Q: The world is in turmoil. An incredibly dishonorable world filled with wars, conflicts, control, and subordination, planned population reduction seems to be attacking us. Both sides of people don’t look happy. What do you think about it, MARTH?


In any way, true happiness, bliss, joy, and true success, prosperity only exists in the quality of oneness, which is the true essence of humanity and every being. That means that everybody has experienced the joy of oneness temporarily. In other words, I think everybody must have experienced the joy of oneness in his childhood as he is the true self in reality.

The universe, God, or heaven created this world as one being. Men may not think as such, but even still, you, they and everything in the universe is created as one being. Because of separation made by our five senses and naming with words, and that the world looks separate at a level of molecules, we may have lost such important thing that everything is connected as one (oneness).

It may be difficult for us to make true success and to produce a true leader within the belief that everything is not connected as one and values of separation. Moreover, it shall be impossible to rule people in pappiness without the ego. It may be difficult to produce those who can exhibit leadership without a sense of separation in peace for hundreds of thousands of years within the societies of isolation. Even if we had a leader of the beautiful heart of oneness such as Isaiahnagid, we couldn’t have been able to avoid conflicts unless people realized the quality of oneness. Therefore, many people may have punished themselves and perished in this country since ancient times.

To live with the belief of separation is to continue fighting each day, which makes us hate ourselves. It is painful, harsh, preventing us from going well and even make us perish at time of civil wars.

You will see everything never goes well if you believe in separation within the world of the oneness of love. It is because we are truly a part, children of oneness within the one connected world. The universe is created as such. In other words, if we call the one being God, everyone and every being is a child of God. Unless we live as one being, certainly, we will continue to fight, control, subordinate, and shall not be happy.

To be more specific it is quite certain that we see everything from the viewpoint of separation and of ego and try to become safe and secure for the ego within the value that everything is not connected as one. And it is also certain that we desperately seek something beneficial for the ego. On the other hand, it is understandable that we madly fight with everything that derives us of the security. Separation (breakaway) from the quality of oneness, which is the true essence for everybody, shall naturally bring us such pains.

Moreover, the ego lose love (oneness). Therefore, it brings us a strong fear. It means that everybody desperately continues to hope, “I don’t want to become this or that”. Everybody shall be as such if his love and heart are hurt. From that day on, however, everybody shall be occupied with expectations and hopes for the safety and security of the self (the ego). He may be living in sadness and pains as it is not the true quality of men. Within a sense of separation, we are likely to aim at self-boost and self-uplift and desperately seek for every possible thing to protect the ego. We tend to compare things because of a sense of separation. To become superior, to fight not to become inferior, and so on are characteristics of the ego. Unfortunately, we will lose the quality of oneness (love, the true essence) and love, peace of mind, bliss, true security, and safety of the one being (ability to see the self as connected to the universe).

Therefore, it is incredibly good to thoroughly realize that we have desires and expectations of the ego and free ourselves from a sense of separation with a profound awareness that the quality of the true self is oneness. Then, all human beings shall have to return to the true quality of themselves, to love.

It is inevitable for us to profoundly realize that we are tortured by desires and ambitions of the ego, to return to the true essence and to regain bliss which the true essence original has. If we thoroughly realize it without blaming people and various circumstances, our ability to return to the true essence will produce incredibly wonderful miracles.

In other words, when you don’t accuse people who bring you very stressful problems and troubles and those who interrupt to fulfill your dreams and desires, instead, when you realize you are angry that they don’t fulfill your expectations and desires of the ego and release the thought, you will amazingly regain the quality of oneness. Then, you will regain the power of love to create a truly beautiful world.

You ask me where happiness comes from. You may believe it is only when your desires are fulfilled. It is not as such, however. You may realize what you find when you truly return to the oneness, which is quite different from it, and the true essence of humanity is true bliss, truly peaceful world, and fulfillment of the future of love. Then, certainly, you may ask what you should do to regain the quality of oneness. You need to realize your own desires and ambitions of the self, which are mistakenly separate, to regain the quality of oneness.

Realize that your desires and expectations of the ego are not your true self and discover the true self, and you will not blame others and return to blissfulness. Do not blame others and realize the ego (of separation), which is neither the true self nor a child of the universe (God), desperately seek for security, safety, uplift, and improvement, aim at them, and fight for them. I think it will bring you an answer to the essential question of who the true self is, which hides the most beautiful possibility in the world.

What will happen when you release desires of the ego, which is neither the true self nor the true essence? That is the fastest way to return to Shinga (Atman) and law to return to oneness. If you release the false self, which is not the original one, you will return to the true self which humanity originally has and call the love of oneness. Then, you will find bliss, happiness, everlasting abilities to prosper and to succeed, which you have from the beginning. It is because your original self, which is the universe, has returned to the universe, which is the true self. That is the time when you find many beautiful people and countries as such.

Ancient people called those who returned to the true essence as the enlightened, awakened, and so on. Within the world where people believe in the ego, however, they are convinced that they will be happy when the ego wins, becomes somebody, and great. In fact, people who have such beautiful awareness that return to the true essence is happiness never boosts the ego as it causes them serious damage.  

The enlightened people are those who have thoroughly realized that they are not the ego but love (of oneness) in reality, returned to such a being, and never sought for uplifting and boosting the ego. I could say, people who returned to children of God, to one being, to Shinga, or whatever you call it, are truly happy ones.

Being originally It, it is an absolute mission for us to return there.

If only we can realize it and regain the treasure of the universe, and return to children of God, and to the true essence, everybody shall become a true leader and people of goodness, and exhibit wonderful abilities. Then, everybody will gain the most beautiful future of love.