From Silly Talk

When I was a child, my father, who devoted himself to the codex of the “Everything in this world is nothing and Emptiness,” told me that neither color nor form exists. There is neither death nor life.
He told me there was no knowing when, where, or knowing whether I was born or not and that this world was not this world but the mystery of emptiness, nothingness.
Being an earnest father, I felt it was the truth.
At that time, my father was working for the Ministry of Justice’s General Research Institute, working on regression for criminals.
Later, he was transferred to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office…

When I was 18, I met a biotechnology instructor at the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Agriculture who had also extensively studied quantum mechanics. He taught me Everything he knew, leading me to Prisia Resort.
He said he got fired from college, saying the bacteria would fuse at room temperature …
He also said that many stars with increased entropy can be reduced and returned.
From there, I learned quantum at the age of 18.
Because of that, I learned that the world of quantum and the world of plasma are unreal worlds, and this world is not real.
The world of Everything in this world is nothing and Emptiness, and the world of quantum is completely in agreement.
After that, I became a pioneer of healing music and met various researchers who came to live performances.
As a result, I met a variety of ancient and hidden wisdom that goes back 10,000 years, the wisdom of the Vedas and ancient civilizations…
All were quantum sciences.
The ancients had long unraveled the true world they had barely found with the latest science…

In conclusion, this world is unreal and seems to be created by the thoughts (dreams) of the subject of creation.
The ancient people felt that it was a spiritual world. Because it was mainly degenerative consciousness and a sense of unity, it is the opposite of the current separation and self-consciousness, a world of love where Everything is united. Therefore, there must have been many people with values …
Before being tampered with, genuine religion was born from it …
What will the humans do from now on?
We will be forced to choose between being separated, struggling and suffering on your ego, destroying each other, competing and ruining, or awakening and realizing the magnificent truth of this world and achieving great prosperity in bliss…


Letter From Isaiah