Hi. Open talk session time has come tonight. I’ll read the question. 

Q: I’m extremely concerned about “The Road to the East” and Isaiahnagid, which you convey to us. Your ancestors are from Awajishima Island. Would you please tell me the truth about it?

Well, I have several reasons why I don’t speak thoroughly about it. 

I have heard of many stories about ancient times, and I’ve read various ancient documents as my family managed temples and shrines. 

However, they are about ancient times. Rulers could have modified the documents for their own sake. I have no idea what they wanted. 

Therefore, historical facts are likely to be twisted. 

What I trust, however, is various thoughts he left behind. They were compatible with my thoughts and a state of the mind which a person of a beautiful heart definitely possessed. And I created poetry about it.   

What Isaiahnagid wanted to say is about his people whom he left behind, about the Ten Tribes who came with him, about Asir where he had to leave his cousins, fellows, and beloved people. He expressed such thoughts in the documents that he left. 

He conveyed that we need to live in oneness, to live in one being and in love, something that is important more than anything, this world is a manifestation of love and of one being. If we have a value which is stray from the quality of oneness, or if we think as such, we will send us a message, punish ourselves, and we won’t love ourselves. Such thoughts are expressed by him. 

His wish for people is to live humbly, without ruling other people, without expecting to possess, to love people, to love neighboring countries and thank for them, to respect neighbors, to love friends and families, and go towards justice, love and oneness with everyone, and to become happy can be found in the legends. I thought he, as a founding father of our country, had a wonderful value. 

However, I don’t want to talk about it deeply. This is a story as old as two thousand six hundred eighty years ago. I have no idea what was happening then. But I feel something; he, who lives as an electric body still now, was considerate of the people of this country, and of the king, who was his cousin whom he left behind. He loved people of the Kingdom of Judea and worried about them. I can feel such thoughts of him. And about this world, not so, Jesus Christ whom he foretold about. 

I think the beauty of this world is the ocean of elementary particles of oneness, the ocean of thoughts. If the ocean of thoughts of oneness is the true quality of ourselves, if love is our true essence, we are eternal. We are one being as elementary particles, not so, as the ocean of thoughts forever. 

He was desperately trying to convey that we need to live in love and one being, embraced by incredibly unknown and mystical space, beyond things called a substance. I just made it into poetry. 

This is a silly talk of your guest speaker, MARTH. Good night. 

Here’s an additional message. It’s about Isaiahnagid. 

He was a kind of priest and a spiritual person of religiousness and the love of oneness. I think, maybe because of it, he wanted to convey such things. And he founded our country. He was fed up with control, violence, wars, and so on. He hated them from the bottom of his heart. He treasured “Wa-Suru (to harmonize)” more than anything, conveyed it to his fellows, loved all, loved people because he considered control, subordination, control, possession, and every possible egoistical matter bad. 

I hope many leaders like him will be born. And I hope the current leaders will live as such. 

Then, the universe will be glad. The beautiful world of oneness, which we could say it is made of God’s thoughts, will bless you, protect you, love you, make you truly successful, truly wealthy, and truly prosperous. 

It is most important for us to return to one being, to love, to end the ego, to live in love and one being regardless of the ego, and of illusions. I will send his wish to people of the modern age. 

This is your silly guest speaker, MARTH.