Pain and sadness to have lost our loved one… is what we have continued to accumulate for hundreds and thousands of years. For this reason, I could say we fought and made a world of conflict. We have had to choose a path of separation and conflict because of our great wish to protect them within wars, starvation, and every possible sadness. I feel now is the time when humanity has to realize that such chained reactions could only produce pain and unhappiness profoundly now.

Indeed, within every pain and every vexation, and every suffering, people have separated and divided. We must have fought with each other though we are connected as one.

However hard we fight, however much we regret and hate, however much we control and are controlled, we only continue fighting with each other. Nobody can’t live in love.

If it is true, we could say, our experiences through such events and various sufferings haven’t encouraged us to create a wonderful world.

I thoroughly feel that the biggest mission for all human beings, our true role is that we all become happy out of our true quality of oneness and of love, entire humanity becomes love and bliss, and that we regain true peace, promised love and paradise which we have acquired after overcoming difficulties. Let us create a world of love together now…