is the time for us modern people to find our own “promised place” and live each day with the love we have for others and ourselves, toward the “manifestation of the world of love” that Takeru and Tina have achieved.

The world is now in a significant transition and is forced to choose the direction it should take. When we quietly accept the message of this film and awaken to true love and true self, this world will be guided in the right direction.

Trailer:A Promised Place -I Wish to see you there- 2 Love Flows With Sorrow