#88 What are the unreality of this world and the truth about true science from the perspective of Plasma and Sidi?

Hi, the time for the silly talk by MARTH has come tonight. Lili is asleep now.

Let me read the letter. The question from the person is:

Dear MARTH, I am very interested in plasma, elementary particles, and immortality. Please talk about it.

It’s about the elementary particle. The elementary particle is a thought, in reality. Oh! In this world, is the elementary particles made up of thoughts? Yes, indeed.

Everything is made of thoughts. That is what it is. Well, this is my silly talk….everything is made of elementary particles. That is the world of thought. It is the world of reality movies.

What should the people of quantum mechanics 100 years ago who encountered it say to humanity? Can they say you are not realty!?  It is where we are facing now.

The place where science ended up was the unreal world.

I could say that they reached the world of reality movies, can’t I?

The molecular world doesn’t look like a reality movie as such.

With a sense of reality … Also, humanity has words and names them to one.

Also, rules. I wonder if it’s a made-up thing or not. Humanity is making rules.

As far as we know, human activities have been naming, giving meanings, and creating molecules from separation for 10,000 years. It is a materialization phenomenon.

Among them, the matter is made up of thoughts, so the more you believe it, the stronger it becomes. It is the way it is.

Then, I believe, naturally, immortality means not to die. Naturally, immorality becomes possible has two ways scientifically. Let me tell you one. It is not reality. The second is that this world is connected as one and one being. The ego is a delusion.

In other words, you are not born nor living. All things exist. At those two times come together, the immorality becomes real.

If this world is a reality and the parts are real, and ego is real, that part will decay indeed. Because it is a star that corrodes and oxidizes …

A star with no extreme corrosive oxidation will have a long lifespan and in the direction of immortality … but I wonder it will be immortal for 10 billion years …

But, if there are no corrosive oxidation and various conditions, it may be possible.

In any case, if you are not released from the ego or parts, and the point is that you cannot escape from it without realizing selflessness or oneness.

On the other hand, if you are to escape, humanity cannot escape from the unreality. In other words, because the elementary particles are thoughts. It is science.

Is it a feeling ?… Then, whose feeling is it?

In that sense, it can be said that human beings play a part in creation, assuming that human beings can cause materialization phenomena in the thought system in parts, of parts, and all things.

However, that’s the body. The power to create the natural world. It is called the “subject of creation” and “creator.”

It is also called “God,” “Creator,” and is often referred to as “self,” “oneness,” and “one person.” as you call it.

It is not the God of the parts. It is the God of the whole. It makes the entire universe. It makes the thoughts. Who is it? That what it is.

Unfortunately, it is not real but reality movies. At that moment, immorality exist. On the other hand, if unreality is the real science, no one can escape from there.

Then, oneness is love. Therefore you cannot escape from love. everyone within love and oneness.

We are in a mystery. We are in the world of thought and reality movies. We cannot escape from there. It is eternity.

With this perspective, I continued conveying various things. For the past forty years, I have been conveying such things, make music, make poet, and story.

The plasma, conceptually speaking, is the world of Sidi.

Materialization phenomenon. Since it is a world of thought, it is a phenomenon that molecular sizes it.

Therefore, with over 3000 degrees lava, the lava eruption of the volcano and nuclear fusion explosions also produce plasma.

The unreality appears at this time.

Then, time slip, time travel, wall-breaking, teleportation, antigravity, various realities, and things can happen in the unreal world that we believe cannot happen.

It is Sidi and plasma.

Therefore, plasma is a materialization phenomenon that appears in the world of molecules from the world of thoughts that are elementary particles.

Also, it makes the unknown possible. Sidi is a materialization phenomenon that becomes possible when a person profoundly loses his senses and deeply meditated.

In this sense, the plasma and Side share a common point.

However, I feel that the suffering of the quantum mechanics, Dr. Bohm, 100 years ago. That is, they encounter the scientific fact that this world is not real.

How should I explain it to humanity? This looks like a molecule; if there are eyes that see elementary particles, they are all connected.

Not separated. This world, in reality, is not separated. Everything is connected as one, all are one, and all are love is what it is.

I think that human beings will enter such an area scientifically from now on.

I have been conveying it. You may think of it as my silly talk.

However, unfortunately, I know that future science will go in this direction. Yet, you may think it is my silly talk. Yes, indeed.

I should end the session for the day. I will see you soon.

Your guest speaker, MARTH.