Q: What do you think of self-boosting?

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH.
I read what you said in various media… What I’m always concerned is the self-boosting you often talk about. I seems to me even the people in the spiritual world, healing and religious world always aim for the self boost and are eager to win in a sense… I don’t feel they are trustworthy somehow. What do you think of it?

As you say, there is neither superior nor inferior, neither right nor left among human beings and in the whole universe. It is always true that everyone is a child of God, a child of the whole universe, a child of Love, a manifestation of Love and a part of the existence… That is the truth of all the beings. It is as certain as fish swims in the ocean and animals live on land… That is our true essence. Animals will be drowned if they live in the ocean… Fish will be dry if they live on land… Everything will be spoiled if we do something out of tune with our true quality.

If we feel like winning over others, who are in reality one with us, excelling them, improving us, and rejecting to be made fool of, we will be dried up like fish on land… I am deeply concerned about it. I have tried to raise a question whether all the human beings have become such… They are originally loving and beautiful beings. Therefore, they should not be the fish on land. They cannot live in the ocean if they are beautiful and great animals… I’d like to tell you we will be able to realize true success and prosperity when we live with love and sense of oneness as it is such in the story of Hanasaka-jiisan

You don’t have to aim to be the chosen one or the people of God, try to get such titles at all. Everyone is the children of the whole universe, and, in a sense, every insect, every bird, every flower, every tree, the earth and every elementary particle are a manifestation of love… There is nothing that is not part of God in this world… Nobody is not. Everything is it, and something magnificent, eternally unknowable…

As you say, we should never try to make the ego win, which is only partial and illusory, if you wish to step into the world of New Age, Religion and the spiritual. You should never go there with an approach of self-boost such as you try to be a leader by excelling others, to become somebody, to be great and to win, as if fish lived on land.

You should stop the self-boost, which comes from a dream of the ego, if you ever step into the spiritual world. You should never try to be something superior or great. When you give it up completely and become hollow, your true essence, your innate quality, love comes up. Then, you will find yourself truly fulfil your potential as a part, truly able to win a magnificent victory, truly win, live, flourish together, and receive everlasting true success there… That is truly a new future for humanity…