Q: The world is in a mess. The pandemic, lack of food, economic sanction, and the evil people are attacking and controlling human beings. I’m so afraid. What shall we human beings do now, MARTH?

As I always tell you, this world is one of oneness. It is as such at the level of atoms and of elementary particles. Even if it looks separate at level of atoms, all the atoms are made of something unknown that we call elementary particles. They are a family connected as one. No, they are not, but a complete one being. Whether they are aliens or AI (Artificial Intelligence), such machine-like atoms are all connected as one. One being, in other words, made of love.

I don’t think those who live in separation will succeed. A manifestation of the universe, of God, and of love (a collective body of elementary particles) shall not forgive itself, which has a value of extreme separation. 

And about a problem of fear… There are many kinds of fears. We are afraid, telling ourselves, “I cannot win. I cannot become somebody. I shall be made a fool of. I shall be laughed at. I shall be attached, scolded, and so on”. How shall we deal with fears of the ego? The most important thing is that you are always free in reality. You have the true quality from the beginning, which is connected as one and love.

This is connected as one with the universe itself. From the viewpoint of the great self, Taiga, or Shinga (Atman), or you can call it God, you are free at any time and at any place in reality.

Then, why don’t you feel free? Why are you afraid? It is because the ego, the false self, in other words, the illusory self with a belief of separation, is afraid. The illusory self, the false self is afraid. It is the ego arising from a value of separation and not real. It is not true. Thus, you are free in reality. You don’t have to follow a reaction of the false self. And what you learned in the civilizations and societies of separation at level of atoms, five senses, naming, and so on.

When you are No-Mind (selfless), you neither have to worry nor suffer. You are a free being who is able not to choose captivity in reality.

You are the world of oneness, in other words, there is not the self (the ego). Therefore, you can deal with your fear and have a key for it. The true self is the entire universe. You are born to this planet and formed the ego within the society of separation. And this is nothing but a fake.

You are eternally elementary particles. It is unknown, mystical, connected as one, and the eternal universe (the world like a dream of the subject of Creation) itself. Therefore, you don’t have to accept such reactions. “I have to react like this.” “I just feel like this.” “I have to act according to my feelings.” You don’t have to. You may feel at ease at any time with the great heart (No-Mind) of the universe and the existence itself. Within the world of oneness, you neither have to consider things negative nor to feel as such. Even if your false self tells you to act as such, you are still the universe, No-Mind, the great self, and Shinga. Therefore, you are eternally free.

It is as if you confine yourself in jail, lock the door yourself, and hold the key. You may think you are captured. You may think you cannot do anything for yourself, but it’s an illusion. You may stop it at any time. Desires to survive the ego are sometimes important, but they are likely to stop love, peace of mind, and bliss, which are the true essence. You can always choose what to do. You can release such thoughts or beliefs as suffering, fear, and so on and return to the true self. I think it is most important for you to realize that you can live in brightness as freely as possible.

I’d like to convey such things more deeply to you. There are many things I cannot tell you except in closed space. I’ll see you soon. Thank you.