Q: I have a question. You say we will be ruined unless we live in love, men will perish unless we have the quality of oneness, and there will be no true success, and true prosperity there. Please tell me more about the reason why we will perish without the quality of oneness, MARTH?

MARTH: That is, this world is made of the ocean of elementary particles, and human thoughts influence its quality. If I say it more clearly, it is made of our thoughts. It has something to do with the fact that it is like a dream of the one being made of thoughts of the one being.

And, it is because not only the thought of one being, but each part, its children, the children whom the subject of creation created, which we call human beings, thoughts of a man, who is a part of the universe, and of children of the universe (God), will realize and will be able to create within a specific range.

This is what we call Sidi on the planet earth. The very thing called as such means that human thoughts become a reality. That is a strong quality of something mystical, which we call elementary particles.

However, there is a hidden scheme of nature in that thoughts influence them.

Within what we usually call consciousness, our thoughts will not materialize very well. On the other hand, our subconsciousness, thoughts deeper within will materialize and be realized. I think humanity will profoundly learn it and scientifically reveal it.

Quantum mechanics will reveal it steadily.

What we materialize is a “concern” at deep level of the mind. People often talk about “attraction”. In fact, what we attract is not something we have in ordinary consciousness, but subconscious or thoughts or feelings at deep level of consciousness will be attracted.

Unless we live in love, unless we live with the quality of oneness, and peace, unless we end a value of separation, it is possible that such negative consciousness deep inside as ego’s anxiety, fear, desires, ambitions, and a feeling of failure arising from them, “What if I cannot do this or that?” will control us.

If we live in No-Mind, in love and oneness, in Shinga, which is the true quality of men, and in our original state of peace and bliss, such feelings as “I want to be like this or that.” “I will be reprimanded and attacked unless I become this or that.” “I shouldn’t do this or that”, a sense of guilt and so on are scarce and not so strong. If you have a sense of security and oneness as if you live with God and the subject of Creation, your subconsciousness is at peace. It is filled with love. and it will be realized as a reality.

On the other hand, if you live as the ego, in separation, and in conflict, much anxiety and fear arising from such a sense of separation remain deep inside. And you will create them and attract them.

I could say human beings can love themselves as children of the universe, feel genuinely peaceful, and create a truly beautiful world of true prosperity and success for the first time when they live in love, the true essence, oneness, peace and bliss, a feeling of happiness and so on.

We need to truly realize it, scientifically reveal it, study it, and learn it now. All children need to know everything in the world is connected as one. All the world needs to live in love and peace and with the quality of oneness. Then, we will be able to create a world of love, where we can become truly wealthy, truly peaceful, truly rewarding, and truly beautiful.

We are made to feel happy whenever we are connected with something like one, and to feel anxious when we are separated. Happiness and bliss are there when we are one as children of the universe (God). Then, we can create a truly wonderful life and a world of love.

Otherwise, we will repeat fighting and perish for sure. Because all egos will be a source of anxiety and fear. And our abilities of creation in the ocean of elementary particles may produce a world filled with sadness.

We must thoroughly learn it now. I thoroughly learned Sidi teachings in my twenties. I experienced Sidi through. It is a scientific truth.

Our thoughts extremely influence this world.

Humanity must examine it and realize it now. Otherwise, it may be too late.