Healing animation My feeling about the 3 stories

From the spoken and legends left behind by Isa,
the truth was obvious…Yes…it is the way of this nation,
which sees all as one, that is the essence of the Bible…
the fruit of knowledge, the true nature of the bitten apple,
the very secret by which humanity has been divided
and continues to suffer. I deeply feel it now…
It was inevitable that the world would become dark from there.
But unfortunately, the past 10,000 years have shown us that humanity
has had to live in a society that has suffered tremendously
from the separation of the ego and the corruption that has resulted…
In this context, I felt afterward that these three stories were created to
meet humanity’s most significant problems without difficulty and carry
certain essential stories…People are carefully born and created to awaken
from the struggle of all separations and return to love, the poisonous ( ego)

of the serpent of separation and the other.I feel that these stories are,
yes, the treasures of all things, the quantum, the orbit of electrons,
wishing to orbit beautifully, and I now feel that they were born from such an unknown heart….If that is not resolved,
the branches and leaves alone will not give us a sense of future in that separate world of the trunk and its roots…In the future,
the world of suffering of the feeling of separation of humanity will head toward ruin, trying to destroy each other.
Like the sadness of a red-black game …
At that time, people will want to return to their true essence, true self,
and their love, and will surely desire a peaceful world …
Humanity may even regret that you have eaten the fruit of knowledge, separation, and division…We will realize that a life of being loved and loved by each other is the most important thing in life and that God has created a beautiful, united world…That is also the true course of nature…
I saw the completed 2 the other day…it was wonderful.
I was speechless… humanity returning to love.
I also thought that it was for this reason that these three stories were born…I wish everyone in the world to be happy…
I now really feel that the heavens have given it to us…MARTH

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