Q: I have a question, MARTH. I study elementary particles in university. I have been familiar with your lectures and other things from a long time ago. What I’m always concerned is that you say elementary particles hate separation, and photons love to melt into the state of oneness. I was extremely concerned about what you said. I have a feeling what you said is true because of an experiment I did before. Please let me know what viewpoint made you say so.

MARTH:Doctor, we have a secret of “Wa-suru” since ancient times in Japan. In the Jomon era, no single trace of war was found.

Ancient Jewish people came back to the land of the east as if they headed for the home of the heart. What I can see from hundreds of folklores is that ancient people treasured the quality of oneness (Wa) more than anything. In other words, they hated separation more than anything…

We could find an important message in what we called “super-ancient civilization” when we went far back in time. That is a message carved on a stone tablet, which was called “Las Torah” in the ancient middle east in ancient times. We could translate it as a book of inspiration.

It says that everything in the world is connected as one, it is eternally unknown, mystical, and these things are made of thoughts. We can assume that science in super-ancient time is something like quantum physics.

It is considered far older than the ones in ancient Judea.

And what is carved on the tablets is the secret of ancient Japan and super-ancient time itself that elementary particles hate separation, and that photons love to melt into oneness more than anything. I learned it in my youth and started to convey it persistently.

If it is true, wars and conflicts of humanity have an extremely negative impact on us who live in this world, and a big problem for each one, for humanity and for groups. 

I thought it is a great issue for quantum mechanics scientists of the world to thoroughly study.

If an elementary particle hates not to be one in spite of being one, and if it causes a punishment to us, I felt there should be many things we can understand and reveal. Not only our physical bodies, but our thoughts are electrons and elementary particles. We could reveal the quality of “punishment”, which we have known since ancient times, scientifically. This is the most important.

If “punishment” is scientifically real, it is an elementary particle and means sadness that we ourselves, and our thoughts, made of love in reality, and everyone unknowingly suffers from a sense of separation, that we can neither live in oneness, nor in love, we don’t live as one being, we fight with others, we believe they are others and attack them, separate from them, and conflicting.

Then, we may have such a great problem that we lose success, happiness, bliss, love, true essence, and everything beautiful.

However hard we work, however hard we make an effort, however recklessly we fight, even if we try all means, we will fail.

All ancient kings were ruined. All of them aimed at success, but they failed and didn’t succeed in the end. Wars after wars. Schemes after schemes. They intended to ruin others. They intended to attack others. Confronting after confronting. It is a history that all of them were ruined, still having great power of control.

If we can study all these things with such great awareness that it can turn over our current way of being, and if the research can really reject the value of separation, and confrontation, it is nothing but that humanity can find the true law of success, the true law of prosperity, true joy, and true happiness scientifically.

I am certain that is exactly what can truly save humanity. I feel if everything is connected as one and love each other at the level of elementary particles, just like a safety belt for the universe, and humanity continues to be love, and one being, secret of “punishment”, and those of true prosperity, and bliss, success, true joy, and love, and true happiness are generated from there.

Therefore, I hope you will confirm that it is scientifically true as such through experiments. It is the most important gift and loving secret which Japan can send the entire world, to our precious friends since ancient times.