When you are a baby, no one has words.
In addition to it, the five senses are not solid
In short, you are a living Buddha
Buddha. Everyone is originally Buddha.
Born from Buddha and return to Buddha
During such time, some people who remain, Buddha,
Sometimes …

Meditation is a state of five senses
without words (knowledge)
In ancient times, that was considered
the true normal state of being.
Medical, the source of medical,
was born from meditation
Meditation is nothing more than
losing words and the senses
Because that is the original
eternal healing and true life.
Separate ego consciousness
is called manifest and
is considered good in modern times
However, in the world of meditation,
it is the opposite.
The end of separation consciousness,
denaturalization, oneness, awareness.
It is to be respected.
Because it is a return to the true self and
and entry into akasha
All the beautiful things are all the good things
All of love is everything
Because all are in that place (place)
where all are one
There are no words, knowledge,
or self, and here the senses end…

MARTH 2022/07/06

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