True Happiness – What is Bliss in the quality of Oneness

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. Now the biggest interest of everyone and of the New Age in the world seems to be a question whether the light or the darkness will win. I watched several YouTube movies where you told me about it. What do you think about it?


The darkness is a status in which a child of the universe has an extremely intense value of separation or stronger ideas. The light is a status that wishes for a child of the universe to live in love, to go for the true essence is strengthened, or a movement for such people to pursue justice. Unfortunately, however, when there is a separation, we ourselves will suffer whether we have justice or love.

Today, I will talk a little bit about it.

Even if you are at the side of the light, you will wish it to be right, to win, to become good, and to become wonderful.

Certainly, you will suffer from the fear that you neither want to be attacked, nor killed, nor declined, and nor controlled, at the same time, you will have the fear caused by the ego (sense of separation). And it can be released very easily.

First of all, the ego is afraid. Let’s realize it. Next, observe the desires, ambitions, and expectations of the fearful ego (the self separated from the universe). You want it to become good. You want it to be a world of light. You have hopes and desires that it becomes good, it becomes a wonderful world of the light. Even if it is good, you will lose natural bliss as it is a desire of the ego. Let’s realize it first.

Then, there is conflict and anxiety. You realize it and observe who feels afraid, and who is anxious.

Then, you will always find the ego, which is “I”. “I” am afraid. The ego is afraid. You will realize the ego is anxious. Ask yourself who is the anxious self.

Then, you will realize that “I” am nothing but a value of separation, and it doesn’t exist from the beginning. What exists is the universe itself and one being. Everything is Shinga, the true self, love, God, or whatever you can call it. It is a dream of the entire world of the unknown, which we scientifically call elementary particles. 

The true self, Shinga, which encloses the entire thing is the entire universe and includes everything. In other words, just like cells are ourselves, if the cells have an ego, they will become not a whole but a self (part).

In this sense, you will realize that you don’t exist, you are a whole, in reality, you are one being, Shinga, and the universe.

Switch your awareness. Then, you will see the world from the viewpoint of the entire universe. 

Then, you will regain bliss, which you originally have as the universe. It is a selfless state, and that is the end of the ego. In fact, the bliss is true healing light, which is more precious than anything. The bliss is a joy that we originally have yet lost. If you follow it to live and act, you will find true light, true peace. A punishment which has destroyed you will be over then.

And when you are at peace, everything, including the light and darkness, will be over. You will embrace everything and become love as you have the amazing joy of bliss. It is the original bliss of the universe called true happiness.

Then, everyone will be embraced by unknown peacefulness which you had in your childhood, and by comfort which comes from love, and the original Shinga, the true essence, and the true self have.

Therefore, if either of them wins or not, or loses or not, there will be no bliss within winning and losing. There is happiness only in love as everyone is a manifestation of the universe, love, and God in reality.