Why is a loss of the love of oneness the biggest sadness for us?

Hi. The time for the talk session has come tonight. This is a silly talk time of MARTH. I’ll start reading the question.

Q: I feel you try to convey that we should never dismiss the love to us. Please tell me your profound intension in it.
I received a very wise question.

You’re right. We should never harm others even if hurt by them.
People who don’t have the quality of oneness will be punished in the world of oneness, in the world of scientifically one. Those who don’t have the quality of oneness will fail. They cannot prosper. They cannot succeed. It is based on the law of the universe.
My parents told me it is quite O.K. to be made a fool of, hurt by others, and attacked by them. Instead, they told me I should never become a person who acts opposite to it, and they even hit me for this reason.
Because of such an educational background, I think I feel more strongly that we should neither win, nor become great, nor become somebody, nor become overconfident.
My ancestors have managed a temple in the Jindai, Awajishima Island, and in ancient times, or a long ago, a shrine-like Hachiman Shrine was combined to the temple.
The temple founded by Kukai has been open for a long time, and it is basically that of Nestorianism. So, it’s Christianity or Ancient Christianity, which was founded in the era when Jesus Christ was alive, and I think it was introduced to Japan.
They say, do not boost the ego. Do not enhance the ego. In other words, to be selfless. “I” am not. “I” don’t exist. “I” am neither alive nor born.
Then, what is there? The universe is. A manifestation of God, a servant of God, not so, a public servant of God is. All people are nothing but public servants of the universe, or children of the universe. The teaching had such value. And I think they tell us not to lose it because it is a scientific truth.

Simply speaking, when the right hand and the left are fighting, only the right hand hates the left one, or when the lungs and the kidney are fighting, the kidney resents. If the one who resents is a body, it is a cancer cell because it is one being.
So, from my point of view, I want them to stop fighting. Then comes white blood cells and T cells and attack cancer cells to admonish them against resenting, hating, attacking, and as such. They tell them that they are one being, and this is what is called a punishment.

Therefore, if you destroy someone that you believe others, or if you tell people to do so, you will be punished. Or rather than being punished, you will punish yourself. If you consider something of oneness as not of oneness, if you attack, resent, deceive, and so on because they are not one being, you will ruin yourself because you are connected with them as one.

And elementary particles, electrons scientifically act in such a way. I learned it from an instructor of quantum mechanics, who taught at the Tokyo universiy, in my teens. I learned it from the instructor and created a resort on Yoron Island with him.
That is called π, which means 3.14, and the circulation of electrons. He said entropy increases when electrons become out of order.

Electrons circulate in order, in other words, healing, or “Iyashiro”. Such things exist even at a level of molecules. He studied such subjects.
After I left ordinary businesses, I worked for Misawa Home, founded Misawa Resort, and also became a vice president of Apple Computer, Japan. But then, I quit all of them, resigned from them, and started a small business of healing. I think that I learned something about quanta in my youth meant significant for me.

This world is connected as one, quanta, and electrons hate separation. All substances are made of molecules and molecules are made of elementary particles. And they also wear electrons.
And they hate separation. They hate themselves, as well. I think that is the reason why we don’t like ourselves, we don’t love ourselves, and we punish ourselves.
Therefore, being hurt never makes molecules out of order. If you are made a fool of, you are laughed at, and you are attacked, elementary particles and electrons never become out of order.
On the other hand, you will be in big trouble if you attack people, resent them, hate them, and deceive them.

I guess ancient people knew it, people of Mu, people of the Jomon era, knew it. They treasured “Wa-Suru” more than anything. And Isaiah, who returned home, treasured “Wa-Suru”. I think people of the ancient Judea and the bible were, in fact, about it. To be connected one with everything. To respect other organizations and other things. I think they treasured other countries and other people.

Rather than letting an opponent win, it is the only way for you to become good. You will never give up love. You will never abandon beautifully ordered electrons. You will never give up God. You will never give up love.
And I or my family, used to believe in Nestorianism, and I think they also learned about Isaiah.
In either way, we will never give up “Wa-Suru”, never give up being one because we are connected as one.
It doesn’t mean to become bad. You want to stay as a child of God. You want to stay as a manifestation of love. You want to stay as a public servant of the universe.
I think that is love, and that makes me love myself. And the same is true for everybody.
If everybody is made of elementary particles, molecules are made of elementary particles, and it is made of thoughts like a dream of the subject of creation. In such a perspective, everything is connected as one. Because we are in a dream of one being.
I heartily hope humanity will realize such a scientific fact from now on, and create such a civilization, a new civilization, and a beautiful civilization of oneness.
Well, I’ll say goodbye tonight. It was a silly talk of your guest speaker, MARTH. I’ll see you again. Good-night!

Here is an additional message. I forgot to say, but I think losing love is the biggest pain for us. There are many painful things for the ego, such as being attacked, killed, made a fool of, discriminated, and so on.
I don’t say they are O.K., but we should create a world without them. Therefore, we should not lose love for it.
All of us should realize that our own love will be sad, our justice and beauty will be sad when we are infected by resentment, hatred, deceiving, and all other evil things. Otherwise, we will destroy ourselves and ruin ourselves.
Treasure yourself, and you will treasure the world. Love others, and you will love yourself and protect yourself, your love, and your justice.
What if you cannot protect your love or justice? Not to be able to protect it is the most painful thing for us.
That is the most shameful, regretful, and painful thing for us, children of God, children of the universe and of love, a manifestation of love, and a public servant of the universe.
Otherwise, we won’t be able to love ourselves. We need to send us a message for an awakening. We need to punish ourselves. To prevent it, in this eternal world of elementary particles, not so, of electrons, no such names, we must not dirty our life of immeasurable being. I thoroughly think it is more important than anything, never to give up eternal beauty.
I’ll see you again. This was an additional message by your guest speaker, MARTH.