Q: You said you are going to talk about true happiness, which we find beyond our expectations, desires, and ambitions generated from a sense of separation (of the ego) last time. Would you please continue? 

MARTH: Sure. I told about a big issue of separation, which “language” may cause us when we human beings lose such truth as love (the quality of oneness) in the world of oneness. It (language) should  originally be convenient and wonderful. However, within a mechanism of forming the self, it has a great risk of separation. 

Another issue is that such originally splendid functions as our five senses may encourage separation when we use them without awareness of oneness, in a sense. 

And I told you humanity has studied both its convenience, goodness, and beauty of our five senses, of languages and its danger. Even good things may generate separation unless they are aware of oneness. Separation may cause disorder of orbits at level of elementary particles and electrons, as everything is in the world of oneness and of love. Within the universe, which we may call God or the subject of Creation, this world made of thoughts of Shinga, of the quality of oneness, of love, and of divinity, shall send us a message to return to love. 

I tried to delve into an issue whether everything may deteriorate unless we live to treasure the quality of oneness and love. 

The same job and the same way of doing it don’t bring the same result for no reason. How you are, and if I dare to say scientifically, how electrons circulate are the base. Whether it is about medical treatment, about our mind, about a problem of our family, about our business, and whether we do the same thing or we make the same product, what it matters is not only about how you do it but what kind of thought you are influenced, how elementary particles are, how electrons work. Humanity hasn’t examined things at the electron level very much because the world we see with our eyes is one of the molecules that looks separate. 

However, we have realized the influences of the ocean of elementary particles since ancient times. Humanity will enter into such a realm with deeper knowledge. Toward the time when we treasure how we are, and where we are, are we to love or live in value of separation? Do we live in a corrupt place or in a healed place? Ancient people called the healing space as “Iyashiro”. And “Kegare” means a disorder of electrons. 

I developed what they call “π (pie) water resort named Pricia Resort on Yoron Island in my early twenties. I have been continuing to create a true paradise with a perfect command of the science of oneness, which is the true essence of love. I also manage an essential business of “HEALING.” to sell healing Ganban stone products. All of these are my continuous involvement in regaining order of electrons. 

I started to study it since I learned it from an instructor of quantum physics when I was eighteen. He used to be a professor in the Agriculture department of Tokyo University. He started to examine the world of atoms wondering why complete plant-eating animals make meat. He assumed it may be because of the cold nuclear fusion reaction of intestinal bacteria. He was thoroughly drawn into the world of quantum physics and obliged to leave Tokyo University Agriculture Department. 

I met him at the age of eighteen. I became his sponsor and developed a resort for which I adopted quantum physics. I became aware of the beautiful circulation of electron’s orbit, in other words, that electrons circulate around the nucleus and generate waves and so on. What I learned from it was amazingly similar to ancient wisdom or what they say in the spiritual world. That’s why I intensely approached them and managed my business with such thought in my heart. 

Therefore, I always felt how things are is important. How is it? Where is it located? What beautiful and healing environment is it in? Whether it is a factory, producer, related personal, staff, stockholder, music creator, all people should exist with full of love and of the quality of oneness. I have felt it is more important and necessary than anything since I was young. 

To convey such truth of the future has produced various resistances. I received malicious slanders from those who didn’t accept it. However, I have been going forward, simply a path of love with forgiveness. I believe that is what the universe and heaven will rejoice. 

And there is an issue of separation. Separation has been called “the ego” in this world. The source of separation has been deeply influenced by our five senses and languages. They are not bad but convenient and wonderful, but they have such ill effects as we see the world separate. 

All is lost if we believe the world is neither one being nor love.  To be separate, shall mean to be away from the truth. 

Therefore, to lose love is never good for the universe, and for humanity, made of elementary particles of oneness in this world of oneness. It may bring us fear, anxiety, doubt, comparison, competition, fight, killing, and so on… That’s why Moses, in ancient times, told us, “Thou shall not murder”. However, “Thou shall not be separate” is more accurate. Such awareness that everything is connected as one is important. 

According to a legend conveyed from super-ancient times, this world is unknown and mystical, everything is connected as one, and the true quality is love and oneness. They conveyed truth is that everything is connected as one beyond our five senses and languages. The ancient wisdom of Mu civilization and that of Old Judea convey almost the same thing. They are also similar to the value of “Shikisokuzeku (Heart Sutra)” of Japan. 

If that is true, the source of every religiousness, New Age, and every possible spirituality including Veda, is that everything is connected as one, unknown and mystical; it is not this world, everything is like a thought, and it is like a dream of God. I cannot but feel that they are the same as what has been conveyed in the world of “Shikisokuzeku”. 

Certainly, to have the ego is to protect it. It is something natural to do. It is also natural for us to have ambitions and expectations of the ego (separation) such as “I want to become good. I want to become safe. I want to win. I want to make profit. I don’t want to lose. I don’t want to be attacked,” and so on. We need to think about it then. We need to ponder deeply whether it is good to be happy only when ambitions and expectations of the ego are fulfilled, or it is good to be always happy without such ambitions and expectations. That is selflessness or No-Mind, which wise men have conveyed to us since ancient times. 

Which heals us in reality? Is it good for your desires and expectations of the ego (separation) to be fulfilled, for example, “I don’t want to be like this or like that? I hate this or that! I’ll be happy if my expectation is fulfilled. I will suffer as long as it is not fulfilled.”?  

Or, irrespective of whether everything is fulfilled or not, is it good that there are neither desires nor expectations of the ego? Is it good there is neither ambitions nor fear of the ego? Is it good that you can manage your life, become Iyashiro (healing), feel peaceful, and all your desires disappear? Now, which do you choose? I think it is “End of Separation”, “Awareness to Oneness”, and “No-Mind” which enlightened people of ancient times endeavored to convey to us…

“No-Mind” is never something difficult to achieve. It is never something painful and harsh. It is not to give up your desires. People will feel peaceful when they realize the nature of oneness and return to it when the ego naturally return to oneness, when it returns to one being. We are happy as there is no sense of separation, even if the expectations and desires of the ego are fulfilled. Which is more joyful when we release desires, expectations, and ambitions of the ego, or when we strive to fulfill the desires and ambitions of the ego? When people are asked to choose which, they choose to fulfill the ambitions and desires of the ego for some reason. They make a great effort for it, fight, compare and suffer, burdened with much “Kegare (sin)”. Our present planet earth and societies are in the middle of the conflict of separation. 

I think the true leaders of ancient times tried to convey to us that this joy of releasing desires of the ego, called “No-Mind”. I cannot but feel they wanted to convey that it is a beautiful and blissful world. 

I will talk about it again… MARTH