I’d like to start with an open talk session tonight. Let me read the question first.

Q: Dear MARTH. People talk about aliens, something of plasma which you talk about and every other thing of quanta now in the world.
You don’t talk much about them. What do you think of the spiritual world, esoteric matters, and aliens? Please talk about it.
This is his question. I’m not sure how far I can talk about them. I think I will tell you a bit more later in the inner session.

What I think about them is that my family, both sides of my families managed temples and shrines for generations, and maybe they have a strong spiritual quality.
I have had an extremely strong sense of inspiration since I was a child. I got sleep paralysis every night. The inspiration was so strong that I needed to be driven out spirits by a so-called medium.
If I am asked whether I believe in it or not, rather than saying I believe in it, I had such spiritual experiences for a long time.
But I think some people tell a lie about it, and others don’t believe in it. That’s why I don’t talk about something spiritual.

And there are many stories about aliens, about extraterrestrial beings.
I think science was very well developed in ancient times according to my various experiences, in the era of Mu and as such, about ten thousand years or two thousand years ago. Frankly speaking, I think they had a civilization that everything is not real, based on the fact that I was not a reality.

Therefore, they didn’t have a sense of reality. They had such value that this world is unknown, mystical, and not this world. And their science was something of plasma, or like quantum mechanics. They believed that everything is made of thoughts. Therefore, it was a Sidi-like world. If I put it into a word of the New Age, it was a half-spiritual and half-materialistic world.

The science came from such technology. Pyramids, anti-gravity, teleportation, timeslip, and so on.
I think ancient people considered that this world is a dream of the entire universe, and of the subject of creation.
Such things had been revealed in Veda for the past eight thousand years. I was familiar with Sidi and I associated with Maharishi very deeply and with various other people.
I think people could bring out spiritual phenomena because collective human consciousness was unknown and mystical until about three hundred years before. We are realists, or we have an extremely strong sense and value of reality. Then, we will lose the quality of eternity and believe in the world of molecules than that of elementary particle.
From now on, humanity will discover and invent various things in such a field of elementary particles and ultimately reach a level of science in ancient times.
People in ancient times produced only the products that fit nature because they avoided separation. And they knew it is the world of oneness.
I don’t mind whether ancient people are aliens or the people of Mu. I think our belief will create physical matters because we live in a world of Sidi, that of a dream of the subject of creation and of a virtual reality movie.
There was a world where people had a less sense of reality, half-spiritual and half-materialistic, and like quantum mechanics. I think they had more advanced technology to achieve various things.

I think we will reveal it when we are more familiar with quantum mechanics and realize that thoughts are made of elementary particles.
I shouldn’t have said such things, and I didn’t talk about spiritual matters very much. The current society has a strong sense of reality still, and it has the value of separation. I didn’t know how much I could talk about them.

As you may know, an older sister of Mr. Kakuei Tanaka married into my mother’s side of the family, a temple in the Takada area, Niigata.
His older sister married an older brother of my grandfather. So, Etsuzan-kai was founded by a cousin of my mother.
So, it was something like a spiritual army of a Zen temple. I will talk more about it in the inner session. It was a spiritually, very powerful family group, apart from the problem, whether it is good or bad.
And it had an extremely strong atmosphere of ancient Judea.
I had many real spiritual experiences since I was a child and I was surrounded by such spiritual people like a medium since then. My father’s side managed a temple in Jindai.
Both sides of my family are spiritual. If I am asked how you feel about it, rather than saying I believed in it, I continued to have such spiritual experiences.
My father worked for the Tokyo district prosecutor’s office and for the Ministry of Justice. I was the only child in a very strict family, but I had such spiritual experiences, in fact, and my father had seen them. But I think I had stronger spiritual circumstances compared to those of my cousins.

So, my grandfather of mother’s side was the head of Mr. Kakuei Tanaka’s supporters’ association. The nephew of Kakuei-san is a cousin of my mother and a child of my grandfather’s older brother.
So, the whole family, or Ohtaki family, my mother’s side family is something spiritual.
When he was the Minister of Finance, he bought hundreds of my records to support me, and I had various other experiences with him. I have felt that it was an extremely spiritual family since my childhood.

In the world of the unknown and the mystical, in the ocean of elementary particles, elementary particles are made of creation and thoughts. As far as men are made of elementary particles, there is eternity. There is such a world of electricity, of electric body, or photons, or plasma, or electric, or some kind of science that the planets and electrons make a circle. I understand such a world is reality.

I believe UFO and other extraterrestrial beings definitely exist. People could fly satellites and something like UFO ten thousand and twenty thousand years ago. Without such vehicles, people could do various teleportation, and some technology related to half-gravity because they knew Sidi. I think they had a higher level of knowledge than any aliens in ancient times.
What we call a man was more flexible then because they were in the world of non-reality. If MARTH is asked what to say about this topic, I will answer as such.

I think humanity needs to realize that we are connected as one, and in the unknown and mystical now. Fighting is extremely foolish. Unless we are connected as one, we will try to punish ourselves and severely awaken ourselves.
Unless we live with an awareness that the world is one, unknown and mystical, and made of love, our businesses, our organizations, and our groups will definitely be ruined. Humanity needs to realize such scientific matters to live in happiness, bliss, love, and joy. I think we will suffer within the society of separation.

I’ll talk the rest in the inner session. Otherwise, I cannot talk about it anymore. This is just a silly talk by MARTH. Please forget it.
I know very well that you want to know such things very much as I received many requests. But this is all for now. Good night. It was a silly talk by MARTH.

This is an additional message. I talked about various things too much today. Please forget them as they are only a silly talk. But what is important is that everything is connected as one, one being, and this world is made of everything of the quality of oneness.
Humanity will find it soon. We will find that the world is made of elementary particles, in other words, it is made of thoughts of God, of one being, and of love.
We will neither become happy nor become blissful unless we follow it. I just want to convey that we won’t be able to create true success, true prosperity, and Millenarianism without the quality of oneness.
Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody wants to make a success. Everybody wants to become great. Nobody wants to be attacked. Nobody wants to be killed. I’m sure you don’t want to experience such things anymore. For this, however, you have to create a world of oneness. It is the world that follows the scientific truth.

In other words, thoughts influence everything very quickly in this world. It is most important to realize that we are living in a world of one being.
And there are many fellows which family has lasted since ancient Judea in the entire world. I hope they and many fellows of Isaiah will make a true success, become happy, and flourish forever.
You need to stop separation and fighting, realizing the scientific truth of oneness. You have to stop destroying others, or attacking them. You need to return to one being if you want to become happy. Otherwise, you will ruin yourself. You will punish yourself. I heartily wish that you will realize it.

This was a silly talk by MARTH. I’ll see you again.