MARTH Q&A Nothing is better than being free from competition,

Your silly talk always heals me.
A world where there is no separation, no need to win,
where there really is the essence of healing.
I feel that this is the essence of healing.
By naming the mysterious part of the unknown unity of the invisible molecular world, where everything is one,
human beings who believe in separation desperately
defeat themselves in an attempt to awaken awareness.
Now, I am deeply moved by it.
Please awaken us, humanity, more. I know you don’t like it…
Response from Marth:
I think it is my mission,
my destiny, and I will make every effort…
I encourage myself and say silly
things because I think it’s a promise to God.
Whether it is light or darkness,
people all over the world do not know about oneness.
With the separated values,
every human has been suffering and living for a long time.
Humanity will punish as they atone themselves.
The truth is that the children of God are mistakenly
separated and are killing and fighting each other.
It is really a painful thing.
I always hope that the whole world will awaken…
Nothing is better than being free from competition,
comparison, winning, and losing.
When that freedom becomes possible,
humanity will find that there is a true paradise created by God …
Humanity can only be saved when all realize that all are one.
Then, there will be a future.
If not, I am afraid humans will end up destroying,
killing each other, and continuing to punish ourselves…
MARTH 2022/06/18