I worked as a trainer for a self-help seminar for many years when I was young. I supported the spiritual growth of many people at the forefront of mind training.

I feel it is important for your peace of mind to tell you that everybody has a key to his heart. In fact, the situation and emotion don’t have to be connected.

You are free to choose love, loving feelings, peace, bliss, and happiness at any time. Above all, you can choose the heart of a child of the universe, which is the true essence, or you can call it a child of God and a manifestation of love at any time. if circumstances and emotions are definitely connected, we cannot be happy unless we change circumstances and situations.

The truth is not so. We are free to choose love, bliss, and peace at any time, in any situation. We are O.K. to become loving and happy at any time. Then, we will have true freedom, regain love, which we had been searching for, and truly become happy.