Hi. Here is the time for a silly talk again tonight. Please let me read the questions and messages first.

Q: I resigned from a major company where I worked as an executive about two years ago. I am not doing anything right now. I know what you did in your youth.

(MARTH: That’s right. He must be the same age as me.)

You founded the Pricia resort and the Misawa Resort when you were young. And the Misawa Resort became RESOL HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. now.

(MARTH: He knows me very well just as I thought.)

I understand you dreamed of a paradise as a project in those days. I felt you dreamed of a pie water resort where you fully utilize the wisdom of quantum mechanics. I thought you wanted to make Yoron Island a paradise. How do you consider paradise these days? I’d like you to talk about it. This is from a man, unemployed, and sixty-two years old. Thank you very much.

Maybe he was in the same grade. He used to be an executive of a major company.

I did the same things as he did before, but after realizing the corruption of society and various other things, I couldn’t continue at that time. However, I have a thought for a paradise still now.

I thought of setting up a rule which asks people to exchange greetings with each other on Yoron Island. I dreamed of a world where everybody can live in love and become happy together. I have the same wish now.

I dream of a paradise city or a resort still now, and I’m trying to create it though it is small in scale.

I could invest and borrow an extremely large amount of money when I was young.

I am currently developing resorts without such loans at all. They are small in size but being built at various locations.

I tried to have no electric cables exposed and burried the electric cables under the ground, and I was very particular about such things and the beauty of the resort in my dream. But it hasn’t changed at all now.

Other than that, I am particular about its materials. I like healing, something like “*Iyashiro” materials. We try to provide everything “Iyashiro” and natural. Natural food, natural meals, natural farming good for our health.

And we also need medical people who can really support our health. They need to be the ones who have the heart, love, and the quality of oneness and awaken. We need such people to be working there.

I hope such a world will spread where we can express health, both physical and spiritual, the quality of oneness, beauty of elementary particles, and love.

And I hope we will create such a beautiful world where everybody feels safe and become healthy with its good medicine. I hope the world will be a place where everybody, including dogs, other animals, flowers, and trees, can live in happiness.

Now Lili is here. Can you hear her voice, her breath?

I hope everybody in the same grade, in the same schools, and in the same generation will do their best to create such a wonderful world, which you want to leave your children, earnestly together.

I need your support, and I want to create a wonderful paradise and make this planet earth beautiful together.

I have been wishing for a creation of a wonderful area, a beautiful paradise, which is good and healing for our body, and all people can live happily, lively, and safely for a long time. I have been trying to create it for a long time. I’ll continue to create it from now on though I am not much of a resort developer, together with you.

I’ll see you again. This was a silly talk by your guest speaker, MARTH. Good night.