CD Review

Gentle to the soul, Resonant with the spirit
MARTH music is so gentle and light that it not only never hinders a work but promotes it because of its calm and stabilizing sound. At the same time, it has a depth and silent strength to resonate at the bottom of my soul. It sounds somewhat familiar and stirs my soul in comfort. What MARTH conveys in his messages by words also had comforting and familiar gentleness and the strength to resonate with the center of my being. I feel just by playing it, his music balances the surrounding space purely and gives nourishing love to all beings.
What nurtures our body and mind is not only substances but some waves like the sound and the light. Now that we are in the era of the light, I think that the sound of the light resonant with love and light within our true self has become important. I believe that the spirit we can find in MARTH’s lyrics and music are beautiful works of art and truth which resonates with our soul’s true quality. I pray that you will find your inner love and light and let it shine more brightly by experiencing MARTH’s beautiful creation of sound and light.
By Dr. Yoshitane Akiyama, lawyer & M.D.

I play MARTH’s music at my clinic and a healing space recently. I feel the music helps create an incredibly soothing and healing space here. Sounds and words evoke various unconscious things within us. Limitless power of the sound and words resonate within the unconsciousness, loosens the lid of the subconsciousness, and invites us to the time and space beyond our mind. I think we will be connected to a path toward the true self and to bliss to realize love and life. It has been proven that everything is made of vibrations, and sympathetic vibrations and resonances create a phenomenon (the world) these days. We will realize the brightness of life that nothing is separated. I feel these music and books have the sound of the soul to return to our original self just like hundreds of thousands of stars brightly shining in the night sky. I truly wish to recommend them to you.
Dr. Nobuyoshi Miyake, Aiko-kai, Miyake Dental Clinic Chief Director

I listened to MARTH’s music on the headphone for the first time. I felt my “heart” was invited into another dimension to hear its deep sound like the one of a binaural recording. This sound surely resonates with my heart but not the ears. I play MARTH music almost every day in my room after the practice for resetting of my mind to take “the sickness” from the clients for the next day into me. And I also think that MARTH’s background music is necessary for the patients waiting for their turn for treatment at my clinic. I look forward to his future works.
Dr. Masahiko Wakumoto, Chief Director of Wakumoto Dental Clinic

Bach Natural Medicine Clinic is a natural medicine clinic specialized in psychosomatic medicine and psychiatry. There is a wide range of clients from the children suffering from developmental disorder to elders with depression come and stay from thirty minutes to an hour at a waiting room. Last year I had a chance to get two MARTH’s CDs, “TOWANI” and “UTSUKUSHIKI” and play them at the waiting room. After playing these two CDs, I have received many reviews from my patients commenting that the children turned cheerful and bright at the waiting room although they were in a bad mood previously and that they couldn’t stop crying for an unknown reason. I can work in a more relaxed mood by hearing these music coming from the waiting room. I am truly grateful.
Dr. Makio Ishikawa, Chief Director of Bach Natural Medicine Clinic

I have a privilege to use MARTH’s music during my house call treatment, which has become my main practice these days. At the patient’s home, I give dental care to a dear senior who live a lonely life with no conversations and no music. In the beginning, I played children’s music according to my patients’ requests. They changed for unknown reasons after I started playing HANA CDs for them. The patient with dementia stopped progression of condition because he was healed by the music and conversations. Another patient who could only eat rice porridge was able to eat normal white rice. The one for whom I attended at the end of her life didn’t suffer from sickness. Maybe she may have gone to the other world with a good memory of HANA music. I am grateful for the wonderful healing capacities of music.
Dr. Atsushi Kawakami, Chief Director of Kawase Dental Clinic, Ryokuyu-kai

“A testimonial of a yoga instructor”
I notice whether the music is playing or not makes a completely different space. This music leads the heart without any intention. Physically, I instruct and lead people, but mentally it is not something I can lead and form easily. I think the music assists me and support my yoga lessons. I have used various kinds of music during my practices. I like MARTH’s music, which can invoke noble beauty, rather than up-tempo music and I bought and listened to many CDs according to my taste. I was surprised to find that so many people have never listened to such beautiful music.
MARTH’s music is easy to practice with, although this is because his music falls on to my taste as a yoga instructor. It was incredibly smooth to do a lesson with. It is as if the breath and the sound became connected as one. If I were asked whether practicing yoga and listening to the music made any difference in my life, I would say they may have brought out flexibility.