This world is fiercely contested and corrupted by a sense of division,
corruption and humanity appear to be on the verge of destruction.
Is there any way to fix this world that seems too late?

Reply from Marth:
As you say, the cause of all this is the apparent separation of the world, of friend and enemy, which is the clawing of the molecular world (matter).
If humanity does not awaken to this, this is what will happen anyway…
Molecules (material world, the world that appears to be separated) is usually composed of what are called atoms, and atoms are created by unknown things called elementary particles.
For the last 100 years, humanity has been awakening to the quantum and realizing that they are not the matter but are created by some thought-like consciousness.
But it is not yet out in the open.
The question then becomes who the lord of the thoughts is; in religiosity, we call it the lord of creation.
In reality, this world is a world created by one of the magnificent subjects, the dream of the lord,
So everything is one, and everything that looks like a part is a
part of that subject, his child, and all things are love in oneness.
Sidi and Plasmas expose the unreality of this world, revealing it to be an unworldly, material movie-like world and suggesting that this entity created this world through words (Sidi) that have meaning and that its children will have the exact words and name the oneness. If the children of the Sidi carry the same words and give names to things that are one, they will end up giving birth to the ego. The degenerative consciousness of oneness will be lost, and the manifest consciousness will become the norm. The inability to doubt this will be the great suffering of this world…
From there, they killed each other, and it was said that they were good for each other, and those who were corrupted by the murderers became heroes.
Therefore, how can we return this world to paradise? To answer your question honestly, the shortest way to return this world to paradise is for everyone to realize that they are part of a unified creative entity: to return by realizing the love of essence that has ended separation, to end the ego (sense of separation), to awaken from the darkness, and to recognize that they are one with all things. Therefore, it will be a shortcut to regaining paradise…
With this awareness, people will embrace beautiful design, beautiful function, natural food, natural energy, clean water, and air, love each other, help each other, and support each other as a matter of course in a unified awareness.
Only then will the world be genuinely safe, prosperous, and wonderful, without killing, comparison, and competition…
For more information, see you at Silly Talk…

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